Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama: Top Income Earners are just Lucky

Obama: Top Income Earners are just Lucky

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Whatever happened to 18 hour days, hard work, and "my father built this business after immigrating from (insert name of country here)"???

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Needed Weekend Levity

From the blog-read "Chronicles of An Exhausted Mom".........

These are GREAT.

Page 16: Government ends private health care

No...the Federal Government doesn't want control over your life. No way!


The Libs in Congress, I would've thought, would have tried to bury this provision a little deeper than just PAGE 16 of the 1,018 page Obama Death Care Bill.

It just proves they think you and I are robot morons who will do whatever they want you to. I can hear Nancy Pelosi now....

"They're so busy wagging teabags and listening to talk radio, they won't make it to page 16."

Investors Business Daily has. Click the title for the truth on death care.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sorry, Susan!

Susan Roesgen Out at CNN

Breaking: TVNewser has learned CNN correspondent Susan Roesgen's contract will not be renewed and she will be leaving the network.

Roesgen, you'll recall, was criticized for her coverage at the tax day tea parties in April, when she said the event she was covering in Chicago was, "anti-CNN since this is highly promoted by the right-wing, conservative network Fox."

Roesgen took a break for a few weeks after that reporting and returned to the air in May covering the Drew Peterson arrest. Most recently, she covered Michael Jackson's death from Los Angeles. Roesgen joined CNN in 2005.

When TVNewser asked whether Roesgen's comments at the Chicago tea party rally had anything to do with her not being renewed, a CNN spokesperson said, "I can't comment on personnel matters."


Rob's Commentary: After her ABOMINABLE performance trying to take up for President Obama at her fateful "tea party" report, this is deserved. I am not "happy" over her losing their job, but do believe she dug her own grave in Atlanta. Her Fox comments that day weren't what really ticks me off, it was her unbelievably condescending "know-it-all" attitude while "conducting" alleged "interviews" which she tried to turn into verbal spats or "liberal teaching moments".

But relax, Susan fans. She'll be at MSNBC before you can say Rachel Maddow.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Rebuttal to my First Lady at the homeless shelter picture post

So, a few weeks back I post a link to a picture of a homeless person getting a free meal served by the First Lady. The point of the post was to show the presence of a cell phone that the homeless (?) person was using to take a photo of this historic moment in their life.

So, I get an anonymous (figures) response:

Anonymous said...
"I'm not sure what you find "priceless" about homelessness. What exactly do you find objectional about this photo? Is it that a person in line for a meal has a cell phone? Do you think that the homeless should not be allowed to have cell phones? Can you imagine trying to find a job without having a phone on which to receive call-backs for interviews? In this economy, how do you know this person wasn't recently homeless with a family to feed? How do you know this person was homeless at all and not a staff member at this shelter or simply someone who wanted a photo of the first lady? And by the way, this is not a governmental funded shelter. The first lady was volunteering at a privately funded organization called Miriam's Kitchen. It never ceases to amaze me that so-called Christians are always the first to find humor in the plight of others."

So, if I may, a rebuttal.

1) Cell phones are NOT life necessities, unless you have no home phone. If I'm homeless and jobless, who exactly is paying the phone bill? Friend or family member? Fine. But let's be real, there are MANY people with very screwed-up priorities. And there are things called Trac-Fones. You as you go, pay when you can. This shows exactly how many people think they "deserve" that which you are to work for. When I LOST MY JOB 20 months ago, the cell phone that came with it was gone, too. Thus, for awhile, UNTIL I COULD AFFORD ONE, I (gasp!) DID NOT have a cell phone.

2) There was nothing in the photo that even discussed whether the food was coming from the government or not, so you've brought into the conversation a point that's irrelevant to the post.

3) I apologize if I referenced finding "humor" in the picture. What I was trying to reference was an example of WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN LIFE AND WHAT IS NOT.

I could feed my family, if my cell phone was, say, 50 bucks a month, for several days without needing a handout. What's wrong with giving out a neighbor or family member's phone number to a prospective job contact? Or do we "deserve" to all have our own 21st Century technology?

When I was a kid, I had no cell phone, no answering machine, no microwave, no FM radio in the car, no cable, no computer, no Internet, no email. I got my first job. Then my second (using my Dad's car), then my third (borrowing a friend's car at college, I might add), and so on.

And we wonder why millions of people honestly believe they should be given everything. And don't tell me that's not a true statement. It's very, very real.

To me, after pondering this, I now think a new perspective should be placed on the picture.

What about the woman behind the man? What if she represents the truly needy people in this world who have their priorities straight and really need that hand up as well as temporary hand out?

Why don't we focus on her, and those she represents. In the meantime, I suggest Anonymous go find the guy with the cell phone and find out if he truly can live without it. - Akron police investigate teen mob attack on family

My belief is that ALL crimes are hate crimes. So, if you subscribe to the theory of "declaring" certain crimes done out of hate, you must also be able to accept that "hate crimes" can occur in what I will call a "non-traditional" manner (based on the standards of the MSM).

Akron police "aren't ready" to call this a hate crime?? What are they waiting for, audio of the shouts of this gang of thugs to confirm???

I CANNOT FIND word on this story from CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, even Fox. Had this been a group of white punks attacking a black family shouting "This is a white world", it would have been breaking news on ALL those channels. Double standard? Of course there is. - Akron police investigate teen mob attack on family

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Here's the email message I just sent my two Senators regarding Cap and Trade......

Senator ___________:

Now is the time for true leaders to stand up and announce that the current direction of our nation's economic and climate policy is wrong and will, in eventuality, cripple our nation and its ability to survive.

Nations are more apt to be taken over from within, via economic collapse and so on. With millions out of work or underemployed, this is NO time to be passing an alleged "global climate" bill known as Cap and Trade, which, at its core, is simply a gigantic tax increase on the heart of the American economy, which is its people, whether consumers or small businesses.

Thousands of dollars out of the pockets of families and small businesses annually in the name of "climate change" is despicable. The earth has undergone warming and cooling phases throughout its long history, and to believe we, as humans, as tiny as we are on the grand scale of the universe, have the ability to do what has been alleged by our former Vice President and others, is simply unattainable.

With many (and the number is growing) scientific scholars and leaders questioning the supposed "global warming crisis" to its very core, Al Gore has now resorted to using veiled accusations which equate those who merely question "climate change" to Nazis. This is desperation to the worst degree.

Senator Webb, I implore you to stop spending my children's and my grandchildren's money and stop bleeding the American citizen dry financially by boldly standing up and voting NO to the Cap and Trade legislation. Make Virginia proud that you provide common sense, open-minded leadership, wishing to engage all sides in a discussion.

If we are, as our President has stated repeatedly, in the midst of the worst economy since the Great Depression, then a massive tax on American society would only enable us to surpass the horror of the 1930s economically.

Please vote NO. Thank you.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Well, now I'm 42......

....nothing like being two weeks late for an annual birthday post. :)

It was a quiet day, just like I like it.

I worked.
I got LOTS of WONDERFUL GREETINGS from friends at my Facebook page. :) :)
I got my favorite pizza.
I got a portable radio for my bedside (how appropriate!).

So, knock one more year off the fast as time is going, I'll be 43 in about 20 minutes.