Sunday, October 22, 2006

...the list that doesn't matter to you, part II....

Happiest homecoming after school: Dad's spaghetti simmering (and me stealing some because I just couldn't wait 'til dinner and, heck, he was still driving the bus).

Worst homecoming after school: Three words---Corned Beef Hash.

Cash and Carry Grocery, Beaverdam Virginia. The third of the trifecta of buildings that made up half the "town" proper. First, the bank (remember United Virginia Bank? Nah, not Crestar nor Suntrust...), then the post office (we were Box 11), then the store. Ms Gurdey, the manager, if you will....the Sealtest ice cream sandwiches. Looking at every new Box of Twinkies when delivered by the Hostess guy to see which cut-out baseball cards were on the bottom of the box.

Mama taking me to Cash and Carry at age four to have pictures done, complete with red sweater and black tie. (Training to be Mister Rogers??)

There were TWO car dealerships in a, well, TINY village. Beaverdam Ford, Trainham Chevrolet. We were a Chevrolet family. I still don't like Ford, but I drive a Windstar. It was the best option available at CarMax the day we had to buy something.

---Playing Mr. Brownlow in "Oliver Twist" in the fourth grade.
---Being teased about high-water pants around the same time.
---A bottle of 4-Way Nasal Spray in my left pocket every day (couldn't do that now)
---Being thrown off the slidingboard ladder onto blacktop because one kid was going after another and, well, I was in the way. Closest I ever came to fighting at school. Didn't need to----a teacher slammed him against the brick wall asking him what in the world he was doing. Meanwhile, I'm in the office watching Mrs. Swift, the secretary, get small pebbles out of my elbow
---I still have a scar there to this day.

More to come..............

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

And now for a list that will mean completely nothing to do.....

....but it means the world to me.

And now, a partial list of words or phrases that bring back memories from early on even until today.....but in no particular order.

--Mommy, I'm finished!!!
--Thursday morning at Food Fair
--playing in the telephone booth while Mama checks out at Food Fair
--one hamburger, one small bag of fries, one small dollar at Hardees.
--the small hill in the back yard which was the only place there were pebbles the size of pop rocks. Great spot to play, conserved them pebbles.
--Wild strawberries ready for picking late May.
--The garden. Pop's domain. Behind the wooden basketball goal.
--standing in front of the TV happy, for some reason, that NC State had just upset UCLA.
--Johnny and the Marbles.
--This anthology starred Johnny Kasale, the pastor of the town church.
--...his brother Dave, the egg deliverer...
--...George Carson, the big fat silver marble with a small smooth portion...
--...Johnny Neat, the new guy in town
--...Arteen and Washington, the brothers who played piano and organ at the church.

Various and sundry other marble people. This was back in the day when you used your IMAGINATION to play for hours. All it took was a quilt, Matchbox-sized and larger cars, and, well, marbles. Pretty simple stuff, and lots of fun.

Kasale was the brainchild of the founder of Johnny and the Marbles, my brother. Carson was my sister's main character. And, when they decided I was old enough to play and not cause a ruckus, I brought in Johnny Neat.

You should have seen the marble evacuation when there was a chance of a REAL flood in our basement, where we played.

--jealous that my first week of first grade, my teacher called someone else our "window opener" knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt I could do the same thing.

--the afternoon Mama subbed for Ms. Thompson for the last 30 minutes of school, and how I straightened the desks in the room to make sure it looked good for her.

--my friends who were twins (I sat between them at lunch), and how sad it was when they moved away.

--reciting Lizzie Borden in the 2nd grade
--THE oak tree on the playground
--the day I faked a stomach ache to get out of recess (scared of a bee, I believe).
--Dating Game at 2pm, Newlywed Game at 230
--I played my own game show, "The Money Game", during Split Second when it aired at 1230....

--MAJOR crush on Toni Tennille when her and her captain had a variety show.
--watching Flip Wilson
--watching Helen Reddy
--while my brother listened to the Waltons one night (TV Channel 6 is also at 87.7 FM), I remember being wrapped up in my bedspread feeling more comfortable in a bed going to sleep than I ever had before or since.
--waking up to dry poo-poo on my forehead when I was, like, five, then trying to explain to Mama that it was because of the humdity or barometer I heard about on the weather that night.
--Baltimore Orioles baseball on WFLS in Fredericksburg.
--naming my cat Al Bumbry, the Orioles' centerfielder.
--seeing my brother name his Bernie Parent, after the goalie of the Philadelphia Flyers.
--One word: Filmstrips.
--Duke, the first dog I remember.
--Getting Teko from a "house pound" on Route 33 near where they are building huge homes now near the river.
--Teko was/is my all time favorite dog.
--Saturday afternoon equaled, 5pm Wrestling, 6pm Hot Dogs and B&M Baked Beans.
--Trying to avoid the Donny and Marie show at all costs.
--The Mandrell Sisters, too.
--When Channel 8's signal went from a tower in Petersburg to one in Richmond, and now we could watch Happy Days in a clear picture.
--Their slogan was, "Welcome to Sharper, Brighter, Clearer TV8."
--Shock Theatre.
--The CBS Late Movie, when they really showed movies, not Kojak reruns.
--Cold when you woke up? Dress while sitting as close to the heating vent on the hallway floor as you could!
--Oakland Raider pajamas.

....Part Two coming......

Monday, October 16, 2006

Let's Make A Dizzy Deal!!!

Before Deal or No Deal, there was TV's original pick and choose game show, Let's Make A Deal.
For those of you who don't remember it, there were ways to win prizes and cash, but the "Big Deal" of the day involved three doors. You chose which of the three doors you would want (which could have anything behind it), then we'd all discover what they had won.

Well, Friday and again today, I had my own personal game of "Three Doors". But it was a nasty combination of dizziness and lightheadness. And, both times, it happened in the van, while driving, on the way to work.

No fun. There's the comment of the year.

So, my psych is helping to eliminate this physical manifestation of my level of stress, and, stop the panic attacks like I had at work Friday (I went outside and hid until it ended). So far, so good. I still feel a little "weird". Some would say that's normal for me, but I digress....

So, walking into the hospital this morning, the sliding door slides, and I almost try to go through, well, the door where it slid to, rather than the opening. Nothing like choosing between door one and door two.

Now, on the other hand, dizzy lovemaking wouldn't be so bad. Imagine having three images of your wife (or hubby) while you, well, enjoy? Lord, if the dizziness EVER happens again, let's have it then, okay? hee hee......

PS---Guess I, ah, focus on one segment of Deal or No Deal, eh? Click on link above to understand my comment. :)

Ah....welcome another TV girlfriend....

Abagail of Angela's Eyes on Lifetime. YES, I actually watch a show on Lifetime.

Whew. Very easy on the eyes. :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tragic and bizarre....

First, the news that immediately reminds us of, well, that.

Plane and high rise in New York. A crash. I first learned of it on a Fox News EMail alert and immediately turned the TV on.

1) Pictures of the building and realization: small fire, plus we later learn the plane didn't go into the building. Most of it crashed to the ground.

2) A sea of responders (yes!) as FDNY and NYPD take nothing for granted.

Then I had to leave work, pick up Robbie and take him to the orthodontist. Bring him home, get back to work around 5:30 and discover....

3) Joe Torre is quoted as saying the plane is registered to Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle.

4) Mayor Bloomberg (the part I saw) gives a thorough press conference.

5) Then, later, confirmation of Lidle's death, apparently while on a sightseeing trip that left Teeterboro Airport across the line in New Jersey. His flight instructor perished, too.

Thankfully, no one in the high rise passed.

What a weird story. Five years and a month after 9/11.

Plus, this puts the whole Yankee uproar and disappointment over losing into proper perspective. It really doesn't matter.

PLEASE pray for his wife Melanie, and six year old son, Christopher.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Over the top political ad....

...but you should see it.

Hollywood producer David Zucker (Scary Movie 4, Airplane, The Naked Gun) takes us back to October, 2000....

....while no political organization in their right mind would use it, it will make an impact, thanks to its posting on You Tube and Drudge.

Click here, then get ready.

P.S.---Didn't know Kim Jong Il could jam like Michael Jordan!

UPDATE: Thanks to, word that YouTube has flagged the spot as "inappropriate". First Malkin, now this. Keep an eye on anti-GOP, anti-Bush ads there and see if they're flagged. In the meantime, Drudge has it, click the link above.

SECOND UPDATE: Zucker produced this hilarious (and true) spot in 2004 regarding Kerry.

Babs Blabs.....

Barbra Streisand.

Good Lord. Click above.

First Amendment Rights? She has 'em. Did the ticket people bought to see her say "concert and political skewing"? Bet it didn't.

Someone is tired of the skit during her NYC show (complete with impersonating George W. Bush idiot on stage) and wants to hear.....SHOCK....her sing! (I wouldn't, but then again, I would've never bought a ticket...or accepted a free ticket).

And the proper lady shouts, "Shut the F--- up!"

Darn. Bad timing. They should've heckled at "The Way We Were". Or remember "The Main Event", when she sings of it as her sexual experience with her movie co-star? Now that's enough to.....well.....I had dinner.

Look Babs, it's simple. When you promote a "concert", sing. If you want to have a political rally, skit away.

But don't mix the two as "bait and switch"....I'm sure not EVERYONE in the audience is politically mindnumb as you are.

P.S.---How about she present a real, intelligent political discourse next time with multiple reasons why she believes what she believes? When Clinton was President, what did she do in Act II, make out with a Clinton impersonator??

Monday, October 09, 2006

Tired....anyone else tired....??

Not much to say tonight....

--I purposely stopped watching the news for a few days not wanting to hear about the Foley stuff....

--Lots of emotional feelings the past several days, with sadness being the dominant one. I don't like sadness.

--Rain. LOTS of rain. Friday and Saturday. This meant no football game to call Friday night; it was moved up to Thursday night and I couldn't be there. Rats. PH did win, 54-0. Homecoming is this Friday, weather permitting.

--Got my quarterly "number one all the way" haircut. The morning autumn breeze feels so good on the old cranium.

--And finally, I can't wait to see who the Oakland Raiders pick #1 in the April 2007 NFL draft......can they draft an entire offensive line with the pick??

Thank you, Tigers!

Whew! Another year I don't have to hear about the almighty New York Yankees in the World Series. That's good for America.

The Detroit Tigers, with three local connections, Brandon Inge (VCU), Justin Verlander (Goochland High School), and Sean Casey (University of Richmond) all played roles in the 3-1 series win.

Thus, I have to root the hometown boys on the rest of the way.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Various October thoughts, part II

1) Is there still baseball? Here's what I care long as the Yankees DO NOT win, I don't care who does.

2) My team and my wife's team in our fantasy football team are a combined oh and 8. The two youngest kids in the league are a combined eight and oh. And now you know who studied for the August draft and who didn't.

3) I now make sure I'm home before 8pm every Tuesday night so I can run interference with the kids so Mom can watch Gilmore Girls. Every other night of the week, can't promise when I'll get home.

4) Now wife's next show is on, I can return to Blogging.

5) Am I the only one even fathoming this school shooting is a tragedy, two a coincidence, three a trend. Could it be possible that, well, Americans are now being recruited and are being used by terrorists to do such despicable acts, taking advantage of the person's anger, wish to avenge, etc. Maybe I'm just way too "paranoid", but you would think if there was going to be a rash of these, certainly right after Columbine would have been a time for that to happen.

Even if my pseudo-hypothesis is false (and I hope it is), it has opened my mind to begin thinking of another, more sinister, more covert way terrorists can infiltrate our country and inflict damage. Recruit people...people who are mad, want revenge, and don't look Middle Eastern. And, even though they may only "kill a few", it's like chipping away at a huge wall....eventually, you make your way through.

6) I need to end this post on an "upswing" note, but it's difficult because:

--I'm an Oakland Raider fan
--I'm really tired
--I have to go work from home
--my fantasy football team is....oh, told ya that already...
--I'm STILL not sleeping well at all
--I'm sick of looking seven months pregnant (note to self: change profile at the top corner of the blog's front page to reflect weight concern...)


I'm alive. I can see, hear, walk, speak.....and dear God, I take those things so, so for granted.

Thanks for the reminder, God. That is good news. :)

Various early October thoughts.....

....have you hugged your Muslim Extremist today?

September's winning numbers....

....7, 14, 21, and 24.

There's hope for October, but November is up for grabs!

Hope you find your winning numbers.