Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Song #32: "Journey Of The Sorcerer"--Eagles (1975)

We come today to my favorite song by the super group of the 1970's, the Eagles, and I'm not so sure anyone, including my brother, would have guessed this correctly.

It comes from their huge 1975 release, "One Of These Nights", which produced mega-hits with the title track and the great "Take It To The Limit", solidifying their position as one of the most popular bands in the world. Also from the album, "Lyin' Eyes" remains, to this day, a fixture on classic rock radio (it is one of the few Eagles songs that I actually cannot stand....)

But closing out side one of the album is a nearly seven-minute classic of an instrumental, which feels like an actual journey. And, in addition, when I hear or even think of this song, I go to one distinct moment.

It's four years after its release, 1979, and my Dad, Stepmom and I embark on, for me, a landmark trip, by car, from Beaverdam, Virginia to Overland Park, Kansas to visit, for me, new relatives. I celebrated my 12th birthday there, went to my first Major League Baseball game there (the Royals hosted the A's), and, unfortunately, my Dad had to fly home in the middle of the vacation due to a death in our church family.

So, the two of us remaining took some extra time going home, and, by the time we got into the heart of West Virginia, I remember playing this song on a cassette tape I made on the portable cassette player I had along for the trip while winding through the mountains, on Route 60 no less, because Interstate 64 through West Virginia was not completed in 1979.

The song absolutely fit the location, the scenery, everything. It was eerie and glorious all at the same time.

Now, 38 summers later, I'm proud to say that, of all the great songs this group produced, if given the choice to listen to one, I'd press play below.  :)

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