Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I've posted ALOT tonight, so make sure you go about five entries deep.

I've run out of steam. Sleep....must find bed.....must find......

Now I'll NEVER see my wife!!!

Okay, she has now a second choice in catching her favorite TV shows....

The TV brings her Vanished, CSI: Miami, Gilmore Girls (she's REALLY happy about this; since we didn't have a WB affiliate in Richmond, another station in town would rerun WB programming in the middle of the night), Standoff, Lost, Found (just kidding), Grey's Anatomy, Numbers, Desperate Housewives, and, of course, 24.

Notice I didn't mention several others. Thanks to CBS Innertube, she can now watch other favorite shows ANYTIME SHE WANTS!!

The Unit
and, if she's real game, maybe CSI: NY.

So, there she'll be; at the queen's recliner, catching one of her 28 favorite shows. Headphones? It's on the laptop. No headphones? I can't watch football in the living room.


I forgot to hail these brave Oriole fans!!!

The article I link to is from the Orioles' official website, so that'll explain the spin on how these fans missed a comeback victory on September 21st, the "protest day".

God bless these thousand true Oriole fans. They didn't miss a thing.

Now, had they missed the O's winning the World Series.....but, trust me....

...that won't happen until Mr. Angelos is gone.

Mr. Angelos----please sell the O's!!!

The sound you hear of crickets chirping represents....

....every liberal in America who actually believes Keith Olbermann is, well, the King of America (didn't know we had someone working toward being in monarchy). They sure didn't rise up in indignation over Keith's, well....read on.

Last night, in his unique way (that is, there is more foot in his mouth than there is brain in his cranium), Olbermann decided to use, well, a rather unflattering term to describe Chris Wallace, who, bless his heart, had to smell the halitosis of Bill Clinton during his blood vessel bursting tirade on Fox News Sunday.

Chris Wallace is "a monkey posing as a newscaster".

A monkey. A monkey? A MONKEY????

We can certainly eliminate the racial implications here....this is a simple case of absolute hatred, maybe some blind jealousy, and, well, stupidity.

I'm not going to get into all the crap that's hit the fan (Bill, then Condoleeza, then the President, now Hillary....), the bottom line is:


Now that that's settled.....

Olbermann should apologize to Wallace; I can't wait to see if he does. If he doesn't, I will be so, so shocked. (tongue now out of cheek).

It's so sad to see hate, jealousy, and more jealousy, work to completely destroy someone. Keith is now a mirror of those he loathes, only he stands on "his" side (the Left), so now he feels like a patriot and thus every right to preach the Left's mantra on his "news" program (when is PMSNBC going to call it an opinion show like Fox does O'Reilly?).

How can I take him seriously? How can anyone?

And, if I haven't already done so here, let me tell you my patience with Fox is going away as well----I don't want a "conservative, flag-waving" news channel any more than I want a "bleeding-heart liberal" news channel.

Whatever happened to, the anchor and reporters present the facts, and then you're on your own to form an opinion.....

No wonder America is in such a funk....millions are letting others think and form their opinion for them.

But when George Allen uses (stupidly) a derivative of monkey....

The uproar was/is loud!

Now, compare to the next, above post.

Great Olbermann/Monkey Posting....

This is pretty good stuff....

Monday, September 25, 2006

Bill Clinton....what a temper!

So, former President Clinton got closer to Bin Laden than anyone else.

He had him pinned in Tora Bora?

No, he did not, but let's be fair. President Bush's military plan to let the Afghans take the lead there was a HUGE mistake. In the days following 9/11, the political fallout from U.S. troops leading that battle would have been nothing compared to the current Iraq situation, which, as much as I have supported the effort, has become a seriously debacled situation.

But that's another entry.

Back to Anger Guy.....do you think Clinton is a bit defensive about his record on Bin Laden? He treats the 1993 World Trade Center bombing as a criminal offense, and I guess ignored the messages from terrorists saying they would be back to finish the job.

I wonder if Clinton would have spontaneously combusted had Wallace expanded the first question to terrorism in general, and not just ending up focusing on Bin Laden?

"No one knew Al-Qaeda existed." That's Bill Clinton talking about Somalia in 1993. But there were terrorists trying to destroy the World Trade Center that year.

Didn't have to be Al-Qaeda...any terrorist should have been on the radar.

A great follow-up question (which would never had been asked because Bill wouldn't stop bursting blood vessels), would have been, "So, if you had killed Bin Laden, would the terrorist threat to the U.S. been severely curtailed or even eliminated?"

He was so obsessed with Osama, he exposed the weaker reality.....

...he didn't do enough concerning terrorism threats against the U.S. and our interests in general.

Frankly, I wish Clinton would have stopped him. That would have been great. Instead, it's kinda sad to see him doing "legacy-building" by actually tearing it up due to his temper.

And what's the deal with the Richard Clarke book? Is it his Bible or something??

And, finally, if I were Chris Wallace, had he laid his finger on me one more time, I would have made sure he couldn't wag it for at least six months.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Tomato Bowl 2006

Not quite (unfortunately) the rivalry it once was, when these were the ONLY two high schools in Hanover County, it was Patrick Henry and Lee-Davis in the 48th renewal of the Tomato Bowl.

All the scoring in the first half, and Patrick Henry shuts out the Confederates, 21-0. Great defensive game, offense was pretty good first half, quite lethargic in the second. Not sure why, but district play starts next week at Mills Godwin, so they better be focused and ready to play four quarters.

The funniest I've ever seen.....

....I finally got to see a ventriloquist on Dave's Ventriloquist Week, and saw a gem.

Go here. Meet Jeff Dunham and his friend Walter.

Walter is basically an old fart who likes no one. He likes bad words. (shoot)

But boy he is FUNNY!!!

I probably woke up the neighbors laughing. I've never done that with anything done in the bedroom......I'm better at some things than others. :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

But this would mean Hugo HAS a heart.....

I don't believe this.

First Hugo Sulfurman pulls his devil stunt at the "UN". As in un-good, by the way.

Then, he rallies today in Harlem, blatantly taking advantage of people to "prop up his goodness".

And, guess who helped?

You've GOT to see this "program". It would be ridiculously comical if it WERE NOT TRUE.

What's more, their employees handed out t-shirts to the used people in Harlem (will chant for dictator in exchange for lower priced heating oil. What??!!??), and they are stupid, STUPID enough to keep this on the front page of their site.

The next time you pass this place (notice you won't know the name of the company unless you click on a link), think of Hugo Sulfurman. Think of his generosity to people in Harlem. Think of the people he kills yearly in his own country due to his benevolence.

And then pass the joint and by gas elsewhere.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I still haven't found what I'm looking for.....

...other than the final verse (I'm with Christ, amen!), I want to thank U2.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Religious Tolerance Signs of the Week

From the last post linking to Michelle Malkin's website.....

WARNING: Islamic Jihadists want to kill you...and me. Want proof??

She will have a million more visitors to her blog than I will mine, but I thank Michelle Malkin for this post tonight.....

....though it is true that the majority of Muslims are wonderful, peace-loving people, the raging Jihadists who are now making themselves known worldwide, are the exact opposite.

Declare the truth of their evil and:

---you die in Denmark
---you hide for your life (remember "The Satanic Verses"?)
---and now, they want the Pope's head on a platter, apparently.

Don't you love it? The raging Muslim Jihadists cry for an apology from the Pope, they get one, then they respond with.....

....well, click on Michelle's name above and see for yourself.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Katie, pick one of these!!!

From Letterman last night (courtesy of his website's The Wahoo Report),

Katie Couric Sign-off suggestions from home viewers.
- Save us, Superman
- Suck on that, losers
- Well, I’m off to the dog track
- Three of tonight’s stories were fake. Write in if you think you know which ones
- I’m gonna go get my freak on
- Good night and get laid
- Peace out, bitches
- All you creepy old guys can put your pants back on
- I’m gonna go get me some ribs
- That’s the deal, Lucille
- Next stop, Margaritaville
- Oh, Lordy, I gots the news fever
- Keep it real, pimps and ho’s
- Let’s turn this mother out again tomorrow
- Here, kitty kitty kitty
- Keep feelin’ the funk
- Til tomorrow, morons
- Big up to my peeps in lockdown
- Return to your sad little lives
- From me to you, suck it
- Putting the ‘BS’ in CBS

Iraqed if you do, Iraqed if you don't.....

So, Bush "politicized" 9-11 in his speech last night.

If he doesn't speak of Iraq, then the naysayers will pour on that he "ignored an issue that needed to be confronted".

I don't care if you agree with Bush or not, with the war in Iraq or not, but I believe any level-headed human being could not deny the fact that the Bush-haters actually politicized 9-11, using it as another chance to bash him.

Bush, on the other hand, is staying the course. At least he's being honest. And don't even get into WMD's. Gee, the UN, European nations, etc, etc....all agreed WMD's were there in late 2002.

Somehow, that morphed into the worst lie of the 21st Century. Yeah, right.

Disgusted, I leave now to sleep. With my new fan on. See below post.

Just in passing....

---got my cleaning at the dentist today. Do they really want you to brush and floss? If we all did, whose teeth would they fix?

---"Standoff" on Fox; my wife has watched the first two episodes. I told her to enjoy the next two, because it'll be bounced for baseball, then, after October, it won't come back. I guess the Standoff will end.

---how am I supposed to give 110 percent?

---please send me any extra fans you may have. I HAVE to have a fan on (making noise) to sleep. Our fan died last night. I couldn't sleep in silence. Drove me crazy!!! I knew we had another fan just like it, but couldn't find it anywhere in the house. I asked my wife where it was....

"In the cabinet."

I asked what cabinet?

"The cabinet where the fans are."

Where is the cabinet, I ask.

"The cabinet in the shed."

I growl. That's outside. I'm not going out at 1am.

Oh, by the way....all those answers from Bonnie were given IN HER SLEEP. When I asked her about it this morning, she had no idea she ever said any of that.

There is no cabinet of fans, no cabinet at all in our shed, and the fan was in Rachel's room, I just didn't see it for some reason. Blinded by frustration???

So, tonight when I get home I call wifey from inside the shed, asking her the obvious question.......

Yes, I'm still sleeping in the same bed tonight. :)

P.S.---Next I'll try..."but honey, you did say I could buy all the CD's I've ever wanted, and you'd work extra hours to pay for them...honest you did! Granted, it was 3am, but......."

Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11, 2006

My simple comment on this solemn day is this:

To best remember those who died five years ago today, prove their lives meant something. Find those who killed, and those who wish to kill Americans, and kill them first.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Katie Couric: Night Two....no letdown!

Keep up the good work, Katie!

Now, the first real chance for controversy and negative press comes tomorrow, in the form of "freespeech", presented by Rush Limbaugh.

Better book Bill Maher soon! :)

PS---When does the WalMart greeter appear?

PPS---Sorry for the day-old shot above; didn't find a screen grab from tonight.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Playing catch-up.....in snapshots...

Several thoughts that I haven't had the time to share.....

1) "24" wins----congratulations to Kiefer, the cast, producers, et al for their Emmy wins. I just wish the Prez and the First Lady would have won their Supporting Actor and Actress awards.

2) The Closer Finale----"3" on a one-ten scale. Wasn't what I was expecting. They certainly teased a cliffhanger, but there really was none. Not even in the top three this season. Good news----Brenda and crew return in December. We don't have to wait 'til next summer.

3) Labor Day----I saw, maybe 30 seconds of the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon. When I was a kid, I'd try to watch all 21 1/2 hours without sleeping, and I'd fund-raise. Glad to see they got a record total of $61 million. Lewis just keeps on going, and I hope I see cures in my lifetime----but I REALLY want to see Jerry get to see them become reality.

4) 1990 vehicle headlights suck----don't have a "ding-dinger" in your vehicle reminding you your lights are on before you get out? One of our vans fall into that category. So, when I left them on during early dinner in Ashland yesterday, we end up with a dead battery. In the worst possible location. The parking lot of WAL-MART.

What did I do??? :)

5) Countdown to opening night broadcast; Patrick Henry vs Hanover, 705pm pre-game Friday night on WHAN (1430) in the greater Ashland Virginia area. Too bad we don't stream. That would rock!


FINALLY: My Super Bowl XLI picks...I'll stay with the ones I gave off the top of my head at our Fantasy Draft a few weeks back.

Carolina vs. Cincinnati

We'll see.

My teams:

Giants: 10-6, playoffs.
Raiders: 4-12, #3 pick in 2007

Thanks Katie! I made the 'Net thanks to you!!

Guess what? I made TVNewser! My comment is the third from the top (one of the few positive instant reactions). I didn't think I'd be quoted, I just wanted to share my feelings about Katie's maiden voyage, since, well, I was by myself in my office at the time.

Good job Katie, but watch your back!! One slip and I'm coming to get what's mine! Don't believe me? See this, then read the following.....

Simple truth....I'm around age 5, and while my mama is sewing away in the dining room, I'm trying to read a newspaper like a "newsman".

"Mama", I said, "when I grow up, I'm going to be the anchor of the CBS Evening News. Then, I'm going to build a house for me and build a house for you beside mine."


The irony of all ironies is, well, if I had to lose the job to someone, I'm glad it's to a woman named, Katie. :)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

You go, Kyra!

She could not done a better job of dealing with the "bathroom gaffe" during the President's speech last week.

Great move going on Letterman, and, while I'm at it, kudos to CNN for admitting that it was not Kyra's fault.

When I'm on the air on radio, I'm controlling my microphone fate in the studio, unless I have a producer (which I never did) or I'm live from another location and the board operator controls the switches. Now, once I'd finish a remote broadcast, say, from a bookstore, I'd wait a few seconds for the next element to start on our station before I felt safe to talk again.

BUT....if the person back at the studio starts the next song, but accidentally leaves your mic on, well.....you're not gonna know.

And now you know why, especially in this era of FCC crackdowns, all announcers/personalities have to be VERY careful any time they even get close to a microphone.

Having said all that....in TV, the person in Phillips' position doesn't have the mic control.

Smart to tell her to be quiet? Yeah, I guess, but it went out over the air, too. Why not someone run like crap to the control room, point at the channel that shouldn't be on, and mouth "cut it off!"

Or, maybe the person will have run the board themselves at some point, then they could run in, find the channel, and shut it down his/her self.

So, of all the strange parts of this TV adventure for the ages, my pick for strangest part was hearing someone tell Kyra to shut off her mic.

Her fault for not turning it off? Of course. But, her first responsibility isn't checking the mic, it's anchoring. I'm sure she puts on the mic, shuts it on, and then places her trust in the people in that little booth over there.

Wanna bet she never leaves the desk again, even for a short potty break, without reaching down and flipping that little switch?

Good job, Kyra----you rebounded very well!!

August's Winning Numbers......


10, 11, 13, 20, 27, and 30.

Some of them, though, are not strong representatives. We shall expect them to improve their standing in order to return to the list at some later point.