Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh, great......

From one of my FAVE bloggers, Chickaboomer......

You gotta check out the goods on Mark Lloyd, the choice for "FCC Diversity Czar".

Add this to the news breaking today that Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D, West Va) has been working for months on a bill to give the White House emergency powers over PRIVATE internet sources in "an emergency".

Get the dissenters off radio, off TV, and off the Internet? Sure seems like a growing foundation to attempt it to me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Giving new meaning to "missing a 'head' line".....

This post isn't about the 2nd Amendment, or about those who, for whatever reason, choose to show up outside Presidential appearances packing heat.

It is, however, about a "news organization" conveniently editing a very important portion of a story concerning the above subjects so as not to allow the facts to get in the way of their agenda.

MSNBC's logic is:

1) President is black.
2) Man shows up outside Presidential appearance with rifle and gun.
3) Man says he did it, "because he can".
4) Man is racist.

But, notice in the video clip, MSNBC only shows you the middle of the man packing heat, then switches to video of AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PERSON being interviewed by someone.

That someone with all the bullets? He's black.

Click on the blog title.

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Meaning To Term "Political Pundit Works Poll".....

Monica Crowley and Mika Brzezinski Ready to "Work the Poll"

Former FishbowlNYer Ron Mwangaguhunga was listening to "The Joe Scarborough Show" on radio this morning and caught an offer from Monica Crowley that Mika Brzezinski might not be able to refuse.

Last week Ed Norwick, general manager of SCORES, offered Mika Brzezinski $10,000 -- to be given to a children's charity -- to try out at Scores West. Norwick was on the show to discuss the much-discussed Miley Cyrus pole dancing routine at the Teen Choice Awards. Brzezinski, a suburban mother, said no. Joe Scarborough has pressed the issue, saying that it would be "for the children."
This morning former Nixon foreign policy aide [and MSNBC show host] Monica Crowley appeared on the Scarborough radio show and made an offer. If Mika Brzezinski took up the challenge, she agreed to "work the pole" with the MSNBC host.

ROB'S NOTE---I must admit to the world that, if given the chance, Monica Crowley's performance would be one I wouldn't mind seeing.

There. I said it. Let the flogging begin. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Five Years---1,006 Posts.......


Five years ago today, I started All Things Witham. This is post #1,006. Five years, around 200 posts a year.

SO much has happened. SO much has changed. Pardon me while I ramble.

1) I spend most of my "social online" time now on Facebook, so I am not the rabid blogger I used to be. I also split my blogging time now between three blogs.

2) I have SO enjoyed being able to have a tiny sliver of a lectern in the social media universe. I'm not leaving anytime soon.

3) This blog has always been about everything that has to do with The Withams. Lately a lot of my posts have been political in nature. I can't help it. What's happening in our nation right now is so scary. I must speak out. I appreciate those who comment on the posts, no matter what your political persuasion.


--I worked at Clear Channel/I'm a member of the Facebook group "I Was Fired By Clear Channel".

--My kids were going into the 7th and 2nd grades, respectively./Now I have Robbie's Senior Portraits and Rachel is going into the 7th grade.

--I was married./Still am.

--I was overweight./Still am. :(

--I had sleep apnea./Still do, and now am a Type II Diabetic.

--I was depressed./Not so much anymore! :)

--I was pastoring a church./I'm in year #4 of a sabbatical. It could go on 'til eternity.

--I loved "24"./Some things never change. :)

Tropical Storm Gaston, Bush/Kerry, Jib Jab, Patrick Henry Football, Big Brother, wrestling, "24" live blogging, New Years Eve blogging, fantasy football, Final Four picks, photos, vacation reports, job upheaval, current events thoughts, and the best of my kids. Just to name a very few highlights of five years of ATW.

Thanks for stopping by, once, or multiple times. I'll be back. Hope you will be, too. :)