Monday, July 31, 2006

July's Winning Numbers.....

Give me a moment, I'm not used to this many.....

3, 4, 10, 11, 19, 25, 30, and 30 (not a misprint).

Happy July!


So a co-worker, friend, and tremendous colleague, I might add, saw a TV commercial over the weekend and said he thought of me. (click on July 2005 and see some of my "advertising cliches from hell")

It's an insurance company and they said:

"We save you real money!"


I had no idea that the Gecko, Charo, Burt Bacharach, Little Richard, and REAL Geico customers were actually hiding from me the fact that they would only save me FAKE money.

"We save you real money...."

I'm glad I don't have to stand up and say, "I wrote that commercial."

Ann Coulter

Well, at least there is no mistake about her stands on issues.

While I do think her comments about the 9/11 wives didn't help her in her attempt to expose them for who they have become (for they do have a political purpose), I am a fan of her ability to make great points (and great sense) in two ways:

1) straight talk

2) straight talk with a side of sarcasm, which usually stings her critics, because they don't really like being proven wrong and getting a literary poke in the eye simultaneously.

This posting from her website is a great example of 1). It's just truth.

P.S.----When will the Clinton cronies get to Kerry and offer him ALOT to stop acting like (and stop becoming) a 2008 candidate?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Vacation, all I ever wanted......

.....and it is over.

Went back to the office this PM (by choice) to get a handle on what I would find when I got back officially in the morning. It wasn't so bad!! :)

My wife and daughter came in and did some "decoratin'", including a big, thick poster my brother made for my birthday celebrating the Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup victory!!!

For the first time in many years, I actually am NOT excited about returning to work (please note, I AM a workaholic, and realize it....), but that feeling should go away as Monday morning progresses....

The vacation?

First 3 days: horrible

Second 3 days: mostly great!!

Third 3 days: saw vacation slipping away---went into medium funk---came out in time to have a great Sunday.

And, may I say that the open house we had Sunday from 3 to 5 went EXTREMELY well. :)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Welcome to change number one!

I move to a more neutral color, and, hopefully, a bit more "official" looking.

Not that I'm taking myself any more seriously mind you..........


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pardon the future mess!

I'll be doing some tweaks, checking some bolts, making a few cosmetic and/or word changes, to help your trip to this worthless blog more enjoyable.

Enjoyable for the one time you come, because, after one trip, you'll know you won't want to waste your precious time again. :)

This message courtesy of me, a no-time member of the Optimist Society.

P.S.---I looked to give you a link to, but I couldn't get to it.

I'll keep trying, but, I do have to ask: Was this some sort of message?

Hee hee......:)

Just in time---the Annual Vacation Bible School Thunderstorm and Monsoon!!!!!

My kids started attending VBS at a church just around the corner in 1998. This would be year #9. Now that I'm not pastoring, we've visited there on Sunday morning a few times recently, too.

Anyway, it seems that, one night, when it's time to pick up the little ones (well, big ones, now!), sometime between 830 and 9pm, when it ends, the monsoon arrives.

Tonight didn't disappoint. Lightning and thunder around 825, brief lightning outage, followed by a huge light and rain show by 850. It was (as Andy would say) "frog-stranglin' rain!" Wifey literally couldn't see to drive; I helped us get to the church and drove home.

Once getting home with our two kids and their three cousins, I went straight to the restroom and towel off from my second shower of the day. :)

So, make that, oh, approximately six out of nine years (maybe seven), where, while we looked toward heaven, we found an open door.

Meteorlogically speaking in this particular case. :)

Only took me 39 YEARS TO GET TO MONTICELLO!!!!!

Yeah, you know. Live in Virginia all but a year of your life, and you think, you think, after passing the exit who knows how many times, I would be nice enough to at least stop a few minutes and say HELLO TO THE THIRD PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES??? Well, and a few other things......(Declaration of What, you say?)

If Jefferson is your passion, you can just about make a day of it. If you're a history buff, several hours will work. Not sure? Devote a few hours, and you'll be glad you went.

I found the visit, especially the house tour, most interesting, and, incredibly, the most, most interesting part of the visit was discovering all the contraptions he made about, oh, 150 years ahead of his time. :)

Skylights (an idea stolen from Europe)
The clock you crank once a week at the front door
The one door that closes two.
The 6' 2 1/2' man who sleeps in a 6' 3" bed tucked into a perfectly made hole in the bedroom.

All pretty cool. All things I never saw in my Social Studies books....

See? You oughta go!

I'm being serious, it's an excellent trip for history sake, ESPECIALLY if you live in Virginia and have never been there. Get off that list. Like I did.

Click here for all the info you need........ here for info on the place just down the road from Tom's where I want to visit next. It's a shame this guy's house is so close to Monticello, otherwise he would get more publicity......

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gee, now here's a vacation-ruining bunch.....

It's not enough that we have to deal with uncertain natural events such as hurricanes, floods, blizzards, and the Virginia General Assembly.... we have to deal with these guys!!!

Today ends day four of summer vacation 2006....more ups and downs to come.

Now, back to my blog project! :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

You wha? You love? What did you say? You said you love ME? ME?

This quick train of thought has been circling in my head for probably a week now.

I absolutely am not able to fathom or grasp, currently, when a friend says, "I love you" to me.

Family? Makes perfect sense, not a problem. My wife, my kids, etc. That's easily fathomable.

But when it's a friend....someone not related, someone you have tremendous respect and admiration for, someone to whom you would easily say "I love you" to in conversation or greeting/departing......

Right now I'm really struggling getting a grasp, getting my arms around the concept, and I've never dealt with this before.


I know they mean it; to me right now the issue is, well......

Why me?
How do I deserve your love?

I can think of friends, that, when they say "I love you" to me, I'm just in awe. Me? Are you sure? Of all the people you know, and as many people who love you, like you, etc.; why would you expend any energy to experience feeling love for me?

BTW----In the case the friend is a lady, it's platonically, kids, okay? Remember that. I say this because people who know me know my best friends historically have been female probably two-thirds of the time.

Maybe this is a battle I must win, a cross to bear, so that I can better understand the love between friends....and therefore have a better appreciation of GIVING that love much more than receiving it.

Because, honestly, I do have lots of love to give. And for those friends:

--over the past 10 years, 5 years.....
--new players on the scene....

who have been sweet enough to share the most basic, yet most powerful statement referring to human relationships with me..."I love you". Two final thoughts:

1) I thank you, believe you, and I'm gonna better realize and experience your love in my heart and mind, I promise!

2) I love you, too.

Happy 400th post! To the nine of you continuing to use All Things Witham as a sleep aid, I appreciate your consistency, even if it's for the earlier written purpose.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Couldn't forget Brenda!!!

A big hurrah for Kyra Sedgwick for her first Emmy nomination for "The Closer".

I'm sorry, but with the possible exception of the lady from all 34 Law & Orders, there's no way Kyra should lose.

Long ones, too!!

I wore slacks to work after church this afternoon.

Nobody noticed.

hee hee hee.......

Friday, July 07, 2006


It's about time.

Season Five of "24" finally broke this incredible show through to the media, to water cooler talk, and now, to Emmy-land!!

Twelve nominations for "24"!!! Wonder if they are the AM hours or PM hours. :)

Included are:

Kiefer Sutherland, best actor in drama series (Go Jack!)

Gregory Itzin, best supporting actor (and deservedly so for President Logan)

Jean Smart, best supporting actress (YES!! She was incredible as the First Lady)

For once, I actually care about some Emmy Award categories.

Emmys, Execs, and the Electoral College

Let's hear it for Robert Greenblatt, president of entertainment for Showtime.

(Yes, that title could be considered subjective, so could have been "minister" during my recent nine-year tenure. This is a joke about the title, not the guy, who, by the way, has a great first name!) :)

Below is a quote from an AP article about the recent changes in Emmy Judging which decides nominees. Many have much to say about it. Here's his thoughts.

Showtime president of entertainment Robert Greenblatt was overjoyed Thursday at his network's record showing of 19 nominations but admitted to feeling "incredibly ambivalent" about the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' experimental formation of a blue-ribbon panel charged with finalizing the list of candidates for the comedy and drama series and lead performer categories.

"I think this new system is as flawed as any I've seen in an awards competition," said Greenblatt, who was particularly dismayed about the omission of "Weeds" star Mary Louise-Parker in the lead actress in a comedy category. "It feels like the electoral college to me as far as being outdated. It's like a version of taking away the popular vote and leaving it to fewer people to make the decisions ultimately."

Note the final thoughts? The Electoral College is "outdated". How does a numerical process become outdated? When did we get a new numeric system?

The College was created by some people who were, well, really smart and forward-thinking, realizing that certain groups of people would not have the voice that others would, solely based on where their kitchen is located.

So, if the media were correctly teaching, and schools, college, and universities were correctly teaching, that the "popular vote" has NEVER elected a President, and that YOU have never voted "for a President", but only for the electors of your state who will then represent the vote of the people at the Electoral College, we wouldn't have as much confusion over this.

We also would have people maybe thinking twice about calling the Electoral College outdated.

Click above to find out how it all really works.

P.S.---I'm not trying to single out Mr. Greenblatt here; his quote, though, gave a perfect opportunity to open discussion on the subject.

Ten Minutes Left......

....I'm walking to the van leaving work tonight after a couple of trying days and this thought came into my mind:

If you only had ten minutes left to tell the people closest to you whatever you wanted to or needed to, who would they be, and what would you tell them?

Remember, there will be some spontaneity to this, so some "ten minutes" will be on the phone, maybe some via videophone or IM. But, hopefully, you'll be face to face.

A partial list of who I'd go find:

--My two kids
--My two kids (now we can count them as two on this list....hee hee)
--My wife (duh!)
--My best friend, who puts up with me at work every day (and will get an extra jewel in her crown in heaven)
--My brother
--My high school sweetheart
--My childhood friend who grew up next door to me and plays fantasy football with me

...and the other three posts....I'll keep blank for now. I'm realizing quickly just how difficult this would be.

And, you can forget getting any details on what I'd say.

So, begin your choices, but take your time and think about it. Alot.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hey Katie! You're taking MY job!!

The CBS/Katie Couric watch is on; as promos air during the CBS Evening News (and Bob Schieffer does a class job in them, as always).....

I'm very interested to see how she does.

But I am serious. I staked my claim to the anchor desk over 30 years ago.

Katie Couric bumped in line.

I'll tell my story soon.

P.S.---If she shows that hairstyle sometimes, I'll watch. :)

P.P.S.---But seriously, folks, I want to see how a woman will do in the Evening News race. As a media junkie, I'm looking forward to it. And I still think Elizabeth Vargas got robbed.


June's Winning Numbers......

A horrible start to June was turned around a bit near the end....

7, 21, 25, 30.

Here's to July bringing more victory and celebration!!

And a good time was had by all....even the 40 YEAR OLD!! :)

Well, wifey says that for three weeks we had her fooled.

It was only on the day of her surprise 40th birthday party that, she says, she knew something was going on. Her clue? Her baby sister and I were talking on the phone.

She and I NEVER talk on the phone. :)

It's funny; it got to the point at work where a call that never tries the office number and rings first on the cell, had to be a call from "the sis", who was a master in getting this event together (being that I live at work now---HEY, I did clean my cubicle last night and today, complete with vacuum and Mr. Clean!!). This would NEVER have happened without her.

The only fly in the ointment (remind me to stop buying ointment, I'm sick of all the flies....) was wifey's hours at work Monday. Does she leave at 2 or 4? I'm pleading with all my heart for it to be 4. I call her, would be 4!!


....I took mother-in-law and kids up to the fire station (they have an awesome room to put on a party), plus supplies, then came back home to meet wifey and, well, keep her occupied for awhile, since we weren't supposed to get there until 7:15.

Well, in the end, little occupying was needed, as she was held late by customers and got home at 6pm. Not 4:20....6pm. So, some of my "plans" for her, well, had to be a bit condensed. But, I still "occupied" her. :)

The party itself went well, and I'm so glad it did. She deserved a good hurrah for number 40.

Now the countdown is on to my 40th. I'm already putting bugs in her ear like, " absolutely nothing....", "....the birthday is on a Saturday, so I'll sleep the day away....", and, " realize you'd have to pay people to come to a birthday party....".

The older I get, the less I like any celebration regarding moi. But I don't think I'll have much say over my next one.