Wednesday, March 30, 2005

"24" Review, and, My Two Days As A Bachelor

First things first; let's go back to Monday night, shall we?

The plane is halted, and what does the repairman get for his troubles? Shot, of course.

Jack, of course, is just kinda hangin' around with Marwan and Company, until he's able to send out an "SOS" of sorts (insert ABBA song here) which helps late in the hour when Tony can figure out where those screwed-up phone lines are that Jack did. Boy, Ma Bell's not gonna like him.

As an aside, anyone think that if Verizon was the company involved, they'd tell you it was a "problem within the warehouse", and therefore, none of their concern?

Okay, back to business.....

Audrey is torn in two. Pop is gone, Jack's missing, Paul's fighting for life. I don't know why, and I may end up being wrong (wouldn't be the first time), but I still think she's bad.

Edgar gets a little ego this hour, which will in turn haunt him later with the discovery of key information on that CD-R he kept throwing around. It also contains hidden tracks from the Rolling Stones, but he doesn't know that either....

Chloe is, well, Chloe. She's got a soft spot for Jack (crush, maybe?) and will always watch his back. Her and Edgar are now officially oil and water.

Who's this guy they brought in to hand tactical procedure? Worthless character from what I can tell, unless he's the swerve on next week's plot.

Poor Beerus (how DO you spell his name?!?), gets a chip implanted, gets it knifed out. Loses both parents and girlfriend, is interrogated, then gets a hole in the back of his head. Suddenly, 11th grade doesn't seem so bad.....

So, we ask of you the following:

--Where's the plane goin'?

--Can they find Marwan, or will the next event trigger something that allows him to "get away or hide" of sorts?

--It's 10pm now, President Palmer is about 3 to 4 hours away. Anyone wanna bet the current Prez is the target of tonight's red eye?

--Think Marwan will ever get around to paying his cell phone bill, with roaming charges and extra fees for alley usage?

--If Audrey is good, what does she do by 8am tomorrow morning? The bet is, staying with Paul. That is, if she's good.....

--Michelle is doing great being in charge; keep up the good work!!

--UPDATE FROM's "Behrooz".

--When does Sarah return?

And, finally, will my local Fox affiliate finally show "24" one time without a glitch in a commercial break which leads me to fear that we will return to the program LATE??!!??

On to other things:

FINAL FOUR: I got the left side of the bracket right (Illinois and Louisville), but don't ask about the right side. Not sure who I'm predicting for Saturday; I'm still thinking about it.

BACHELORHOOD: For two days, I have been a "bachelor bum". The family took off Tuesday for a trip to the mountains (Rachel's first trip to the mountains, too!!). They are staying in Harrisonburg and have golfed (miniature), enjoyed the indoor pool, lounged in the jacuzzi IN THEIR ROOM, and went horseback riding today. In the morning, they check out, head down I-81 to a Safari near Natural Bridge, and should return home before sundown.

Me, I've been at work, and coming home middays to make sure Katie Pickles is okay. Gotta take care of my girl! (Did I just say that about a CAT??!!??!?)

All in all, a night of quiet is fine, and after two I'm ready for the noise to return.

So, on that note, I'm goin' to bed.


Sunday, March 27, 2005

Various thoughts late on Sunday evening.....

It's Spring Break for the kids, so at least I don't have to head out too early and deliver my kids to the Henrico County School System. I still, though, have to deliver myself to corporate America. :)

Had Michigan State/Kentucky somehow gone to a third overtime, I believe it would have topped the Duke/Kentucky game of 1992. That 3 pointer to make it an OT game was heart-stopping, and yes, it was a three. I rooted for Kentucky, but you've got to hand it to the Spartans; it proves having seniors in the tourney is very important.

Easter Sunday service went well today; 88 in attendance, and lots for Sunday School's breakfast. Now, if they all would come back NEXT Sunday......

I've got so, so much to do; keep my head above water at work, take care of the house, work on buying the church's new sound system, computer and projector, update the blog and website, work more on Revelation, and get ready for next Sunday's Reunion Committee meeting, which means, spelunking for old mates.

And finally.....

If Terri Schiavo is not supposed to feel any pain or discomfort during this process of dying via starvation, then why is she on morphine?

Just wonderin'.......

Friday, March 25, 2005

I'm sorry, but.......

If her lips are bleeding and her tongue is cracking due to dehydration, please don't even try to tell me that Terri is not suffering. The nerves are still working, aren't they?

Okay then.

One other thought:

If Michael does not have written proof from Terri concerning her wishes, how in the world has he succeeded in any court of law being able to prove his point "beyond reasonable doubt"? What, could he sell chunks of ice to the Northwest Territory, too?

This is sickening. This is no way to die. For anyone. Period. No matter what your take is on this subject.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Okay, I'm in the conversation, too.....

This may be the last blog in the world not to chime in on the Terri Schiavo situation. I don't have time to go over it right now, but I do want to pose a question just for thought, which will lead to my feelings on the subject later.

Which is more important?

A) States Rights

B) Human Rights

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Where's the Cafeteria?

Went to "sit" lunch with my son today; at good 'ol middle school.

He, his best friend Travis, his friend Aquill, me, and the others in his reading class, hangin' out, talkin' hoops and whatever else came up. Pretty cool; except it was hot in that place. Not a conducive atmosphere for eating......which, by the way, I didn't do. I don't do school food (but don't tell the kids that....)

So, so happy to have finally started a link list here; I'm looking forward to taking some time to work on it. Maybe Sunday afternoon after a heavy Easter morning full o' stuff. Besides, I hear it might rain Sunday. Please, Lord, NO! I don't want a wet Easter for the 2nd straight year; kinda screws up the outdoor praise thing and the Flowering of the Cross.

Random thoughts:

--How did Vandy get that inbounds pass in fullcourt for a LAYUP with 0.7 left to win their NIT game? The opponents apparently hadn't been introduced to the term "defense".

--This week's musical pleasure: "Transform" by Rebecca St. James

I wholehearted recommend cuts 1/2 (together), 3, 4, 5 and 7. I've been stuck on cut #7, "Universe" lately. Great reminder of the power of God's love; NOTHING can separate me from it. :)

And, that's a good thing.

Monday, March 21, 2005


I've wanted to share blogs I like with you for awhile, to give them the publicity they deserve!

Check out the list on the right, and remember, don't get mad at me if you don't like some words some people use or you don't agree with them politically. I accept people for who they are where they are. Period.

Someone I really, really love did that, too. About 2,000 years ago. :)

We're Live in "24" Land....

It's 8pm in "24" Land......9pm here. Let's go...

902pm: Audrey gets the bad news.

903pm: Jack is now further away from Audrey than ever, through no fault of his own.

904pm: Why is there "chatter"? If I want to attack someone, why do I go talking about it where the messages can be intercepted?

905pm: Well, what do you know? Prez is actually on the ground. Just in time for his travails to begin.

906pm: Paul lands at CTU. Audrey awaits outside. "Please tell me he's not gonna die!" Jack: "We just don't know."

907pm: Dad perplexed watching daughter with bleeding estranged husband having Jack on his payroll. Yikes.

908pm: Habib Marwan, 6' 2", lives in alleys.

909pm: She hasn't seen him in two weeks. Now he gets a call. Yep, it's her. Oops. BIG oops.

910pm: Lover one minute, psycho terrorist member the next. Can't trust a good looking brunette anymore....

911pm: Dina lies once, lies twice. Now, a third time.

912pm: Drop the son bomb on Dina. She'll suddenly know him soon.

913pm: Will she take the witness protection program offer? If so, how will she bond with Elasticgirl??

914pm: Who's the hostage? Jack: "Me."

917pm: Psycho brunette with violent tendencies. This is not a good evening for this pilot guy.

918pm: My girl is in charge!!!! You go, Michelle!!

919pm: Jack's using laser aggregators. Darn, nobody lets me do that. :(

920pm: Edgar vs. Tony....Edgar with the gut shot as he leaves the room. Is Tony trying to get in Edgar's chair?

921pm: CHLOE'S NAME IS UTTERED!!!! Saints be praised!!

922pm: Michelle pulls Chloe's "Jack strings". It'll work.

922pm: It worked.

*********PROBLEM: It's starting to look too much like the "old" 24. The newer characters are being pushed aside. Not good.****************

924pm: Does Dina return to see her son, and begin living by the name of "Shirley"?

COMMERCIAL: Blockbuster desperately tries to stay relevant to society.
COMMERCIAL: My cell phone won't ring with the Mazda zooms...I want the ticking clock from "24", of course!!
COMMERCIAL: I didn't know they filmed commercials in Montpelier. Check out the idiots in the monster truck!

We're at the bottom of the hour at CTU......

932pm: Yes, it's true, everyone in "24" land drives a Ford.

932pm: Jack is more of a realist than I am, that's for sure.

933pm: Jack suddenly remembers the Tylenol are still in the Ford.

934pm: I always answer the door with a handgun.

935pm: Dina nominated for best supporting actress at "CTU Screen Actors Guild Awards".

935pm: He ain't callin' for pizza.

936pm: Part one of Operation Venus FlyTrap works. We're goin' to see Marwan. Hope he has snacks!

936pm: Pop the trunk? For my car? You nuts?

937pm: Wherever he's hiding, I want one of them compartments in my next car for long-term storage.

938pm: Horrible half-hour ends as pilot is shot. Was with lover, then double-crossed, then shot. I'd have stayed with the wife. :)

COMMERCIAL: We love you, Mr. President!! See ya "later tonight!"
COMMERCIAL: Oh, dear; just what we needed. Romance blooming at Wal-Mart. Oh, wait a minute. When they, ah, you know, they make those stickers!!!!!
COMMERCIAL: Now there's an account I wouldn't want to do creative for. Wood Stain. Oh, you know my uncle died of drinking shellac. It's okay, he had a nice finish. :)
COMMERCIAL: NOTHING is simple with HP. Don't believe the hype!
COMMERCIAL: What's better? A backrub at Midas or a beating by George Foreman at Meineke?

944pm: About time we checked on Paul. First report isn't rosy. Heller becomes Dad at a crucial time. Stinkin' President; how dare he call him to work??

944pm: Hey, Audrey pulls at her nose like I do!

945pm: Do they ever use this satellite stuff at CTU to watch a football game from overhead??

946pm: Is it really construction work? Nope.

947pm: It ain't them guys. It ain't them.

948pm: Suicide car bomb. Oh, and the bridge is out, too. Now they really WILL need construction workers...real ones, of course.

COMMERCIAL: As much as I adore Mountain Dew, I've not seen a good advertisement for them since "Yahoo Mountain Dew!" was on the glass bottle early in my childhood.
COMMERCIAL: I could care less if Nissan wants to break a record.
COMMERCIAL: Will we find out who the Anti-Christ is via American Idol?'s 950pm. Any guess on the next moves to leave us hanging? Neurosurgeon show up? Does Jack meet Habib face to face?

I think we'd better focus on the pilot. Take off must be around the top of the hour.

953pm: CVA322. Be looking for it. If this were Atlanta, it would be in the parking garage.

954pm: Wouldn't you know? An alley!!!!

956pm: Dina's got a gun. Oh, Dina!!! You should've known it was empty.

957pm: That's it for Dina. That stinks; she was a great actress and character.

958pm: Hey dude, got a thumb I can borrow?

958pm: The plane awaits. Bet gassing it up cost a bundle!

959pm: PREVIEW: I hate those bridge exchanges, they never, ever go well.

And thus, it is 9pm in "24" Land.

My one hour of fun for the week ends. Now it's back to reality.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Speak Your Mind, March Madness Fans!

The Other Lover In My Life..... back. She comes to see me once a year for 19 days. She gives me 63 presents, and sometimes even saves the best for last. But, then, alas, she breaks my heart and goes away for another year.


15 years ago today, March 16, 1990, a Friday. I had watched the NCAA Tournament throughout my childhood, from David Thompson and the '74 Pack (my first memory) through Indiana's undefeated season, Magic vs. Bird, UNC-Georgetown, my Pack winning again, Villanova's upset, and others.

But on this day, I got to see the NCAA Tournament....LIVE. For the first time ever, the first two rounds were being played at the Richmond Coliseum. Having connections is sometimes a wonderful thing.

The radio station I worked for, at the time, aired VCU basketball. Their weekly talk show was going to be live from the Coliseum that Thursday night, previewing the tournament being in town. While there helping with the broadcast, I'm at the Marriott, and I'm able to get a press pass from one of the assistants to the Athletic Director.

A quick call to the boss, another call to cover my airshift, and I'm on the way to the Coliseum the next day.

I got there near the end of the first game, which was Northern Iowa's upset of the three seed, Missouri, on a 28-foot jumper from Maurice Newby with about 3 seconds to go. I'm underneath the Missouri basket and watch the ball helpless fly towards me in desperation from the other side of the court at the buzzer, to no avail. First game of the day equals first upset of the day.

Then UTEP and Minnesota take center stage (6 vs 11). Pretty good game, and Clem Haskins' Golden Gophers take the victory.

We take a dinner break, run home to the apartment, head right back to I-64, and return for the nightcap.

Syracuse, the #2 seed, played first, against the only team whose identity I can't remember. Needless to say, Syracuse won. After the game, I'm in the press area, filing phone reports back to the station, walking past the likes of Derrick Coleman and thinking, "Crap, they are tall and big!!"

The final game of the night was the marquee event, being that Virginia was playing. Their opponent: Notre Dame. In the end, we saw not one, but two careers end this weekend. The first? Digger Phelps, whose Irish lost Friday night to UVA. However, before the game ended, I get a page from home and had to rush home.

Seems there was a domestic disturbance at the apartment next door and my wife ends up with a bleeding woman banging on our door asking for help. I got home, she had gone to her aunt's apartment around the corner for a combination of safety and relief, and I joined them there, in time to see Bo Kimble shoot a left-handed free throw in memory of Hank Gathers for Loyola-Marymount in the West Region.

Sunday, we go back for round two. First game, a war between Virginia and Syracuse. UVA has a chance to win at the end, but the shot was disrupted by Derrick Coleman. I was right underneath the basket, maybe 10-15 feet away from the play. Some contact, but not enough to blow the whistle.

Thus ended the career of Terry Holland at UVA and Syracuse moved on.

Then, Minnesota took on the darlings, Northern Iowa, and when it became apparent that the cinderella story was ending, I headed for the exit, in time to hear Xavier upset Georgetown in another regional.

And since that weekend, I've never been the same.

Every year, from 1991 to 1996, I would take two of my precious ten vacation days on the Thursday and Friday of the first round of the tournament. I was at home with the kids in '98 and '99. The TV is in the office, waiting to be turned on tomorrow at noon. And, through the years, I taped games, tipoffs, and buzzer beaters incessantly. I have every National Championship game from 1991 to 2001 and 2003 and 2004 on tape (only missed 2002's).

I love the NFL, root for the Orioles, love high school and college football, love hockey (when they're smart enough to play), but there is NOTHING like the other lover in my life......


Having said all that....the predictions are in.

CHICAGO: How can you not pick Illinois? They're loaded with guard play (a key to winning it all), on a emotional ride with the Coach losing his mother, NOT from the sense of him using that, but the players want to rally around him.

No big upsets in this bracket. Sweet 16 picks: Illinois defeats Alabama, and Arizona beats Oklahoma State....

Illnois takes care of the Wildcats and heads to St. Louis.

ALBUQUERQUE: Washington is getting dissed, including by me. I just don't believe in them. Sorry. They get to round three and are dismissed by my pick. They're finally healthy, have a coach that knows the Final Four, and got a rotten seed. They're on a mission, too. They're the Cardinals of Louisville.

UPSET: Don't be surprised if GW knocks off Ga Tech, though I didn't have the guts to pick 'em at on my second bracket there (heck, they give you 5!!)

Sweet 16 picks: Louisville over Washington, Wake Forest over Gonzaga;
Louisville shuts down Chris Paul and goes to the heartland, first Final Four in 19 years.

SYRACUSE: UNC, UNC, UNC, they have the best talent, UNC, UNC, blah, blah, blah. Then why did Santa Clara beat them? Why did Clemson almost beat them? Why didn't they put away a Jekyll/Hyde outfit like Georgia Tech last Saturday?

The UNC players in not committed enough to play six consecutive games in 19 days at their 100 percent potential. If they weren't motivated for the ACC Tournament (and those of you who don't live in ACC land don't realize how important that tournament title is to ACC teams...), they don't have what it takes later in March, either.
Therefore, we'd like to welcome back......

Connecticut. Yep, UNC gets to the regional final, where they find a familiar foe in the Huskies. They've played each other each of the past two years, and this time, with the Final Four on the line, the boys who've been there show the boys who haven't.

UPSET: Here's your 12/5: New Mexico over Villanova, and I've got Wisconsin over Kansas in Round Two.

Sweet 16 picks: UNC over Florida (barely); Connecticut over Wisconsin. UConn clips UNC and returns Jim Calhoun to the Final Four....

AUSTIN: Where he will meet a good friend. Duke has to get six good shooting games in a row from JJ Redick to have a chance to cut the nets down. That would take the best performance in tourney history by one player. I don't see it. One foul plagued game and they are done.

Who does them in? My Final Four pick: Syracuse. Warrick and McNamara want one more push in March, and their experience knocks off Duke in the Sweet 16.

UPSET: UTEP over Utah in round one, and Oklahoma in round two; they're my cinderella team.

Sweet 16 picks: Kentucky over UTEP and Syracuse over Duke. Syracuse then takes out the less-experienced Wildcats and head to the Arch.


Illinois, Louisville, Connecticut, and Syracuse.

NOTE: I'm a die-hard ACC fan (except I will not root for Virginia under about any circumstances), and, in this year where some experts put 3 ACC teams at the Final Four, I don't have any. Zip. Zero. Nada.

Illinois puts an end to Louisville's dreams for a 25th anniversary championship for Dr. Dunkenstein, Darrell Griffith, and the 1980 squad that knocked off UCLA the same night "Nightline" premiered on ABC.

Connecticut and Syracuse have split this season, with the Orangemen winning in the Big East Tournament. 03 champ vs 04 champ. Can't get any better. Look for Warrick to take over and head to Monday night.

Weber vs Boeheim.

There's no denying them. It's Illinois' year. I know, no one has gone into the tournament with only one loss and won it all since my Pack did it in 1974, but everything just seems to be lining up for them. If they stay focused, it's theirs to lose.

Final: Illinois 78, Syracuse 71.

And then, they'll play One Shining Moment, and my lover will kiss me goodbye...until she flirts with me again beginning October 15th.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Jack's even odds: 4 against 21.....

As soon as the sporting goods store guy asked to speak with his brother, I knew they were staying for the fun.

Excellent segment, but why in the world did the CTU guy just assume he killed the civilian?? Don't you check to make sure he's dead because he was the guy who almost killed Jack??

Wonderful to have Michelle back; at first she seemed changed; by the end of the hour, you realized she really hasn't.

And did anyone get the sense that something might happen between Tony and Audrey? Hmmmm......


If anyone can figure something out of the print-out, it's Edgar.

Not sure how this "fake pilot" is going to work in, with the President's name being invoked (and they FINALLY talked about how long he'd been up in the air!!). Can someone check the credits to see who plays the Vice-President, just in case they have to yell, "understudy"??

I still don't trust Audrey.

Did I disagree with Michelle's decision regarding Sarah? Yep. Did Sarah commit a huge mistake? YEP! Which, of course, begs the question.... what hour does Chloe return? Hope she got some sleep during her forced sabbatical.

Finally, there's Paul. He ain't gonna die. By "7am tomorrow", Jack may end up having more respect for Paul than Audrey.



I haven't really sat down and done my examination of the brackets (haven't had time), but I do feel sorry for the following:

1) Oklahoma State: Your reward for winning the Big 12? A possible date with Illinois in the Elite Eight near their backyard.

2) Washington Fans: Their bubble will burst...quickly. Those picking them to make it to St. Louis are nuts. Sorry. Heck, Gonzaga beat 'em, and they're in that bracket, too!

No one is talking about.....

1) Kentucky: Yep, they blew it Sunday, but, as a quiet #2 seed with the "undermanned" Duke team getting all the attention, they can focus on the task ahead, and Tubby Smith knows how to do that. Chuck Hayes can disappear, or be the most powerful force in the Tourney, it's his choice.

2) Kansas: A 3 seed (deservedly) behind UNC (everyone's darling choice if it ain't Illinois) and UConn, the defending champs. They've been struggling, but remember, it's a six game, three sets of two and through. They've got the veterans to turn it around and look at this as "the real season".

3) Boston College: Boy did the love go away quick here. I mean, they were the next to last team to lose a game this year. Skinner might use the "no respect" motivational technique here.

TOO MANY people are talking about:

1) Syracuse: And I really like them in their bracket, too. But usually, when lots of people "pick" a 4, 5, or 6 seed as their darkhorse, becoming the "popular" choice, they usually end up falling short. So, I'm still considering them, but not as much as 48 hours ago.

2) Louisville: See Syracuse. I feel the exact the same way, but if I had to choose between the two, I'd go with the Cardinals.

3) Vermont: VERMONT????

The 12-5 Syndrome:

At least one #12 always beats a #5 in the first round. Lots of people are thinking Old Dominion could knock off Michigan State, and I agree, but, my choice for the most likely upset is.....

George Washington over Georgia Tech.

The Jackets are ripe for a fall. They've not been able to sustain anything this year, why do you think they can suddenly "turn it on" now?

Final Four Picks??

Haven't decided yet. It'll be on this blog before 12noon Thursday, believe that!

Oh, and I'm really considering buying the domain name "", if it's available. That's how strong I feel regarding the teaching, the damage its doing in the body of Christ, and the tremendous amount of resources it's diverting from real ministry.

I'm still searching the Scriptures awaiting Jesus to tell me about my great financial gains here on earth.

Heck, and I thought the whole time He was talking about another kingdom. Silly me.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Pet Peeve Alert!!!

I have very few pet peeves..... who can't seem to pee straight at work and then never clean up their crime scene.... who don't hold doors open for ladies anymore...
...and, subsequently, women who get indignant when I do hold the door for them because "they can do it themselves".

My new #1 Pet Peeve, though, is this:

When you email someone, using the "reply" button, take FIVE SECONDS and CHANGE the subject line of the email, unless you are actually REPLYING to that email's content.

Case in point. I handle commercials. Lots and lots of them. I get an mp3 from a client for a clothing store several months ago.

About two months later, the same guy sends me a spot for a dairy company, but, because he used my old email from two months earlier, the subject line of the email referenced THE CLOTHING COMPANY even though the commercial being sent to us (this time a script) was for a dairy product featured at a local grocer.

For all I knew, this was to replace copy for the clothier (I don't know, maybe they own alot of stock in (insert name of large cheese company here).)

After clearing up the confusion, I shook my head in disbelief.


If it's germane to the conversation sent to you, hit reply.

If it ain't, or it's a brand new thought/idea/request/slam/whatever.....create a new email, or at the very least....


Love and kisses,


March Madness Update

Well, the Pack can't seem to beat Duke in March for love or money. Thus, they still, I think, sit precariously on the NCAA bubble, only because of their record. 13 losses are a lot of losses for a team trying to get an at-large berth, and don't think the Committee realizes that victory over Wake Friday was against a "Paul-less" Deacon squad.

So, I'll find out tomorrow night after Bible Study, on the way work for Sunday night commercial work.

Which is where I just returned from for some Saturday night commercial work. I really know how to live, don't I?

Now, back to hoops----

Illinois looks more dangerous every day; now they have emotion with the team rallying around their coach, who lost his mom yesterday, and boy can I understand that.

North Carolina can beat anyone one day, and look like they could care less another. Their heads never arrived at MCI Center, based on the fact Clemson took 'em to the end and Georgia Tech was simply better today. They'll still get a #1 seed though, and Santa Clara can kick back and remind everyone they beat that #1 seed, too.

Duke. Hmmm. Reddick's hot, they win. He's not, they probably won't. Sweet 16? Yeah. Elite Eight? Maybe. Final Four? Now that would be Coach K's most monumental coaching accomplishment. Now, what if Luol Deng had stayed???

Georgia Tech. Reminds me of their 1993 ACC Tournament Champion team that went on to lose their 1st round NCAA Tournament game. The team they beat in that '93 ACC Final? North Carolina, who, ironically, then went on to win the National Title. They could go to St. Louis, or be back in Atlanta before the weekend....


--Kansas just doesn't look like a team that can make a run...

--Meanwhile, watch Oklahoma State; they know what it's like to be at the Final Four and must still be smarting at the tough loss to the Jackets a year ago...

--Kentucky is one to watch; then again, a "UAB" could knock 'em off in round two again. The latter is more likely than the former.

--Vermont will be an interesting first round opponent for someone.

--So will West Virginia, after their confidence building weekend in New York. I'm so happy for John Beilein, the former UR coach.

--I don't believe in either Pacific "powerhouse" (Arizona or Washington). Gonzaga has a better chance of advancing deep into the tournament, and no, I'm no longer calling them darkhorses or cinderellas, they've graduated from that.

--The mystery team (and coach) is Louisville. They're actually healthy in March, they survived by the skin of their teeth today in hostile territory (destiny?) and have a coach who knows the Final Four real well.

I'd keep my eye on them.

Bracket breakdown coming late tomorrow or Monday, depending upon time, workload, and how I feel (see previous post on how I feel....)

Final prediction for the Pack: they get an 8/9 game, then end up the sacrifical 2nd round lamb to Illinois in the Midwest bracket.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Happy Weekend Everybody....or, how I survived the war in seven easy steps.....


I love titles that have NOTHING to do with the post.

Various events and happenings over the past however many hours it's been since I last made my public blogging appearance.....

1) From the Baltimore Sun: "Frank DiVenti hobbled into the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen on crutches yesterday to say goodbye to a childhood pal.

"Chuck Thompson was my best friend when I was growing up, though he never knew me," said DiVenti of Hamilton."

Chuck Thompson was my friend, too, for many years in my childhood, listening to my beloved Orioles. God bless his family during this time; the airwaves will not be the same.

2) The, ah, event/fallacy/charade, etc. that I've alluded to, but have not received permission from God to speak about publicly, reached another turn. I won't need the Governor's race in Virginia this year to get my political fix....I've got all I can stand right up the street!


--When I was young, even as old as, say, 33 or 34, I took a "good day" so much for granted, it wasn't funny, only, I didn't realize it 'til now. Yesterday was a joke. I knew it Wednesday night crawling in bed that Thursday would be a disaster. I made it to work for four hours, had to leave, and collapsed here the rest of the day. Of course, I had to get myself up to go back to the station to dub in a late-arriving commercial scheduled to air the next morning.....

Tonight, after paying for my pseudo-absence yesterday by working from 830am to 1030pm, only breaking to pick up Rachel from school, I at least got to work on catching up (I never really catch up, but that's another story) my work because I felt good. I'm in the drive thru at McDonalds on the way home grabbing a Chocolate Milkshake for the Missus patiently waiting at home, and I thought to myself, "Man, I love these moments when I feel good."

I appreciate them now. I savor them now. I love them now. You should feel the same about your good days, good moments, and good times, too. Trust me, you don't know when they'll be few and far between. Praise God for a good day. :)

4) NC State may actually shock the living crap out of me and make the NCAA Tournament, and we have Chris Paul and his chop to the, ah, private parts of Julius Hodge in part to thank. Remember? Paul hits Hodge last Sunday night in the game Wake wins at the buzzer, then gets suspended for the 1st game of the ACC Tourney, which ends up against, NC State of course, who proceeds to win tonight. YEAH!!!

With Maryland losing to Clemson 3 times and Va Tech getting blown out today, it looks like five teams from the ACC: North Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest, Ga Tech, and NC State.

They could add teams out to Montana, but face it, ACC Basketball revolves around the state of North Carolina. :)

If I get time Monday night (before and after "24" of course!) I'll try to take a few moments and break down the tourney from my poor point of view.

Of course, not minding to toot my own horn here, but I did win the state of Virginia competition on's Bracket Challenge last year, getting 3 of the Final Four, and picking UConn to win it all.

So, once in my life I get it about right. I should return to the shackles of mediocrity this season.....:)

Monday, March 07, 2005

Chuck Thompson: 1921-2005

If you didn't hear Chuck team with Bill O'Donnell to call the Orioles on the radio in the Weaver era, then later for Cal, Jr., you missed the best.

Read more here.

My "voice of baseball", the "voice of the Orioles", is silenced. Thanks, Chuck Thompson, for all the great calls and memories. Posted by Hello

Man! And I thought the PTA was covering up their agenda...... 'bout the company on "24"??

Let's see, protect our company, its name, and our careers by blacking out downtown, bringing down a government chopper, and, oh, by the way, we thought we'd whack the CTU agent while we're at it.

Well, guys, the cat's definitely out of the bag now.

And, now, the best news.

SHE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All is well with the world again. :)

Will we see Erin again? Does Heller offer her comfort in the next 13 hours? (Not trying to be nasty at all here, it just looked as if something more could happen there based on the emotion of the moment.) I feel so bad for her.

The President.....for heaven's sakes, LAND ALREADY!! When do you run out of fuel??

Curtis: Keep focused. Those who show their worry of office politics at critical times will, more often than not, not get what they want.

Tony: Sorry, buddy, the good breaks of the day just went down the drain.

Edgar: Keep up the good work; and, thanks for being compassionate to Erin (remember, he lost his mom a few hours ago!)

No Araz sightings tonight.

Habib, ah, Harris, ah, whoever.....he's not the top guy, is he? Nah, we've got 13 hours to go, probably at least two more layers to uncover before the real bad guy emerges.

And, how the heck do they bring back former President Palmer?

And, if given the opportunity, would he sleep on the floor so Bush 41 could sleep in the bunk?

Oh, and one more thought....the former Prez isn't an Allstate Insurance agent now, is he?

So, next week, we take the fight to the skies, Michelle and Tony kiss and make up (yeah, right!) and Jack is getting more and more ticked off at Audrey for having to hang onto Paul while saving his own skin.

Audrey......I'm still quite suspicious.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Blinking News....I mean Breaking News:

You have GOT to see this blog.

I warn you, don't blink!!! You'll get caught if you do. :)

The Week In Review...... random thoughts thrown out in no certain order...just how they pop into the mind.

First, it's been awhile since I gave a shout-out to the first blogger I go and read every day. Click here for some fantastic blogging (some language, but I'm big enough to ignore it...).

...watching "24" last Monday night seems like it was six weeks ago.

...we played short-handed at work all this week; hopefully this won't catch up to those of us that were there in fatigue.

...I've got to stop the "madness" of life long enough to focus on MARCH MADNESS, as today "unofficially" started the whole mess (just ask Illinois, Kentucky and Kansas, and, see why UNC is breathing a HUGE sigh of relief)

...NCState with a chance to solidfy an NCAA berth, going for the win, airball. Kind of a window on the season; lots of promise, falling short. Welcome to the NIT, let the Sendek Watch begin.

...It's unbelievable how tired you can get after officiating a church service. To those of you who say "he only works an hour a week, ha ha", I would be more than happy to give you the keys to the car one Sunday and let you drive it. No wonder I'm stumbling to the bed as soon as we get home.

...Robbie is officially a Christian rap fan (old school rap, mind you, you know, like DC Talk circa 1994). Rachel is coming around, but is quite cautious. She will "raise the roof" with Robbie and Dad.

...Rachel's highlight of the week: Her toe. Going upstairs in school with it broken.

...Robbie's highlight of the week: His hair. He's spraying it blue daily. Apparently someone of the female persuasion is enamored with it, which immediately begs the question, would I want that girl in my family one day?? (Just kidding, I will be as open minded as I can as I meet Robbie's bevy of beauties).

Bevy of beauties, I say? Yes---we've believed all along that he is exceptionally handsome (musta been from mom's genes, could NOT have been me), so we expect to see a line of females over the next several years. I've already warned the entire family he should NOT seek dating advice from Dad, being that there was never a line waiting for him in his "courting" days; I would not know how to handle multiples, choices, you know, things that never occurred with me.

Rachel, on the other hand, will probably order a guy to date her and kick him in the shin until he does. I plan on sitting on the front porch alot of nights with her; she's already a pistol. Readily admits having a crush on Robbie's best friend, you know the 7th grader (and she's in 2nd!!!).

Egads, where are the Tums???

As for me? Well, I think we released a few patients from the "unresolved problems" ward, and there are more to go, one in particular. Maybe I'll sign up for the seven-year payment plan on that one, who knows.....

In closing:

--Dan Rather leaves the desk Wednesday; I actually feel a little sorry for him. Yes, I know he did himself in, but, he has done some exceptional reporting over the past 40 years, so we should look at the entire body. Biased? You bet. Good reporter. Yep.

--Who the heck replaces him and how long can CBS afford to take in making that decision? Bob Schieffer can only be the "interim" for so long until CBS starts watching what audience they do have sampling ABC and NBC.

--CAA Tournament final at the Coliseum tomorrow night; an old Sun Belt classic: VCU and ODU. Go RAMS!!!!

--One of the best weeks of the year begins tomorrow; all the conference tourneys (with some already done or in progress), especially the king of 'em all, the ACC, and, of course, Selection Sunday. I'll be taping the Selection Show since I'll be at church at our final Passion of the Christ Bible Study.

Wanna press me for a Final Four right now? If you made me:

North Carolina
Wake Forest

(Right on the cusp, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Duke, Connecticut)

They won't make the Sweet 16:

Georgia Tech
Michigan State

And, if ODU can take care of VCU in the CAA final, they will be a nasty first round opponent for someone, most likely a 4-13 or 3-14 game. Remember, ten years ago, ODU went Double OT and beat Villanova in a 3-14 game; it was a tournament classic. It might just happen again.

As for my team---we hope to get a first-round NIT game at RBC Center.

And for UVA, a home version of the ACC Tournament, since they'll be checking out of the hotel rooms Friday after losing Thursday night. They'll finish under .500, so no NIT, and no more having to makegood network spots preempted for their horrible play. Yippie!!

Good night.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Random Cryptic Thoughts While Winding Down From a 15-Hour Work Day Extravaganza.....

I love being cryptic. I write, the whole world sees, and few, if any understand.

Must be the part of me that has problems with being a control freak.....:)

1) Those who make their bed of nails will inevitably end up lying upon them. God told me not to fight a certain situation and to keep my mouth closed, and I have obeyed as best as I could, and, sure enough, God's already havin' fun.

2) I've figured out that, after my salvation experience of course, the three most influential moments in my life involved the following:

1) A Chevrolet Vega
2) A Ring
3) A Hospital Room

A Vega, a ring, and a room. Hmmm, why not a Cadillac, a diamond, and a beach house? Because I hate huge cars, don't know squat about jewelry (just ask my wife!) and am scared of the water.

3) I'm becoming more and more convinced another night at the Sleep Disorders Center Clinic is coming soon.

4) From the unresolved issues department, we're happy to report that there's a full house in the waiting room to be served, dealt with and parceled away. If you're a future unresolved issue, take a number, have a seat in our outer corridor, and we'll deal with you, well, at some point. Warning, though, we don't have complimentary coffee....

Good night. :)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Quote of the Day.....

From a recently downloaded tune from I-Tunes that I loved in Junior High, and hadn't heard in ages.....

"You can't run away forever; but there's nothing wrong with getting a good head start."

Jim Steinman, "Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through", 1981

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Is this the new head of CTU: Los Angeles? Remember, she asked for a two pay-grade raise after her "electrifying" ordeal of two weeks...ah....hours ago. Posted by Hello

A Chiropractor and a Broken Heart

Sorry I didn't return last evening....I barely made it through "24" without falling asleep. Gotta sleep better on Sunday nights!!

1) Curtis now has a nickname: The Chiropractor. Got a crick in your neck? He'll fix it....permanently.

2) I'm even more convinced that Audrey is in on the deal. Note the compassion toward Paul instead of Jack? Does she feel guilty about putting his name on that lease deal for the building, setting him up? And, hey, he's the one apologizing in the Ford SUV....

3) Erin. Oh, dear, I can't imagine. Having a child with bipolar, this scene hit very close to home. Any parent with a special needs child emotionally has probably had this nightmare scenario run through their minds at least once (I know I have). This was just so, so sad.

--Let me once again take time to say Angela Goethals did a tremendous job bringing out the complexity of the character's personality. She was excellent.

4) I went to an office party.....not expectin' to get shot.....

My co-worker asks today, "Why do you call Curtis' name out loud?"

Good question.

So, we have a wolf in sheep's clothing (aka CTU outfit), a grieving mother, Paul and Audrey together while Jack's on Floor 30, and will the rest of the Araz family do anything meaningful?

Until next Monday......


January's Winning Numbers were: 5, 16, 20, 25, and 30.
February's Winning Numbers were: 8, 14, 20, and 23.

What did one win? Don't ask. :)