Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Jack Bauer at this hour....

Left Los Angeles: 7am, Tuesday May 23.

Cargo ship top speed: 23 mph

Distance to Shanghai: 6,488 miles.

Miles traveled thus far (as of 7am, Wednesday May 31): approximately 4,400 miles.

Jack expected to arrive in Shanghai area: this weekend, around Sunday, June 4th. That would be Monday June 5th in Shanghai.

Ssshhh! I'm "sshhh-ing" already!!

So it started as an allergy attack with a sore throat on Wednesday evening....

...by Sunday night things are feeling well.

...Monday morning I wake up to one sore throat and no voice.

...week one I have no voice, which makes for interesting conversations in the office. I had to go to see The Go-Go's with NO voice. Do you realize how hard it was to NOT sing or scream!!??!!

...week two was minor increments of improvement. Early in the week it was usually shot for the day by afternoon.

...Memorial Day weekend we're getting close.

...Today it was 90 percent back (my wife is ticked...hee hee) and I even sang a little to a great 80s tune (whatever it was....)

...so I guess this means I can voice my opinion again. Oh, dear. That was bad.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Elizabeth Vargas was robbed.....

From the "it wasn't her fault" department......

Elizabeth Vargas begins co-anchoring ABC's World News Tonight with Bob Woodruff looking to begin a new era at the network, post-the tragic death of Peter Jennings.

GMA (Good Morning America) was so close to taking over "Today", ABC didn't want to mess with the Charlie/Diane duo on that program. Conventional thinking had one of them moving to WNT. ABC thought differently, and in my view, boldly.

Let's give ABC a break on a major point here.....

.....I'm sure planning of some sort was underway concerning "grooming" Jennings' replacement (as NBC did with Brian Williams) but A) NBC has a cable news network, where plenty of grooming can take place (Brian used to do an hour nightly newscast at 9pm ET about a decade ago). And B) Jennings' sudden illness caught everyone off guard.

So, the "bench" as it were wasn't intact like NBC (though you could argue there was no bench, but a coronation at 30 Rock).

Then the following......

1) Bob Woodruff is seriously injured by a bomb in Iraq, immediately ending the plans for one anchor to travel, the other to stay at the desk.

2) Vargas announces her pregnancy; a wonderful event at age 42.

3) Within the past few weeks; CBS overtook ABC in evening news ratings.

You're the president of ABC News-----what do you do?

Charles Gibson heads to WNT; the GMA speculation begins. Meanwhile......the network press release talks of Elizabeth Vargas needing to significantly cut back on her duties according to her doctor, so she'll come back on 20/20 and news specials. There are other aspects of the "public announcement" of Charlie in, Liz out.

My bottom line:

Elizabeth Vargas got robbed. If she's not pregnant today, they wouldn't have made this change....yet. The pregnancy was the perfect "out" for ABC to rearrange their talking head lineup.

Some women's groups have loudly protested; I checked Concerned Women For America's website, and not a word. That's a shame. Women on the Christian Right should be upset with this, too.

I'm upset and I'm male!!!!

So, in less than a year, the bedrock of your employer dies while you're heading out west to be with your husband, who was shot. Months later, you and a partner become co-anchors. Your partner suffers life-threatening injuries in Iraq. You discover you're pregnant. Then, I suspect, the sharks began to circle, wanting to get a second chance to put a "known" face on the broadcast, and stuff-shirts (many of them white males, I suspect) realize the pregnancy plays to their advantage.

Elizabeth is very gracious about it all, which impresses me tremendously, when just a few years ago, people in the biz were yelling about Vargas' ego.

With Katie going to CBS after tomorrow, and Charlie coming in for ABC, I hope for simply one thing.

May Elizabeth and Marc have a beautiful, happy, and healthy baby.

Then we'll deal with my wishes for her career.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Due to technical difficulties....

....we have been unable to join you the past several days.....So we have much, much, much to talk, I mean, blog about.

--First and foremost, the "24" season five finale and party

--How to live without your voice for two weeks (and being thankful you're no longer on the air in radio, but behind the scenes. Put it this way, you won't hear me on any commercials anytime soon!)

--A scare, then a return to sleep apnea mask.

--Holiday visitors and a relaxing day in front of the tube.

--Danica Patrick's new Honda spot. Whoo hoo!!!!!

--The Sears Craftsmen NASCAR, "Gymnast" spot. Best spot this year so far on TV.

--More on offices, working in cubicles, and how personalities shape relationships.

--My latest musings on life, love, and other mysteries (thank you for the phrase, Point of Grace!)

So, it's good to be back, and more importantly, have some actual time to sit and watch my shaky hands do a poor job typing while I contribute my crumb of life to the blogosphere.

P.S.----Go Carolina Hurricanes!!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Open until position filled....wanted: best friend

I think this was posted by me months and months ago, but I can't find the post (so maybe I dreamt it!)

Best Friend Wanted:


--35 to 45 yrs of age preferred

--females encouraged to apply (most of my best friends in life are female)

--ability to laugh at oneself, even their problems

--willing to listen to my crap while shoveling theirs this way

--the kind of friend who checks on you via cell phone in the morning and emails you at night just to see if you survived

--significant time commitment not mandatory....several good minutes of talk, discussion, help and prayer is all good for a good day.

--Must NOT (if female) be too intimidated to meet and become friends with my wife. Remember, my wife is a best friend of a DIFFERENT level that no one applying here can touch.

--Similar interests not necessary (but if you like 80s music, "24", radio, and all the other things posted on the title of this blog---it couldn't hurt.)

Position is open until filled.


"24": The Party!!

Tomorrow night is "24": The Party!

Live in Disputanta, we celebrate the finale of TV's best show, bar none.

Obviously, being out in the countryside, no live blogging. But we'll review and type and type and type some more once back to the laptop.

Stay tuned for the finale review....then join us as we mourn 7 1/2 months without Jack and Chloe.

It's my 25th anniversary....so I'll give the present!!

May 17, 2006.

The Innsbrook Pavilion, Glen Allen, Va.

Here come the Go-Go's!!

Belinda, Kathy, Jane, Charlotte and Gina hit the stage around 8:15pm, and to use a term stolen by a country song...."and the crowd goes wild."

Surprising that Our Lips Are Sealed is the first out of the box. I didn't think they'd start with one of their "big four". But as the show went on, it made perfect sense.

Belinda's first time talking to us gave us a surprise. She mentioned it was the 25th anniversary of "Beauty and the Beat"....and proceeded to announce they were going to play the album in its entirety. So, the girls come from L.A. to Richmond on their 25th anniversary and give us the gift. Sweet!! Even though I was not familiar with some of the songs, I enjoyed hearing them for the first time.

At the end, they hit We Got The Beat, which was, of course, the definitive crowd pleaser. They scored well with the song, not only for its hit value, but for their dead-on performance. Then, THE highlight of the show-----as the crowd raucously applauded WGTB......the first piano sounds begin, and immediately tears well up in my eyes, as "Head Over Heels" gets underway.

This song was the best performance of the night by far-----and when the bridge came, lots and lots of hands over heads doin' the clap. Then, after the last chorus, the ladies get into a major jam, playing the last two lines of the song about, oh, eight times.

Kathy was mean on the bass, Charlotte and the piano, incredible. What a job.

The rest of the show proceeded with more hits and B-cuts from albums two and three.

The BIGGEST problem I had all night was that Rachel couldn't see all the band play! Everyone stands during shows at Innsbrook, which is not a good thing for 9 year-olds. So, late in the show, I told Rachel to follow me. (I told her earlier in the show I'd get her to a place where she could see them, if it was the last thing I did). We moved down the left hand side....made it up front to the beer stand (thank God closed by this time), then about ten feet to the front railing parallel to the stage.

We inched and inched our way, and, finally, Rachel said she could see!! Great vantage point, even when almost in line with the stage. Lots of Jane, Kathy and Belinda, and Charlotte when not covered by a pole. So, getting to see the last part that close to the stage was cool.

Oh, and the first time they left the stage.....I turn around at the railing and realize the circle of ladies huddled and talking about 20 feet away were.....yep. Showed Rachel, then we headed for the exit. Rachel wanted to stop in the back to hear the encore, and so we did. After the last note, we head for home.

Right now, Head Over Heels has significance for me; the lyrics saying so much about the complete whirlwind I find myself in.

....and just remembered that I had forgotten about my heart.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Sorry for the impromptu break.......

It's been a, well, a challenging past week. Hopefully, during this weekend, I can let you in on the following:

--My allergy attack which ended up being strep throat.
--How I couldn't talk at work all week long (my roommates were thrilled!!)
--"24", 4am to 5am, a review that will more than anything set up the two-hour finale preview.
--Dad and Rachel's night with Belinda, Jane, Charlotte, Gina and Kathy.
--A wonderful and tear-filled visit to Longdale, the best school in the world.
--Robbie's 2nd annual chorus trip to Busch Gardens.
--And, how the events of this past week at work placed my responsibilities at even higher levels of "hectic". Plus, how health + location = relationship. And, how it works the other way around.

Quickly, a couple of things learned around the office in the corner by yours truly:

--Elliott was an extremely gracious person in defeat Wednesday on "Idol". Oh, remind me to share with you the reality that is "the Richmond Jinx".

--Keith Urban is hot.

--Someone might move out west.

That's all----I'm exhausted after starting the day at 5am; and we're back on the road at 8am to Rachel's piano teacher for some sort of hula activity. I wonder if Don Ho will make a special appearance?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Elliott, Elliott, Elliott, Eliott.....you get the idea.....

I've lived in the Richmond area for basically my entire life and have seen some interesting things happen, come, and go.

--First Black Governor
--Richmond Braves Great Eight of 1993
--Tropical Storm Gaston
--Tropical Storm Agnes
--Larry "Bud" Melman
--and others......

When Chevy Chase films a music video with Paul Simon in your Christmas parade, that's pretty cool.

When Arthur Ashe is a long-time hero and favorite son, you're proud.

When a 1992 Presidential Debate occurred here, that was pretty wild.

But then there was today.

One year ago he's behind the counter of a pharmacy in town, and had he come to the station to pick up a prize he'd won on the air, no one would have noticed.

Now, one year, an audition, and several televised concerts later, Elliott Yamin has officially become the number one citizen of Richmond, Va.

He came by our place this morning to interview briefly on two stations. He ran about 45 minutes late, which caused me to wonder if I would have to park a mile away at the Taco Bell. Thankfully, there was a plot of grass on which to park the van. The front parking lot is filled with balloons, Elliott crazies, TV satellite trucks, etc. Heck, our employee of the month couldn't get to his spot!

So, we're directed on Thursday about where to go/where not to go in the building while he's there; no going to the second floor where the studios are, no autographs, etc...etc.....

That's fine by me. I get there, watch the frenzy as I drive past and go to the back parking lot, pass all those cars, and, as Phil Keaggy once sang, you could "Find Me In These Fields".

Don't use the front entrance. No sweat. I knew nothing was in my mailbox since I left at 10:30 last night, so I go in the back door. My office is nowhere near the hallway that was being cleared for his comings and goings. I was happy to see that the nearby kitchen was open so I could grab an all important fork for the cheesecake (breakfast of champions, baby!!)

My best friend who REALLY wanted to meet him came in shortly thereafter, and, no, she didn't get to see him either. She was bummed.

I was confused.

Cool story--local guy goes Hollywood, comes out of nowhere, does good, and the thing I personally like about him is he does not even come close to "looking" like a star.

You know what I mean....like tonight when the wife had "Las Vegas" on, how many female characters weighed more than, say, 104 pounds? Well, that's exaggerating, how 'bout 130? I didn't see in size 10 women gambling! Must be something in the fat cells that once you reach a certain size, you completely lose the desire to gamble and watch people make blooming idiots of themselves.

But I'm not hear to talk Las Vegas---if the hotshots in Hollywood, or, better yet, in the music industry, had their way, he would never had seen the light of day. So, cheers and kudos to Mr. Yamin for proving everyone has talent, and some people are even smart enough not to put in irrelevant qualifications.

Having said all that, this day long event of appearances for him throughout Richmond; I've never seen people go nuts like this. Never. Two reasons that I can think of, I guess:

---He's one of us. I work with someone who worked with him at another radio station years ago. People 'round here KNOW him. That makes a difference.

---He gives a shot in the arm to a city whose reputation always needs one. He spent the day thanking so many people around town, as he should, but the Greater Richmond Convention and Visitors Bureau should be on their knees thanking him for something we don't get very much as a city.......good press.

So, as for me?

---I don't watch Idol.
---The eventful day was just a minor, minor inconvenience (could have been MUCH worse).
---I hope he wins.
---Then, for God's sake, I hope he gets back to Richmond long enough to make my co-worker's dream come true.

.....she wants to have his baby.

Funny, I don't remember hearing anyone say that about Bush 41, Clinton or Perot in 1992.....but, then again ladies, would you have wanted to??

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lesson in Learning Office Dialogue 101, or, how to survive seven minutes of American Idol

Okay, I live just outside Richmond. Elliott Yamin is from Richmond. One of the ladies in my office used to work with him.

Problem. I have never liked, nor watched Idol. The only time I would ever tune in would be the last five minutes of the last show of the season.

But this year....it's different.

All three of the ladies who share the office with me (good ol' cubicles! They erected them so they wouldn't have to look at me all day. Can you blame them??) watch Idol, some more fanatically than others.

One watches. Another always watches but is intent this year because she knows Elliott. The last one didn't watch Idol until this year when she learned about Elliott and now can't miss two seconds of it.

Also, be advised that two of these three ladies will cry at anytime with complete ease....for example....when a Hallmark card commercial comes on TV......celebrating Arbor Day.

So, week after week goes by and on Wednesday morning I would hear about who sang and how well they were, plus their looks, the changes to their appearance, etc.

Thursday morning, I would hear the cries of disappointment for the one booted off the show (The Tribe Has Spoken??----oh, that's another show.) and excitement that, yes, Elliott survived to sing another day.

So, tonight, while still at the office, I turned to Idol to hear the announcement of who was going home (I think they get a knapsack full of Jello boxes, a Mr. Microphone, an autographed picture of Ted Mack, and a pair of shoes worn by Paula Abdul...). It was not Elliott.

So, I'm set for tomorrow morning. Not that I'll say a word, mind you, I carry no clout whatsoever concerning providing salient comments about the show.

But, at least I'll halfway understand what I'm listening to. And, as long as that Hallmark Arbor Day ad doesn't come on TV while they're talking, I won't cry. :)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Friday night was great....and "24" LIVE!!!!!

The "secret" event I mentioned last entry was a couples dinner at my former church. We surprised several people by coming and had the best time!! It felt like 20 minutes, then, suddenly, it was 2 hours 15 minutes later. When time flies, you know the deal.....


"24"----the following takes place from 3am to 4am.......

CTU/Homeland Security/Hints from Heloise sends Curtis to the airfield....
President Big Nose sends SS...as in Secret Service.....to get Jack first.

Meanwhile, baldy finds a way to get the Prez to shoot down the plane for a "reason".

Meanwhile, let's welcome Miles and his ignorant self to the circus. (i.e.--why is Bill Buchanan with you and not me??)

Baldy blocks a leak by having Mike Novic alert the President regarding the "beep beep" coming from the plane.

"They might come here to get me?? Oh, dear!!! Please, shoot the plane, whatever you have to do, to protect me from, well, me!!!"---Charles Logan

"Do it now!"---Jack Bauer, with the gun to the side of the head.

(Kinda reminds me of a fun session in our bedroom, but, I really shouldn't go there, should I?)

Is anyone besides me sick of The Da Vinci Code. I mean, irregardless of its polarization of people, thinking from revolutionary, to fiction, to anti-Christian, I just mean are you sick of it all? Book...movie..can't wait for "Da Vinci Code: The Musical".

Da Vinci Code Cereal. Da Vinci Code Coasters. Da Vinci Code in 12-packs!!


Chloe is back on line to save the day for her "honey, though she doesn't realize he's her honey"......

Well, heck, after everything this flight has been through, did you think there would be anything short of an "emergency landing"?? They didn't even get pretzels!!!!

Now, we welcome latest "guy who'll take down Jack". This makes, how many in 5 years, 134??

For a second, the view out the window made me think Han Solo was in control of....

Let's sing---"I can see clearly now, the freeway's here!" Ut oh...it's set to send the missile and in range. Locked.

Ha ha!!! Too bad, Logan, too bad. Abort. Charles had to abort, Charles had to abort....hee hee.

Okay.....now had they put the plane through the overpass, I swear to you, I would NEVER fly that airline again!!

It's 3:23am, and Jack and his sack are hi-tailing it to find someone, anyone, who's not a member of the "I love Logan" fan club.


Okay----"X Men: The Last Stand". Another complete waste of American dollars so we can gourge ourselves in more entertainment. Like we need to do that. How 'bout those "caring" Hollywood-ites take all that money they throw into this movie and set up permanent housing, irrigation, and schools in several towns in a third world nation.

I won't be holding my breath. But, they will tell me how awful I am at the next awards show.


Now, at 3:27am-----Baldy chides Logan.....and Jack is looking for yet one more way to get away. Okay, in with Curtis. A good time here to remind you that just because you have a recorder doesn't mean you have a recording.

Curtis----excellent job; I'd have him on my debate team anytime!!!

Yo, Hayes----Miles will be anything but loyal. Anything. It's 3:32am.

Why is Miles all about Miles? I don't deserve, I haven't wavered.....not a team player to me if, in the midst of a universal crisis, all he says is, "I..I..I..."

Oh, yeah....Bierko. We hear him once every episode or two. He's not done yet.

....oh....and the very next sound in Miles' ear will be someone he can spill the beans to.

Oh, yeah....Bierko. Chained. Maybe he is done. Or, maybe he has help. Bierko nervously sings, "someone to watch over me".


Insert no joke about depression here. I hope Cymbalta will help people like me who are tired of being depressed, but, well, still are.


Another great job by Elizabeth MacIngvale, National Spokesperson for the OCD Foundation, on CNN last Thursday night. Though I thought the report, seen on Paula Zahn Now, was weak and one-sided, Elizabeth bravely showed the world our world; the world of OCD.

By the way, when they repeat Paula Zahn Now, is it called "Paula Zahn Then"???


Mike, unbeknownst to himself....maybe....is......well, honestly, I don't know what in the world Mike's thinking.

Baldy's Pizza--can I kill someone for you? Logan, it's the banker---pick up the phone and get the offer!!
OKAY----JACK, BIG MISTAKE-----I'm Jack, going anywhere and everywhere to get a recording, and, once I get it and return to CTU, I promptly give it to Chloe, whom I trust, and LEAVE IT OUT OF MY SIGHT FOR TEN MINUTES so I can go see Audrey. I just don't get it. Plenty of time to see Audrey tomorrow. Tape. Now. Never out of your sight. Now. Don't leave it out of your sight. Jack, oh Jack.

So, Logan calls Baldy's Pizza, who basically tells him to kill himself. Didn't even offer to supersize to add fries and a drink. Go figure.

So, it's commercial break time, and 3:47am in "24" land. Logan's not going alone.

--The Veep?
--Call a meeting and kill them all?
--not Agent Pierce....he's not back....yet.


Well.....who do YOU think Logan mows down before he does the deed?

I bet we'll have a whole week to talk about it. :)

OFF THE SUBJECT: Guys....do you marry a lady named Bones? Just wondering.


Let's see; number one of the above list was Martha. Guess where Logan goes.....

BONNIE POINT: He does the deed but makes it look like Martha killed him.....

Logan: "I never wanted to hurt you....except when you got in the way by getting in that stupid motorcade and......well.....we can forget about that slip, but....."

Excellent lighting and video for the long walk ("dead man walking??") Excellent scene by Logan (the actor, not the President).

Well----Miles is now the mole. He feels "compelled to intervene". Compelled?? Compelled?? How does Miles prove he even talked to the President?? Miles must have something he needs done...pardon? Who knows.


And, in closing.....those of us who worked in radio before the year 2000 remember cart erasers. Carts were the "8-Track" type tapes that commercials, etc. were played on. To clean the cart for new use, rub it on the cart eraser.

A major player in this process? A magnet.

Guess what Miles just had? A 21st Century cart eraser.

RoseMary Woods would be so, so proud.

From henceforth, Miles shall be known as Ms. Woods.

P.S.-----AGENT PIERCE IS NOT DEAD. Told ya. Dang, I've been supplying him with food and water out in the shed for weeks now.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Go-Go's, Jack Bauer, and a hot tub.....

So, driving home from work the other evening, I realized something....

....I'm not sure how long it's been since I've had a real "calendar of events" to look forward to.

Until now. :)

Well, what do you know! My itinerary:

Friday 5/5: A surprise trip to old, old friends (can't tell you about it 'til after Friday) :)

Monday 5/8: Volunteer meeting at my old elementary school (God how we miss it!!) to prepare for an event for their PTO. And....."24"!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 5/9: The "24" breakdown with our group via email.

Sunday 5/14: Mother's Day (I love it and I hate it...)

Monday 5/15: 4am to 5am of "24"!!!!!

Wednesday 5/17: My Rachel and I are going to see, that's right, The Go-Go's live! She has loved their greatest hits CD since either 3 or 4 years old. Has her own copy as a matter of fact. So, if you live in Richmond, and plan on going to Innsbrook on this night, and you see the most beautiful, energetic, freckle-faced girl in the world (with a graying fat guy beside her), that would be her. Face it, I'm "Head Over Heels" about her! (Get it, Go-Go's fans??)

Friday 5/19: Robbie's chorus heads to Busch Gardens, I volunteer at Longdale and see lots and lots of old friends again, friends who I miss dearly.

Monday 5/22: "24"---THE PARTY!!!! Live from Disputanta, and you DO have the option of watching 5am to 7am in the hot tub. It doesn't get much better than that. :)

So, a good thing for me. Fun events, great people, and lots of "24" to look forward to.

But what in the world am I gonna do May 23rd when the wait begins to Season 6 of "24" come January?

Pull out the DVD's on Seasons 1 thru 3, of course!

A good synopsis and diagnosis of our lame/crafty Commander-in-Chief can be found here.

Ah, no Geena, not you.

April's kinda winning numbers.....

4, 19, and 29.......

Monday, May 01, 2006

It's 2am, and the fear has gone...

Golden Earring

Somewhere in a lonely hotel room
there's a guy starting to realize that eternal
fate has turned its back on him. It's 2 a.m.

It's two a.m.
The fear has gone
I'm sitting her waitin'
The gun's still warm
Maybe my connection is tired of taking chances
Yeah there's a storm on the loose
Sirens in my head
Wrapped up in silence
All circuits are dead
Cannot decode my whole life spins into a frenzy

Help I'm steppin' into the twilight zone
The place is a madhouse
Feels like being cloned
My beacon's been moved
Under moon and star
Where am I to go
Now that I've gone too far
Soon you will come to know
When the bullet hits the bone
Soon you will come to know
When the bullet hits the bone

I'm falling down a spiral
Destination unknown
Double crossed messenger, all alone
Can't get no connection
Can't get through where are you

Well the night weighs heavy
On his guilty mind
This far from the borderline
When the hitman comes
He knows damn well
He has been cheated And he says
(repeat Chorus)

Thank you elyrics4u.com for the words!!

No fear for Jack; he's with the suits, literally, in the plane. Talking with Chloe. Their love scene can't be but so far away....

....okay, our first lucky winning seat tonight is 7A. Congratulations, George Aliva, your government job is now in jeopardy.

....wow--crawl into a plane's insides and not be noticed?? And I thought airport security sucked.

Smooth move, Jack...ah...Frank...ah, now George. Jack, stop it, I can't keep up with your names!!

We're back. 2:14am. Did Chloe say German? Hi, Hans! Here's one to the gut! Now, where's the flippin' tape?

Ut oh, here comes coffee. Just in time---oh, ah, what was that on the floor?

Martha gives Justin the quick once over, and determines he has no personality.

And now, a Mike appearance. Is Mike playing dumb, or getting his suspicions confirmed? Did he get anything out of that?

Oh, it's fartface, I mean Pres. Logan, cow-tow-ing to some baldy with Pearle Vision glasses. Then he gives the Clinton spin on the "what's up".

She's in pain, Logan? You will be, too, Prez.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel bar......Chloe meets 2am bar jerk. Jerk has no chance whatsoever.

Now, in a move representative of this entire day, we have turbulence.

And, we have one mad Air Marshall. Minus a gun.

DURING THE BREAK: You could be watching....

--Larry the Cable Guy on CMT
--Barrera de Amor on Univision (man and woman embracing in conversation in an SUV, probably out of gas and trying to figure out how to raise the money to get home.)

Ah, the 500 channel universe....


Jack and Hans sing "I Have a U-Turn in my Heart for Recordings".

Jack, what's the big deal with depressurization.....it happens to me every day! :)

God I love Chloe. Imagine the kids they'd make....and how many times they would be sent to the office.


You know....it's amazing how versatile and talented Jack is.....

--in with the drug lords
--President's best friend
--Ass't. to Secretary of State, on level with his daughter...:)
--Frank, the oil worker
--intruder (well, with help) into the Western White House
--and now....darn good airline hijacker....


P.S.----I will never watch "House" until the guy shaves.


Mike 1, Inches 0 (I mean Myles)---as he tries now to usurp the authority of Cruella, who isn't as Cruella as advertised.

Logan is going off, and Mike, well, two and two are starting to come together.

Logan speaks of himself...and Mike knows it!!!! Let the unraveling begin!!!


....in an ironic twist from season two, how 'bout Mike lock Logan in a secure room long enough to have him escape, only to fall about two stories to the floor. Awwww.
Logan in traction. For 8 years. Breaks your heart, doesn't it?


Being 9:48pm, it's time for the "weekly what shocking turn will end this hour" event.

---Does the plane land?
---Do they quash Mike?
---Is Martha gone for good? (nighty-night....)
---Does the tape holder jump out of the plane?
---Does Cruella let her hair down and start doing the macarena?



Hey Aerosmith!!!!! Janie's Got a Gun? NO! Chloe's Got A Taser!

Ut oh, it's the plumber...ah, the co-pilot, he's come to ditch the tape.

Co-pilot figuring it out. But pilot is faking the ol' hurt routine.

Jack.....has the tape?? Maybe?? I don't know; my jury is already out. Having a recorder doesn't mean having a tape, does it?

Well, it's 3am now, and Logan has to get a plane destroyed, cover it up, and, you know who is going to hold him up....


Mike's there, too----and.....Agent Pierce isn't dead.

The fact they know that Karen is on Jack's side is certainly disconcerting. How Logan holds a phone call with her next hour should be very interesting.


--trouble on the airplane.
--a manic President.

Four hours left.


"24"--THE PARTY!!!!!----Monday May 22nd, we're at the Jennings' home next to the good ol' church to enjoy the two-hour season finale! And, if you choose, you can watch the finale IN THE HOT TUB!!!!!!

Ah...something to look forward to. Praise God!!