Friday, June 27, 2008 advance.......

Have you ever made a mistake before officially "making" it?

Sure you have. You hate the feeling as your time-space continuum approaches the moment that it's going to happen, because you've already pushed the button, so to speak, and you're just waiting for the explosion.

I did just this today. And though I know I'll make more in life, I won't make this one again.

I'm so happy that God heals our pain in life. But sometimes I get annoyed by how incredibly LONG it takes for the healing to take place. I still have more of this "road of healing" to travel.

Have a good weekend, everyone. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wow.....another newspaper bloodletting.....

.....the layoffs in newspaper are everywhere, but this one, percentage-wise, is unreal.

Read the bad news here. I pray for all those who are let go; I've been down that road, and didn't enjoy a minute of it.

I only worked at the Times-Dispatch four weeks, but this still hits close to home. Too close. :(

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CBS6/Fox Richmond Sale Update: "Carma" is a wink-wink LLC....., basically, Sinclair owns two TV stations in Richmond, isn't suppose to, but uses a loophole. I must admit chuckling to myself with some disdain regarding the comments of Sinclair's CFO David Amy.....

....kinda like when your kid has chocolate around his mouth and when you ask if he ate the chocolate chip cookies, he answers, "I dunno....", and shrugs his shoulders at the appropriate time.

When asked about Carma, he said,

"'I don't know where they're located," Amy said of Carma. "They're a [limited liability company] in Virginia. As far as their address, I don't have their address."

In fact, forms filed with the State Corporation Commission list Carma's address as 1925 Westmoreland St., the same address for WRLH. A search of the FCC database did not yield any information on Carma.

WRLH General Manager Steven Genett is on vacation and could not be contacted for this story."


You know, kinda like, "I just sold my car!" "Who bought it?", the neighbor asks. "I dunno!", you reply.

Read the details here, and kudos to the Times-Dispatch for digging into the story to discover that the "Carma" in this story just didn't feel right.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sinclair Swaps Signals, Buys CBS6; Who Is Carma??

And the winner of the CBS6 Ownership Sweepstakes is Sinclair Broadcasting!

Today they announced the purchase of the "Wagon Train" station for $85 million, while selling off WRLH/Fox Richmond to the broadcast powerhouse, Carma Broadcasting, LLC.

What? Who? Didn't find a corporate site on Google. Maybe I'm missing something.

Oh, well-----those who feel Sinclair has politically "meddled" in its station broadcasting will, I'm sure, be watching the CBS6 News Department like a hawk. In the meantime, Sinclair says it will continue to provide "sales and non-programming services" for Fox Richmond.

So will they still utilize NBC12 talent for their News at Ten? Wouldn't seem to make sense.

Don't be surprised if the gang at CW News at Ten becomes Fox News at Ten at some point in the future, and vice versa.

I can hear the new slogan for Curt and Diane if they're on CW:

"We've got all this news, but only half the time!"

Monday, June 23, 2008

See? Naps ARE a good thing!

Read on, my friends!


Coming home from work today, I realized there's not alot of cultural references to the number 41.

Bush 41? That's only applicable to one man. It's the 13th smallest prime number. It's the atomic number of niobium. Montana was the 41st state admitted to the Union.

In Christianity, it represents the 39 lashes given to Christ, plus the spear thrust in His side, and the crown of thorns placed on His head. This is definitely the meaning to revere.

So, now 41 can add another meaning; for the next year. My age.

As The Who once said so well:

"...this is no social crisis, just another tricky day for you."

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Tribute To "The T-Man": Terry Sisisky

In my radio career, I have logged many an hour behind the console in a studio running the board for sports broadcasts. My first-ever airshift on commercial radio was running a University of Massachusetts football game in 1985.

I've "board op'ed" (as we used to call it in radio) for UMass Football, the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Bruins, Virginia Tech football and basketball, William & Mary football and basketball, VMI football, James Madison University football and basketball, and the "original" Richmond Renegades hockey team of the 1990s.

But my best experiences, my best memories of spending an evening in the studio listening for cues to play commercials or the famous "station identification" are from my years running VCU Basketball broadcasts back on "the real" WDYL back in the late 80s and early 90s.

Why? Because of the man at courtside behind the mic: Terry Sisisky.

There is no one quite like T-Man. He is an never-ending explosion of energy, usually a nervous wreck, and one of the greatest conversationalists I've ever had the pleasure of shooting the breeze with.

For example, if you're a true baseball fan (meaning you appreciate the history of the game, not just what's going on now), I dare you to ask Terry this question:

"Should Bert Blyleven be in the Baseball Hall of Fame?"

You've automatically triggered a 30 minute non-stop conversation of information and fascination. I know, I fondly remember spending that time and more debating that very question with him in my office at WDYL, lo those many years ago.

But, back to VCU. He'd call the station to hook up and be scared stiff we wouldn't get on. And we would. And he'd display his nervousness during breaks, in a positive way. And then he'd call the game with a style and personna that no one else has. Why? Because they're not The T-Man.

Terry Sisisky is passion on two legs. He absolutely loves VCU and their basketball program. That's why it came as a huge surprise to me when I read online today of his decision to hang up the headphones at the Siegel Center after nearly three decades at courtside.

What I appreciate the most from Terry is he is that rare combination of what some people refer to when discussing sports announcers as a "homer", defined as someone showing bias for "the home team" when describing the action, reacting to calls, etc., and a good old fashioned realist.

Time after time I'd hear Terry, in his voice, urge the Rams on to victory. Nothing wrong with that. But if they simply just couldn't hit the shot, but played well, he'd tell you that. And, frankly, if they sucked and couldn't hit the broad side of the barn, well, he'd tell you that, too. He never had a problem telling the home fans of the troubles and failures of their home team. And I always appreciated that.

Read THIS ARTICLE where Terry explains his decision, and reveals which of his two broadcasting passions he is continuing to allow to burn.

I'm starting my 7th season soon covering Patrick Henry High School football (my alma mater!) on WHAN Radio in Ashland, and hardly a Friday evening goes by where I have to stop myself from opening the broadcast with:

"Once again a very pleasant good evening everyone and welcome to Patrick Henry High School Football."

Because up unto the "welcome to...." point, I would be blatantly stealing Terry's opening line from VCU broadcasts.

I did, though, borrow his closing.

Which is why I sign off by saying either:

"We bid you a good night from Ashland, Virginia!", if it's a home game, or:
"We bid you a good night from " " High School, if it's an away game.

I hope T-Man doesn't mind a bit of him sticking with me.

The final T-Man story I'll share is from April 25, 1997. After nine years, I was leaving my management post and on-air broadcast position at WDYL. That morning, while cleaning up some last things in my office....who stops by to say hello?

Yep. He sure did. And I've never, ever forgotten that.

Terry, maybe, just maybe, the Good Lord will let Petersburg and Patrick Henry meet in the Division 5 Regional Playoffs this year. We'd get to share a booth and finally call the same game together, albeit it on opposite sides and on different stations.

But there's no doubt who would offer the best play-by-play.

And it definitely would not be me.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Circuit City-----one step closer to the "final fizzle"

I think it might even be too late at this point to "rewind" this company and take them back to the days of:

"The Loading Dock" or even "Wards"!!!

Get back to your roots, eh? I think it may be too late for even that. And that makes me sad, because I NEVER want to see a homegrown company fade away.

The latest bad $$$ news for Circuit City here.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I've had new jobs, but I've never been the first person ever to hold a position with a company before. It brings its own set of challenges, exciting mind you, but still challenging!

So, these past several days have been spent doing the following:

1) Getting settled at Robinson Radio! Getting to know the clients, new contacts, get my brain around the current systems and what efficiencies are needed to better them (as well as me!!) It's fun and NOT boring, that's for sure! I don't know what's coming from day to day, and that's cool by me.

2) The end of the school year! Robbie was ready to get out of school in, well, at Christmas Break. Rachel, meanwhile, ended her elementary school years last Friday, called me at the office crying, which made me cry, and she is ALREADY bored. And there's 10 1/2 weeks of summer vacation left! Go ahead, sing the Phineas and Ferb theme song now if you'd like......

She's missing her friends more this year than ever, and I think it has to do with going up to middle school next year. I also think the struggles I had for months losing my friend connections at Clear Channel had somewhat of an effect on her, too. Mom told her, "It's part of life, get over it." Rachel answered, "I'm like my Dad, and I can't just get over it." I'm proud of her. If you "get over" being with a friend hours a day, five days a week in a quick manner, it makes me wonder if you really, really enjoyed being around them in the first place, or if they were just "convenient friends". Know what I mean?

3) Sleep. Need I say more?

4) ANOTHER PET!!!! Starbuck Rock Witham, a new teeny-tiny Siamese Kitten entered the Witham Nation over the weekend. I come home from work this evening, and he's in my recliner. He's already taking over. :)


Then there's all the news and events I've been REALLY wanting to blog about, but didn't have time!!!

---The Death of Tim Russert: I heard the news from Sean Hannity on his radio show on an Internet stream, who actually announced it before it was posted on, by about two to three minutes. Many "TV Heads" were right in saying the tributes to Russert got to be a bit much after awhile. I could understand NBC's coverage Friday afternoon/evening, and their prime time special was well done. I also understood Sunday's Meet The Press (wow, what a moving show!) and today's funeral coverage. But there was lots more than that, and it was somewhat overboard. I think part of it was because NBC News was so stunned, they didn't know what else to do at that moment, and subconsciously used coverage to help cope. Though the coverage was too saturated over the weekend, I can't fault their emotional state.

And I'm SURE if Tim Russert were here to see it, he would've put a stop to it about four minutes after the death announcement. What a shame that a man who loved politics and Presidential years (especially this one) won't be able to cover the November election.

---OIL!!!! I love the ignorant Democratic mantra:

"Even if we start drilling today, it wouldn't affect the price of gas for five to ten years."

Okay, then. You then admit had we started drilling TEN YEARS AGO, our prices would be LOWER today!

Are there Republicans in bed with oil? I'm sure. But Democratic thinking on this issue simply boggles the mind. They want conservation! It'll bring price relief quicker!

Good Lord, AL GORE's electric usage doesn't hold water!

So, why is it that we, Americans, you know, the innovators, the hard-working people of the world, for some reason, according to "insert politician name here", can't go after:

---New Oil Drilling Offshore AND in Anwr
---AND, AND create new energy sources!! More nuclear plants, more wind energy, more solar energy.

Why don't we, as Americans, go for it all!!! We settled the land, won our independence, got to the moon, got the nuclear bomb first before Hitler (imagine had he gotten it first)......we can do it all!

If the idiots who clog up our 6:30 newscasts would just get out of the way and shut up.

WHEW! There's other stuff in the world to discuss, but I'm all oiled out for now. Back soon. Sooner than 10 days. Honest!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Follow the bouncing Rob!

Rob has updated job news!

It's coming soon.

Until then, I haven't disappeared; today for example, I sacrificed myself for the kids at Busch Gardens. It was horribly hot. No other way to describe it.

May's Winning Numbers.....

.....9, 11, 22, and 31.

Considering all the strangeness that May contained, that's not bad.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Groundbreaking took place earlier today outside Chicago for the Barack Obama Presidential Library, just three years after the one-time Illinois Senator completed two terms in office as America's first African-American President.

In a related story, former New York Senator Hillary Clinton announced she has not conceded the 2008 Democratic Primary race just yet, and will be meeting with her advisers and other party leaders later this week to see how the groundbreaking will affect her future role in the party, and her future personally in politics.