Friday, May 26, 2017

Song #29: "Turn To You"--The Go-Go's (1984)

Our fifth and final song from The Go-Go's is the third to come from their final studio album of their original run, "Talk Show".

It sold well thanks to the chart success of opening radio single, "Head Over Heels", which we just featured four days ago. The next release, today's tune, for me was just a little bit better. Though it didn't chart as well as "HOH", "Turn To You" had, for me, the grooviest beat of any Go-Go's song (and that is hard to determine), and, most importantly, one of the best riff moments in pop music history.

Go to 2:27 in the video below, and listen for about seven seconds. Nothing fancy, nothing hard. But coming out of the cold break, that particular part of the song just sealed it for me. I could listen (and I have) to that portion alone on a loop, over, and over again.

That's the cherry on top for this one, which has sing-along value at a "10", and is easy to dance to. Not that I dance in 2017. I did in 1984, however.

I'm SO glad I got to see The Go-Go's live eleven years ago with Rachel at Innsbrook After Hours, even if I didn't have a voice that night and couldn't sing along or scream in delight.  :)

"There are no explanations for why I feel the way I do....
The world makes its rotations, but I just want to turn to you...."

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