Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"24"---12noon to 1pm: Someone IS stupider than President Logan....

So, you're the Chief of Staff, and, you think the only way to save your skin is to actually tell the President, well, enough of the truth to hold him "hostage", as it were, as he knew Logan is more worried about his Presidential legacy than things such as, oh, national security....

Walt? Meet Jack's knife! Couldn't help but think of the great verse in Matthew: "If your right eye leads you astray, pluck it out and throw it away." So, actually, Walt should have let Jack do him a favor. My friend at work closes her eyes when Jack goes into "torture" mode; it's one of my favorite personality traits.

NOW...Jack and Mike need to get the record straight, so he doesn't implicate Mike in all this, too.

Then there's Diana. We're not done seeing Diana, according to another long-time "24" friend from church....and I agree. Audrey can't "disappear" with Jack after this is over, can she? Remember, he told President Stupid that he would vanish again. I certainly looked at the Diana/Audrey dialogue and thought....you'd be better off with Diana.

MAJOR FAUX PAS OF THE HOUR: No Chloe until 12:55pm. Simply not acceptable.


1) "I am protecting you, sir..."---Agent Pierce to the Prez while Jack gave Walt "The Bauer Treatment."

2) "That's because you don't have the experience to know any better."---Buchanan to Dough Boy...I mean, McGill.

Oh...and that nerve gas video...looks like the way people react to my cooking.

Well, it's 1pm. Next week oughta be a gas. (Could not resist).

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ah, the high-society wanna-be's.....

My daughter's elementary school, which opened last year, has, well, not even come close to achieving much cohesiveness to become its own "family" or "community".

Why? Well, first it is always difficult to bring several communities into one fold to create a new one.

It's also a problem if you have, well, ah, some adults who could be perceived as feeling superior to others.

I'm not naming names; what I will say is....my wife and I have certainly felt as if we've been looked "down upon", and not as equals, by some who came from another location.

One reason why I believe this?

Recently, a letter came home from our (yecch) PTA, and in it, they told us to read "The Far West End Press" for a regular column about our school.

That's nice. One problem. Our school isn't anywhere near the "far West End".

The "Far West End" is considered by most to be the most affluent location in the Richmond area, or, at least, north of the James River. Need a three-quarter million dollar home? Head to the Far West End.

Meanwhile, there's the "Northern" part of our area. Nice area, a great mixture of old and new housing, social diversity.....on the whole, a great place to live.

But, if one dared call themselves from "Northern" Henrico, there are plenty of people who would immediately begin pondering the stereotypical assumptions placed on this area, just as any other area gets.

The Far West End is the rich part of town. This is true.
The Northern Henrico area is, well, nice...but....it's nowhere near the West End.

That's the mindset of what I call the "high-society wanna-bes". Apparently some people are so interested in being identified with the ritzy area that they attempt to gravitate their location and identity to it.

Now, let's stop a moment.

QUESTION: Does Northern Henrico have a similar newspaper?

So, is it fair to say that this isn't an issue of desired perception but of necessity? Possibly.

But, let the record state there are two newspapers that cover all of Henrico County, so, therefore, there is a reasonable place to release the news of your school, church, or business from any geographical part of the county.

So, to the figure that, in my mind, kind of seals the point and ends the debate.

I mapped via Yahoo! the school to the two major centers of shopping in both regions. Short Pump Town Center is in the new heart of the Far West End. Virginia Center Commons is as northern Henrico as it gets, on Route 1, with I-95 just behind it, those roads coming right up the middle of the metro Richmond area.


Distance from school to Short Pump Town Center: 10.4 miles

Distance from school to Virginia Center Commons: 2.4 miles

So, my conclusion?

I cannot and will not spend time trying to "prove" people there have some sort of superiority complex, part of which is wanting to be identified with an area considered "better", because, as I previously said, the Far West End Press may have been their best choice in getting information out to the public.

May have been....

If this complex does exist, it proves conclusively that those of us who don't mind saying they live in "northern Henrico" or "near Virginia Center Commons" have probably been looked at as if we are not first class.

And it's sad. Because, if found to be true, this elitist attitude will prevent a new elementary school desperately in search of an identity and a community from having both until all current parents have left, and a new group arrives without knowing the mess at the outset of the "marriage".

That could take five or ten years.

Who pays? My daughter, and every kid that walks into the school every day.

In life, you can aspire to be whatever you wish...but, do society a favor....

....don't call your aspiration your current identification. It does no one any favors.


Office Spouse?? What???

So, I learn from my Fox & Friends' Friends yesterday about the phenomenon that is "office spouse". This would be someone at work with who you have a close friendship and apparently are to share with them deep secrets so that, if people looked from the outside, they would suspect an affair was underway.

I immediately resented the term. Why? Because it makes the following blanket statement:

An adult male and an adult female cannot be close friends without it having something to do with romance, sex, or breaking up families.


Why does this tick me off? First, most of my life, most of my friends have been females. Most of my close friends...heck, a majority of my friends, period, in high school were female. I had close female friends in college.

And, in the best portrait of this---I was a stay at home Dad for 2 1/2 years (the first years of my daughter's life), and, at the time, there were many "starter" families (young couples, young kid/kids) on the block. So, many late afternoons would have the kids out riding bikes, playing street hockey, etc., while the parents watched.

So, on our block, it would be Dana, then Sharon, then Christie, sometimes one or two others, and.....me.

When Bonnie gets home from work as the "guys" in the other families do so, they begin to join us outside. It was never a surprise when my wife would go talk shop, cars, home remodeling with the guys drinking beer, while I talked parenting, etc with the ladies. Bonnie would spend most of the time with the ladies, but you'd never see me popping a cold one with the other guys.

I don't hunt, I don't fix cars, my wife owns the toolbox....that's just who I am.

So, when I returned to the work force six years ago, it came as no surprise that I made friends who just (SHOCK) happened to be female.

For the past five years I have shared a large office with three females! My best friend at work is......oh my goodness.....female!

Get the picture? If "office spouse" becomes a presumed reality in all male/female work relationships, two things will happen.

1) Eyes will look with questions in the minds of those seeing the friends co-working.
2) I'll be considered a gigilo.

I got one spouse. I have many friends. I have some great friends, and a couple of close friends. There are plenty of females in each category, even in the last one.

So what. I spit on the idea of "Office Spouse", not because it doesn't exist (I'm sure it does), but that it automatically injects the "affair" factor into what could simply be a close friendship between two people.

In closing....if a man at work has a best friend who works in the next cubicle and happens to be a man, does this qualify as "same-sex office spouse"?

Friday, January 27, 2006

...and another thought today, I think while in the restroom....

I'm going to be 40 in 17 months, so, today, my thoughts wander to the fact that I'm, I guess, in prime age for the "mid-life crisis", which, many men assuage by having a May to December with someone about half their age.

You know....graying, portly, insecure 42-year old man hooks up with new college grad just starting her first job in the same office building, age 22.

Why did I think about this?

Well, I wondered, if this problem ever tried to arise in me, how would I respond??

First, the answer is NOT with a woman, as my wife has this really sharp sickle....

hee hee....

...but I can tell you it would not be with a twenty-something who doesn't remember rotary phones.

I would definitely be inclined to go with same age or somewhat older. Why? Experience.

It's funny, now, when I see the mother/daughter tandem shopping at Target, I check out the Mom! That's all part of the aging process. 1984, check out the girl. 2006, check out Mom.

I have a better appreciation for my generation of women, and the fact that beauty as defined as "young" is really overrated.

Like the link I have a couple of posts down showing the picture of Lauren Graham. She's four months older than me. There's no one 30 or below who could compare.

So, NOT because I'm searching, but I'm just thinking about all the "stuff" I'm supposed to face in this new age of life, when it comes to seeing beauty, first--it is from the inside, and second, the lines on your face accentuate the beauty. Long live middle-age!!


Now, off to watch Match Game on GSN!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Just a thought driving home.....

I would rather have had a Saved Majority than a Moral Majority any day.

If conservative Christians had spent all the time and money used on politics these past 25 years on feeding the poor, building AIDS hospices, medical clinics in the Third World, etc....

....by SHOWING God's love, wouldn't we have been more like Jesus than to try and legislate Him?

Oh, boy. I'm guilty, too, but, lately, have seen a different perspective. I'm not blaming, fingerpointing, etc.....I'm just saying if we pulled the political plug and got back to full-on "love thy neighbor", Christianity might become attractive to the masses again.

It isn't right now.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

25 years ago tonight.....

...I'm surrounded by all my Oakland Raider "stuff" (pencil, notebook, wearing my hat, etc., etc.), sitting on my bed, watching one of my favorite football games of all time, Super Bowl XV.

Final: Oakland 27, Philadelphia 10.

MVP: Rod Martin, Linebacker

HKB: Me (that stands for happy kid in Beaverdam)

When will the Raiders ever return to this glory??!!???

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Now if my wife had told me.....

.....that this was who I was missing by not watching Gilmore Girls, I would have ceased what I was doing to join her in watching the show.


"24" in review: Chloe rocks the house again!!!

Various thoughts on last night's good episode....

COOL! I want to ride on the side of a Ford SUV like Curtis does!!

WHAT?!? I couldn't believe they shuffled off the Jack was framed question that quickly. Hi Jack, we know you're innocent, here's a Level Two. Huh???

NO DUH: Like Diana couldn't see right through Audrey in, what, under two minutes, though I will give Audrey credit for a good conversation with Jack.

THE BUDDY SYSTEM: Jack to spend some time with Diana's son. Maybe they'll hit Friendly's for ice cream once the day is done...which would be...oh, tomorrow.

START THE CHANT: At work today, another huge "24" fan says, "When McGill comes into a scene, I start chanting, "Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!"".

CHLOE IS THE BOMB: It's official. Chloe is the best television character ever!! She reminds Edgar that he needs, well, a life, turns skewer in the room with Spencer and Buchanan; has the good sense to check the computer she just saw Spencer on, and gets in several award-winning looks.

Oh....and the quote of the night...."well, it really wasn't an apology, it was more like an observation..."

FIRST LADY ON THE LOOSE: So, if you saw a dazed Laura Bush running down the street, what would you do? After thanking God it wasn't Hillary you ran into....

Once I found Martha; I'd help her to a safe location, buy her some coffee, then suggest poison in the President's tea to our nation's current leadership misery. Logan, what a joke!

Well----we're looking now to the battle between Walt and Jack, which, based on the promo, will take some time to play out (wonder if Mike will get taken into custody, too?) This is the perfect time for Jack to call him out ("I'm NOT CTU.").

After all, it's high noon!!

One more question------who's the vice-president? We need some reassurance!!


Other news:

---a successful operation for a co-worker today, I'm happy to say. She'll hopefully be back in three or four weeks.

---I've already got my curling notes up on the bulletin board at work to prepare the masses for the best winter sport (other than hockey)....

---Have really been enjoying Match Game reruns on GSN at 11pm...that is, when I'm not trying to sleep. (AOL Keyword: Trying)

So, until such time as we meet again, hope springs eternal here. Why??

My wife is nuts about the "Gilmore Girls", but we don't have a WB affiliate in Richmond. So, this merger of WB and UPN to create CW means our current UPN station will probably go CW, and, with the network interested in taking the best of both networks and merge them, I suspect she might finally get to see Gilmore Girls! That is...if they have a new season come fall. :)

Monday, January 23, 2006

T-minus one hour to 11am....

....quick notes before "24".


....first character to yell tonight: President Logan

....first character to use cell phone: Curtis

....exact Eastern time of Chloe's first wonderful smug look: 919pm.

We hope to be here, following all the action live.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

9a to 11a and other quick notes...

First---"24" Monday night. Two more excellent hours. My beef, though, is...

--they went back into "Jack fight for the world" mode way too quickly, considering he had been "dead". The feelings about his possible role in Palmer's death (i.e.--assassinating him) have been strange, too.

Having said that, the action portions, and character development and introduction are being done well. Bill Buchanan, I feel like I know him a little now, whereas last year, other than finding out he'd been with my dreamboat, Michelle (and he did NOT ask permission), he was just there, taking calls, making orders. Now we'll see how he handles loss of power and we'll see where his real loyalities are concerning Jack.

Chloe, though, is THE STAR so far this year. She is the most underrated character on network television...period.

---someone, as my wife yelled out Monday night, has GOT to realize there's a mole! How else did the guy in the airport that looked like Ben Gazzara suddenly discover Jack is in the house??

---I'm glad to see previews showing we'll be getting back into the character of Jack in "prove I'm innocent/this is a set-up" mode. Introduces another side of Jack that has to be.


I'm tired. Duh.

And, that's about all for now. Except-------------

I like the new Wendy's spot where, upon receiving a burger he didn't order, the staffers of the "generic burger joint" begin to sing "Love the One You're With."

Good work, Dave! We miss you. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

And we're ALL watching "24"....

Let the live blogging begin.

The following takes place between 7am and 8am.....

They said 10 minutes. The first 10 minutes. Let's see.....

Good to see the real Prez! He knows something's up.....

Oh, God. Not him!!!

The stupid Prez isn't mourning...he's scared for himself! And heartless, too.

Chloe....how romantic!! "Get outta here!"

Wisdom: have gun in sofa; in case old foes try to return. The lady at the door was prettier than a potential assassin.

AHHHH....Michelle....and not in the stupid suit! Woo hoo!!!

Good gracious.......this was a shocking beginning, but it makes perfect sense. All Jack's "allies" have to be gone. No one can come to his aid. So the set up of Jack has begun (so someone knows Jack is alive), otherwise they wouldn't be so calculative.

At least I got to see Michelle in casual clothing.


I guess the fence will wait another day.....

Well, look who's back! How will Audrey suffer this season?

And now we welcome the First Lady....she's supposed to be interesting....

Was she grieving or fearful---but the official mentioned how close they were....hmm

And now, we may have a developing situation.....ah, cooler heads prevail. So how were Martha and President Palmer once connected? (They didn't have to be THAT for heaven's sake; I've had/and have wonderful friends who are female and I didn't want that with them!)


Ford didn't re-up their sponsorship; Jack's driving a Toyota.

So, I guess symbolically, the Frank character is dying and the Jack character is up and running again. And the copter heads to L.A.

The President is not taking his wifey seriously, and he won't investigate her request any further. He's so obsessed with the Russians, you'd think he was one.

So, does Palmer's brother know anything? Bonnie asks if the chief of staff ignores the President and follows up with Martha.

Bonnie also says Harrison Ford is too old to keep playing these characters.

Chloe is more adventurous this year, and is bleeding!!

So is that guy, but more profusely.

Jack, you're supposed to shoot the driver anyway, just to make sure!!!

Well, we get some info out, including the one thing the bleeding guy shouldn't say. He shoot Palmer, Jack shoot him.

THOUGHT: What's in the transcripts of the autobiography of President Palmer that could provide clues to all this?

And thus ends hour one....


The following takes place between 8am and 9am. (Starts around 910pm Witham Nation time....)I

If you're going to be with Jack, be conscious.

PROBLEM: They accepted Jack's existence way too quickly. Much too quickly.

Okay. We see first "leader" of the bad guys. Of course, he's got to be the sixth level down from the ultimate bad guy. Hey, maybe Habib Marwin staged his own death plunge! Or, it's Behroos Araz (sorry, couldn't remember how to spell his first name)

Hey, Wendy's, good new commercial!! But as obsessive as I am, I'd just throw the darn burger away.


So, tell me, who else breached security a la Chloe? You know someone's gonna shoot at Jack anytime now.

Ha!! "Relax, he's really good at this". Go Chloe!!

This kid is completely freaking out----how did Mom get along with this guy??

Jack is a master at psychology----and the best thing about it is, he uses the truth to get what he needs done done.

Edgar; you're giving up Chloe and don't even know it! I cannot believe how gullible CTU is----they automatically assumed Jack's picture was true, threw away 18 months of "deadness" in two seconds......c'mon guys! Apparently Buchanan isn't as good as Michelle....

Skating with Celebrities......what's next, "Shuffleboard with former Nixon Administration leaders?" I sure miss Battle of the Network Stars!!

Jack, grab a snack before you leave the....ah....kitchen.

That agent should have called in loopy today.

Ut oh. Chloe, stink. And I love her so much!! She'll come through, don't worry.

And now of all times for Jack to have baggage. Yes, he's a human being, but it sure would be better if he didn't have to drag him around.....

Oh---Carnival Cruises....my wife is going on a cruise with her best friend in October. Me? Go? HA! I can barely go look at a small brook. I hate water. Somehow, eight days of throwing up doesn't sound like paradise to me.

Sprint---when your phones can also automatically wash, dry, and fold my clothing, I ain't buying......


Wait a second.....if he tells her his real identity, we'd have a little ditty about "Jack and Diane"!!!!

Alright, who's actually going to try and break down Chloe in the holding cell??

Who's setting up the First Lady?? I'm beginning to think the President has something to do with this. What is it about Logan and the Russians, and, what did Logan find out about Jack which would give him a reason to call him out in this very drastic way. Jealousy over an affair???

Of course, I think it's the President who's not taking his medication.....

For those who may read this in the Greater Richmond area, I would like to announce we are one step closer to the end of the world. WHY would the Fox News at Ten tease with the wedding of Eminem??? That's the biggest story in the world today?? God help us all......

Buckle in, here's the end of hour two.

So, who's gonna kill Diane?


I was pointing at the Prez; she said Walt all along.

Well, I don't know about you but tomorrow night should be wild. See ya then!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

While Bonnie watches "Monk"......

It's the new season premiere, so there'll be no noogie from that side of the great room.....

I'm seated on my Christmas present typing on Bonnie's present, and I have no idea what I'm going to blog about tonight. It's one of those days where, actually, most of what is experienced and/or thought about is "non-Bloggable".

I don't know----maybe it's a good thing, actually. That way, as I return to the sliver of the blogosphere known as "All Things Witham", it may actually become my "escape clause" of the moment. So, let's look at things to blog about for some apparent reason.

And, this disclaimer. If you actually read this entire post, you are officially in need of simply more to live for. :)

1) I am psyched for Sunday night---I have something to look forward to all weekend as I rest, which is cool. We're, what, under 46 hours away from it.

Kiefer was on Letterman last night; spent most of the interview talking about his experience as a road manager for a group signed to his new record label, so not much talk of the show.

On the other hand, Letterman continued to use a "24-Style" split screen, with the kind of clock you see on a tape machine in a TV studio, and, of course, complete with my favorite television sound of all time.....I can't "write" it, but if you've ever seen even one segment of "24", you know what it is....

Dave also did a very simple bit, and it was one of the most hilarious I've seen since I got to start watching him again earlier this year. He just took "roll call". The more it went, the funnier it got. So, if you ever see Kiefer Sutherland listed on an upcoming Dave repeat, WATCH IT.

2) I am gonna take some time tomorrow to take the kids to a record store, a card shop and a Dairy Queen, just the three of us, no matter what. If all I do tomorrow is get up, fix lunch, take them on our trip, come home, and go to bed, I'm gonna do it. I hope this Dairy Queen has burgers.....:) Maybe I'll have a "DQ Sandwich", which is their version of an ice cream sandwich, which I used to order all the time at the DQ near the radio station where I worked in Chester (I miss there...:))

3) Football? I'll see some, maybe. No games are "must-see" to me, except maybe Carolina and Chicago. It should be a defensive war (my favorite type of football game), but, who knows. Lots of Redskins fans are all fired up about the Seattle game. If they are also Virginia Tech fans, the Skins give them something to escape their Hokie misery right now.....

4) SPEAKING OF WHICH.......I, first off, totally agree with the VT decision regarding Marcus Vick. He knew he was under a zero-tolerance policy....

....but can someone tell me why Christian Laettner was only charged a technical foul when he did the same thing on an opponent's stomach in the famous 1992 Duke/Kentucky Regional Final? Technically, he shouldn't have even been on the court to take that last shot. Why wasn't he ejected??

I know, 13 years in between incidents, but, for some reason, that bothers me.

5) The only Alito hearing footage I've seen was a clip on Letterman last night between Spencer and Kennedy. A faction of Christian conservatives (with whom I used to be in lock step with) probably think they're moments away from taking government back to where it should be.

I've come to the conclusion that Christians, by trying to save souls via the Federal and State Government, have done a horrendous job by alienating many people who, well, if we spent our time, money and effort loving people, feeding the poor, opening AIDS hospices rather than point fingers at victims, help Third World Nations do real community and economic growth and viability, etc.

What was the praise chorus circa the 1970's? And they'll know we are Christians by our judicial activism and hope for Republicans to right government (pun intended)?

See folks--you CAN be a conservative and actually agree with liberals on something. We've done lots of talking, and little action. Had we put all our energies into expressing Christ's love to individuals all these years, praying for their salvation, I believe the Holy Spirit would have loved to bring forth a cultural revolution, not via the government, but via the human heart, by way of the Cross.

Remember the St. Francis of Assisi quote from the last post? Go read it. It's true. I'm desperately trying to learn that every day.

Monk's over. Good night!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

While Bonnie watches "Lost".....

...I live that day. Ha! No, some days are better than others, and today was okay. As much as I have been cycling emotionally recently, I'll take all the victories I can get. I talked with my doc yesterday about how my cycling (the emotional highs and lows, similar to the way the Israelites kept screwing up in the O.T., hit rock bottom, come back to God, be forgiven and ride high awhile) has gone from "days" to get through a cycle, to, now, sometimes, hours. I liked days better.

So, we're working on medication and stability, and I'm also (more importantly) trying to focus to allow God to let me direct my energies in these areas:

1) Stability---I believe that my personal instabilities don't have to keep me from being stable for someone/something else. I find great solace and personal satisfaction (not from pride, mind you...) in helping others. I love it so much. What keeps me away from that is, of course, me. So, I know situations/people who need prayer, support, and just a presence. Isn't it funny how sometimes, nary a word has to be spoken; yet just someone being there makes all the difference in the world.

2) Focus---As I've peeled back the levels of responsibility recently, I should now be able to better focus on what is needed to be done. No papers to throw, no PTO to run, and now no sermon prep or the late night phone call. It's work, wife, kids, health. With focus brings stability. Plus, the focus has to be correctly directed. Not on me, on others. On God's will. On waiting on God to see Him use what we think is not for our good and turn it on its ear.

3) Joy---Joy ain't glee. Joy is strength when it comes from God. Sometimes I feel God's joy while laughing, and while bawling. Joy brings focus; joy brings stability. The joy of the Lord is my strength. What a great verse from Scripture. Seven simple words, eternally-powered.

So, after taking a moment to decipher some things, I realize....

Presence speaks volumes. Let it do the talking.

I'm glad for my presence tonight at the kitchen table with Rachel, reading with her from her 3rd grade book about Beezus and Ramona, some of my favorite childhood characters, which brought a smile to her face. I'm thankful I was present last night to just spend some time with the missus.

And, so, as this journey continues....I see the times I type the term "glad", and appreciate them more. Thanks to joy. His joy.


My music list goes on a diet:

I'll never have the time, or discipline, to sit down and decide my 365 favorite songs of all time, but I think I can do a good search through my brain, write down lots of entries, cross 'em out as I go, and come up with a Top 100. Maybe that'll be my goal this weekend. Have that done before......


LIVE BLOGGING, Sunday and Monday night, 8 to 10pm ET, as we live the first four hours of Frank Flynn......yeah, right....Jack Bauer's new day on "24". Have to shout it out in real-time.


BREAKING THOUGHT: I don't watch "Lost", but my wife is, and the final 15 minutes of tonight's new episode was a great example of redemption. Miss it? Find it.


Finally---DECEMBER'S WINNING NUMBERS!~~~they were 5, 15, and 22.

(in closing....thanks to Thinkexist.com, this thought....

It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.”
--- St. Francis of Assisi, (Founder of the Franciscan order, 1181-1226)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Chloe WILL PACK HEAT AGAIN in Season Five on "24"!!!!!

Intrigue, Chloe packin' heat, and my darling Michelle. Could it get any better than that?? :)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Tonight has to be......

....one of the top ten "I'm tired" nights I've had in ages and ages.

I really didn't get any extra rest over the weekend, so, it didn't help matters when, last night, I finish the obligatory wife's backrub, then turn over, put on my mask, and.....

....lay there. 12:30. 1:00am.

At 1am, a thought. I forgot to take my nighttime medicine. You know, that includes the pill that HELPS ME SLEEP!!

So, after attempting to escape my right arm from underneath the wife's neck (she fell asleep in just under 22 seconds....) three times, I had to shake her long enough to get my arm so I could get out of bed so I could go to the kitchen so I could get to the medicine so I could take the medicine so I could get back in bed, and, hopefully, fall asleep.

Are you kidding?

1:30am. 2am. The clock's bell tolls. 230am.

Then, finally, the last time I checked the clock, it was around 250am; I was about ready to get up, go to the recliner and turn on TV.

And, then, suddenly, it was a couple of hours later.

This, of course, did not put me in a good frame of mind for a Monday. (TIP: Sunday nights are NOT good nights for insomnia!)

We moved around offices today, so it was a day of changing; getting used to; getting settled; seeing things from another perspective......

And, now? Now it's going on 8:30, and my head is literally swinging. My trip to the medicine chest is mere moments from now.

I know I won't feel like getting up in the morning.....

...but I have a doctor's appointment and people at work needing my job done so theirs can be likewise. And don't misinterpret that--I love my job and the people who immediately work around me, so doing the job isn't the problem.

Having the body and mind capable of accomplishing the day's to-do list....now that's the challenge.

This has to end sometime.....doesn't it? Please, Lord? Please??


Better news: Rachel's first piano lesson was today! One step closer to her accomplished career bringing in enough money to pay for Dad's Depends and slobbering towels when he's 85......

Better News, Part II: "24" starts in five days!! I can't wait. :)

Last Bit of Today's Better News: Thank you, GSN for showing back-to-back episodes of Match Game (insert year here) nightly at 11. When I'm trying to get settled and into sleep mode, I enjoy being able to laugh in my blank.

For example, a real-life Match Game query:

Rob's office is all askew; he thought he was clicking his mouse, but instead, he discovered he was clicking his (blank)!!

Brett? Richard? Anyone?

PS---I don't condone overdrinking in ANY way, but I do find this page funny, because it hits the nail on the head!

Friday, January 06, 2006

And so far in 2006....

...finally get some time to sit down and do a little blogging in the new year. New Year's Day was spent mostly sleeping, much to the family's disdain. Monday I spent more time lucid, and the whole afternoon I got to listen to Robbie and his best friend, well, be stupid 13 year olds. Never was a whoopie cushion more enjoyed.

Back to work, another four-day week, which I actually do not like. First, it doesn't matter how many days you have to work in a week in radio, you will always have 168 hours of commercials to prepare for the next week. So, in a four-day week, you must do the same amount of work you'd normally do Monday thru Friday. I also live perpetually confused as to what day of the week it really is.

Well, some observations from the first few days of the year.....

--West Virginia: I can't add anything new, thought-provoking, or attempt to answer anything. How incredibly sad. A co-worker says he's just been down in the dumps the past few days over it, and I totally can see why.

The media really can't take the blame (maybe a little). I wouldn't report breaking news based on happy relatives coming out of a church, but when the Governor confirms 12 survivors, well, you don't get much better sources than the head of a state government.

Which begs the question, how in the world did he get misinformation? Someone overhear part of a sentence between rescue workers or in a cell phone conversation?

On a smaller scale, miscommunication caused Fox News to prematurely report the death of the Pope in April. Especially in this age, all media personnel have to kill the desire to be "first" with a story.

We learned Tuesday night/Wednesday morning that it's better to be right than first. Also, regarding the people, emotions really play a huge role in how one acts and reacts. Maybe, and it's horrible that something like this had to happen, the one good thing that comes out of this tragedy for the nation is that we take the time to make sure about things before pronouncing them true.

And I don't just mean news reports. I mean confrontations with people; assumptions about co-workers or fellow church members...you get the picture. I know sometimes I don't allow, for fairness sake, both sides of a story to be presented before passing judgment. Never smart. Never. Shows lack of maturity. I hate that. I do enough immature things that I will never apologize for (hee hee...), but this isn't one I want to claim.

We hadn't seen newspaper headlines this surreal since Dewey and Truman in 1948. May God pour a flood of His Spirit's care and comfort to that area.

Speaking of maturity, on a TOTALLY different subject. Rachel, the other day, remarked about my being "crazy". I asked her would she rather I be "crazy" or "boring". I think "crazy" did win out.

When my kids are telling their kids stories about the grandparents driving to our house for Thanksgiving dinner, I want them to be able to tell them just how weird and crazy their granddad is, and that it's a good thing.

I can't lose my sense of wit and humor, however small it may be, because if I ever did, I'm afraid the depression might win out.

WORK---Let's play a game of musical cubicles! There are four of us in a decent-sized room, and one person decided to change their location (she's a manager, she can make that decision!) She's not my boss, and when she asked me about moving stuff around, I said I'd do anything to help her out.

So, before I left tonight, furniture from our office was up and down the hallway. I put up "Do Not Touch. This is Not Trash" signs all around. I even moved my 2006 Cartoon calendar to my new cubicle. I'm going to the corner (heh, way to go dunce!)
I'll have more space, which is cool. I'll be next to windows that get hot in July, and that's not cool!! I won't get to see my good friend (walls will block our view now), and that's not cool, either. But somehow I have a very hard time believing a cubicle barrier will affect a good friendship. Actually, it's better on her; she doesn't have to look to the right and be forced to see me!! (hee hee)

At work today she said it would take her time to get used to not seeing me. I told her to give it 20 minutes. :)

So, back to work this weekend to clean, clean, prepare, rearrange, and clean even more. I'm so blessed to work in a room with three wonderful co-workers. That is a much rarer reality than it should be.

FOOTBALL: Well, the BCS lovers (all nine of them) are proud, I'm sure, now that their "system" not only "worked" this year, but provided heart-pounding major bowl games, not to mention a National Title game. I was disappointed (I'm a long-time USC fan), but it took minutes, not days to get over it. Until college football stops lying about the excuse of "we can't do playoffs; it takes the kids away from class too much", and starts a 16-team Division I-A tournament, their whole "post-season" just won't grab my attention.

The "great" part of the bowls when I was growing up was New Year's Day! Cotton Bowl on CBS with Lindsey Nelson, the Sugar Bowl on ABC with Keith "Whoa, Nellie" Jackson, and the doubleheader on NBC: the Rose Bowl at 430, the Orange Bowl at 8pm. Then, the next morning, you woke up to one, or two, champs, depending upon the polls. The BCS ripped the heart out of New Year's Day, and it kept going downhill from there. Just ask USC in 2003 and Auburn in 2004.

It probably won't happen, but I'd love to see, like, five teams go 11-0 one season, and then see what the BCS wonks would do!!

If Division I-AA, Division II, and Division III can have playoffs, why can't Division I-A? Are the students in those schools not as needing of class time in order to pass exams? Welcome to double-standard-ville.

It's the bowls, stupid!! None of them want to lose their "control".

Here's what you do.....

Eight first-round games, four second-round games, two semifinals (duh), and the final.

Open bidding to all bowl organizations to try and buy the rights (a la television coverage) to one of the "big three" games. Three bowls are selected, each in that three-year period get to host the title game; the other two years they host a semi-final.

Other bowls can then host the first and second round games. You'd need 15 bowl games. We've got 876 of them now. Do we really need the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl?? If other bowls want to continue on, there will be enough 7-4 and 6-5 teams to go around.....

And don't begin to tell me you can't play them earlier in December because fans won't travel......Notre Dame fans will flock to Los Angeles to see the USC game in October, but something mystical will keep them from going to see them December 10th in a playoff game....hmmm.....

And, with a long dissertation, is why I love March Madness above any sports event, year in and year out.

Speaking of which, NC State travels to UNC tomorrow. A great chance to put the team on the map; beat UNC in Chapel Hill. I know, they lost 28 players...or at least it looked that way....but they're still good (they beat Kentucky at Rupp!) and any road win in the ACC is great.

See....anything else?

I think I'm out of words for now. This weekend? Moving dust at work, watching the kids tomorrow while Mom is at work, and, as for Sunday, I don't know if it'll be a trip to a church where an old friend is on staff, or another Sunday off. There can't be more than two, though. That's a trend we don't need to set. Period.

FINALLY-----I really wanted to start a countdown on New Years Day, revealing my 365 all-time favorite songs, but I didn't get all the data together in time. So, maybe in a few days I can start, and, when/if I do, I'll just list all the songs I need to the first day to play catch up.

Gee, songs I like. That'll bring thousands to this blog. HA!