Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Song #46: "Champagne Jam"--Atlanta Rhythm Section (1978)

Let's head down I-85 today, shall we?

In my view, the best Atlanta Rhythm Section release came 39 years ago when "Champagne Jam" hit record stores. Today's song, the title track, was a single, but didn't do very well on the Hot 100 singles chart.

Before it was over, though, Atlanta Rhythm Section enjoyed a top ten hit in "Imaginary Lover", and a Top 15 hit in an earlier countdown song seen here.

But, for my money, "Champagne Jam" is the quintessential ARS tune, with great hooks, and an incredible, well, appropriately enough, jam to replace the usual "bridge, then last chorus" part of a song. It was different, it rocked, had a good helping of soul and blues, it was a masterpiece.

This song was part of my "junior high morning jam" on the old, big stereo along with other Top 100 hits "Coming Up (Live At Glasgow)" and "I Saw Her Standing There" early in the morning before the dreaded bus ride all the way from Beaverdam to Liberty Junior High School. And, believe me, it wasn't an express.  :)


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