Thursday, July 24, 2008

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thank you to "barbie2be" for today's math lesson!!

LIVE BLOGGING: Big Brother 10, Eviction II

Day 16, and it's either a Catholic schoolteacher or a gay rodeo champion who'll leave the Big Brother house in this hour. Only on Big Brother......

805pm---Heard "kick Jerry out" for the first time (Libra)

Dan and Steven take way different routes to "convince" the houseguests. Steven lobbies, while Dan is continuing to lay as low as possible.

809pm---Well, Keesha, Libra, April, Kukla, Fran, and Ollie are faced with an interesting scenario. They think maybe they've been "boxed" in by others. Didn't see those thoughts coming.

On day one, I never would have seen Michelle lowering herself for Jessie. But I digress......

Hey! Angie's sitting on the couch! What else is new?!?

811pm---Memphis mentions "the alliance" and "a huge upper hand"....not knowing the others are figuring them out.

813pm---RACHEL caught it! Keesha is wearing Steven's hat in the diary room. Well, we know there won't be a 4th couple if Steven survives......

Welcome to commercial break.

BREAK ONE RANDOM THOUGHTS: I hope we get some rain overnight, we need it!......pray for the people in South Padre Island, Texas who've had to endure hour after hour after hour of heavy rain and LOTS OF WIND today......

817pm---Jerry sticks up for his right to compete, though he won't be winning any bodybuilding competitions against Jessie anytime soon.

818pm---Libra was truthful, then when Julie brings back the "age" part of the question, she begins to backpedal.

821pm---We're bringing in the families in the "Jessie/Rennie" feud!! Next thing you know, Richard Dawson will make a guest appearance in the house!!

....oh, and by the way, Jessie is ALL about Jessie.

823pm---Is there a "WOOOO" light above the "APPLAUSE" light in front of the BB house?

BREAK TWO RANDOM THOUGHTS: I am so glad to hear my son does NOT want to go see the Pixar-like Star Wars Clone Wars yadda yadda brother and I have a live fantasy football draft Saturday night and I have yet to do any studying. Nothing new there! Go with the gut, baby! BTW, we have a guy at work who actually did NOT KNOW about fantasy football until a conversation we had a couple of weeks ago.

Now there are only eight people left in North America who don't know about fantasy football. :)

826pm---Jessie in his room to speak his mind. Does he have one? Sorry.

Ut oh, time to vote!! We hear from Dan first in the "last gasp", gives a pretty good speech. BUT DO NOT EVER TELL JULIE CHEN SHE LOOKS GREAT!!! She is MARRIED TO THE BIGGEST BOSS OF ALL! Then, Steven....what an "inside" speech! Double entendre to the max. Well, at least they understood it. Julie was stunned.

Memphis forgot how to say "I vote to evict....", so he must think Julie is stunning, too. :)

831pm---The vote is 4-nil at the break.

BREAK THREE RANDOM THOUGHTS: Can't wait for "Stepbrothers" to open Friday in theatres nationwide, and promptly close on Saturday. Good Lord, what a waste of cinema. The money spent to make that crap should have been donated to aid the crisis in Darfur!!!

Am I doing alot of complaining tonight? Sorry.....must be the unacceptable temperature condition here in the Big Witham House. It's not under 70 degrees!!

834pm---Libra seals the fate! Steven leaves the BB house in just moments. The first two votes have been very decisive.

836pm---SMART MOVE by Keesha to vote for Steven, lest she be the "Dan" of this past week (be the only one to vote for someone and pay for least Dan didn't pay the ultimate price.)

A quiet goodbye from Steven, and then there were 11.

838pm---Big Brother beats the bull!!! 24/7 versus eight seconds. I don't think Steven could have lasted much longer no matter what. He's shaky.

The goodbye messages were cool, especially Dan. Good job, Dan. We shouldn't label. "You're not gay Steven." Good call.

BREAK FOUR RANDOM NOTES: Wifey speaking to her Dad on the phone and gives him cat claws when he asks if our trampoline "can hold her". Remember, she's down over 70 pounds. Only makes her quicker to the punch. I oughta know. :) :)

BTW----not to be negative, BUT I HOPE the first show cancelled this fall is "The Mentalist". I'm SICK of the commercials. Bring back "The Tudors", or as we called them, "The Putins"! That's for another post.

845pm---OH NO!! It's the "HUGE BIG BROTHER ALIEN OF GREEN-NESS!!" Rennie was HILARIOUS! April, then Jessie, and now Rennie. Next?

848pm---The "Alien Abduction" begins.

Goodbye, April.
Goodbye, Rennie. (Rats)
Goodbye, Angie. (double rats!!)
Goodbye, Jerry.
Goodbye, Michelle.
Goodbye, Dan.
Goodbye, Memphis.
Goodbye, Ollie.

Keesha or Libra?

KEESHA, MY FRIENDS!!! Rachel and wifey applaud happily. Libra remembers to act happy and congratulate her, albeit on a four-second delay.

BREAK FIVE, AND FINAL, RANDOM THOUGHTS: When you take a second look at a woman on TV that's definitely in her 50s.....what does that say about me?

It says I'm simply maturing. YES!!!

855pm---What would Julie do without the cord and "thumb-puncher"?

FINAL THOUGHT: Oh, Julie, technically, Keesha isn't the first lady to reach the HoH Bedroom. Just ask Michelle.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Lots to mention, part one......

I know I'm in the minority, but Billy Packer deserves a better send-off than this.

1) If he was as deplorable as the blogosphere said he was, how did he last 34 years? At the top of his profession?

2) As for the "it's over" declaration during the Kansas/UNC game, what everyone fails to mention is......HE WAS RIGHT. UNC didn't come back, Kansas disappeared. Once they woke up, the Heels were back to being the 'Hawks punching bag.

3) I have a feeling many of the people hooting the loudest over this announcement probably don't remember the team of Jim Thacker and Billy Packer calling ACC Basketball in the 1970s, or his teaming with Dick Enberg and Al McGuire to make the best three-man announcing team in TV sports history. I know, I hear you...."I didn't grow up in ACC Country!!". Sorry for you! :)

I salute Billy on a great career, and, except for some regional work with the ACC, I suspect he's done. He seems like the kinda guy that closes a door and moves on.

Kinda like that quarterback kid from Mississippi.

Oh, sorry.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Some tweaks to the ol' blog here......

.....certainly nothing of worldwide importance. Some new, or should I say updated and better-worded bio information. I found today doing searches that another Rob Witham is now more prominently featured in results.

That's fine; he and his content seem to be great, so props come from here. But I want to make sure, especially on the Rob Witham Media business side, that I'm getting some good placement. Time for a crash course on SEO. :)

The new tagline up top and new version of my profile I think better reflect what's going on with us right now, and more a synopsis of "us" rather than "that which we speak of". Duh, I should promote our voices by, ah, blog posts! :)

I want to do at least one "live blog" event this weekend, but I'm not announcing it yet, knowing that lately my blog plans have fallen victim to my exhaustion. I will say this much, hope to talk to you Sunday night. :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

We Salute Another Flintstones character: 88 Fingers Louie

When asked why he sells his pianos out of a van in an alley, 88 Fingers Louie says, "I eliminate the overhead and pass the savings on to you!"

I'm White, But Have A Question......

Quite a few of my friends and neighbors growing up were black.

Big deal. I never once thought to myself, "How black do I have to be to be accepted by them?"

So, having ZERO experience understanding this apparent dynamic, I ask Jesse Jackson and his friends.......

"How black does Barack Obama have to be to be an "acceptable black" candidate? Or person, for that matter?"

His off-color comment about Obama was childish (not knowing a "mic was live" is no excuse for a man who's made a living talking into microphones), but the whole "talking down to black people" thing.

Telling men to be fathers. That's not talking down, that's just speaking the truth.

I wonder out loud when Bill Cosby went into the "not black enough" category by raising the same issues??

We'll never be a colorblind world until EVERYONE stops looking through their "insert color here" colored glasses.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hanover Tomato Festival Goes Worldwide!!

Before we delve into the media news, a salute to the Hanover Tomato Festival, going on today!

At 11:30am, the term "Hanover Tomato Festival" was #18 on Google's Top 100 Hot Trends search for that hour!!

#18! In the entire world!! MORE PROOF there's no tomato better than a Hanover tomato.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Avalanche of Media News......

There is SO MUCH to blog about......

....that it must wait until tomorrow afternoon. I need sleep tonight to make it through my half-day of work tomorrow, followed by a BBQ at work (a place of employment that likes to have families together! Wow!!).......

....then I'm coming home to say ALOT, because I have alot to say about the LA Times, Rush Limbaugh, Less Is More, when a TV station should NOT announce layoffs, and more!

And did I hear Brett Favre might be thinking there's more to life than NFL Sunday Ticket?

Happy almost 4th, everyone!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dear Lara Logan....... about lunch? You are stateside now, in DC, which is only two hours from here. I'm willing to drive three-quarters of the way and meet at Potomac Mills!

Of course, my kid, kids, wife, or any combination thereof will be with me!

I can only imagine the types of stories you have from the front lines. I'll also bring a dictionary, for I could listen to you read the dictionary with your accent. It rocks!

When you have a free midday, let us know. The Withams would love to meet you! And, yes, it's true, it's that Rob guy most interested. :)

June's Winning Numbers....

....1, 15, and 30.