Friday, March 27, 2009

Remembering Irving R. Levine, the bow tie man

We watched NBC Nightly News and John Chancellor at my home growing up in the 1970's, so I saw many, many reports filed by Irving R. Levine. Always known for his bow tie, and efficient, specific style of reporting.

I'm sad to hear of his passing today at age 86. In this economic era, we could sure use Levine on the air, dissecting the situation and offering practical insight and commentary. Click the title for a look back at his life.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Now pictured on our money---Mao Tse-Tung!!

Our Treasury Secretary is OPEN to discussing a global currency led by the CHINESE??

Click the title. Good Lord.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

While The President Speaks, What About THIS?

The U.S. Government to the rescue.........of NEWSPAPERS?!?!?!?


1) When newspapers go web only, they SAVE TREES, don't they??

2) OTHER MEDIA PLEASE NOTE: This new bill proposed says advertising and subscription costs would be TAX EXEMPT.

3) THE CAVEAT! Oh, when the government wants to "help" you, there's always a catch.

No more political endorsements.

Hmmm...the end of the editorial page next? Note early in this article (click the title for the link) the comparison between what newspapers would become under this bill and PUBLIC BROADCASTING.

And we all know how fair PBS is to those right of center in this nation. This smells. Keep an eye on it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shhh!!!! Don't tell the world about his bowling joke.....

Let me be clear about the reason behind this post. I just cannot go to sleep without marking this one down.

1) President Obama made a verbal gaffe on The Tonight Show last night....from the Washington Post:

Then on to Leno, where he said that after practicing in the White House lanes, he recently bowled a 129, saying "it's like -- it was like Special Olympics or something." The crowd laughed.

2) Obama quickly apologized for his statement.

3) He called the head of the Special Olympics and apologized. Great move.

4) He's invited them to come over and have him shoot hoops with some Special Olympics athletes.

Sorry, that's called "create a photo op to make everyone forget the stupid thing you said". You already apologized, it should be over.


The REAL story. I went to multiple times, to, and to and well, sure was hard to find THAT story.

Thankfully, didn't make it its headline when I checked (it didn't need to be the top story), but I couldn't help but wonder.....

What if Sarah Palin had said that on Leno? Or President George W. Bush on Leno?

Imagine the outrage. Larry King would have had the head of Special Olympics on his show tonight to discuss how "insensitive" our ( ) is and how we all thought we as a nation had gone "past this".

Keith Olbermann's tanning bed skin would have molted in anger.


Ho hum, just another day in the media neighborhood.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

MY Final Four Picks

Louisville, Memphis, Duke, and Oklahoma

Memphis beats Duke 74-70 on Monday night.

Going with the good defensive squad with enough experience from last year's run to have that taste in their mouths of not wanting to lose this year.

We'll see!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The picks!


North Carolina

Pittsburgh beats Louisville


North Carolina

North Carolina beats Memphis


North Carolina

North Carolina beats Louisville


North Carolina

North Carolina beats Memphis

ME???????? I dunno yet.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Global Warming, Meet SNOW!

I can't help but chuckle.....

"Civil Disobedience" is promised by this group, at the coal plant outside D.C. tomorrow.

Only problem? It's SNOWING like cats and dogs in D.C. overnight tonight!

You've heard of "raining on a parade".......

God apparently gets a chuckle out of "snowing on global warming civil disobedience"...

This is GREAT!!