Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am alive!!!

It's been a whirlwind last few weeks. Training and starting my new job, plus some substituting, dealing with routine changes here at home (as I work 4p to midnight now instead of days), the kids' winding down school, and the usual ups and downs of life.

OH, and a great holiday weekend with my bro and sis-in-law, including lunch at Roy's Big Burger!!

I'll be around more soon. I have lots I want to talk about, though the train has already left the station on most of the current events that made me wish to comment.

That's okay, I'm sure there's more where that came from!

Now, to remember to feed the fish when I get home!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

So, exactly what has come to pass in these past six months......

Random thoughts now on things which have happened, people I've met, things in general that are in my life now that weren't there on 11/5/07 when I was advised to leave the Clear Channel Hotel.....

---the TV writers went back to work before I could....
---but, no new episode of "24" to be had....
---Henrico elected a practically new School Board....
---NFL fans went nuts when they couldn't see Dallas/Green Bay on NFL Network
---NFL fans went nuts when they couldn't see New England/Giants on NFL Network when the Patriots were going for 16-0, so they brought NBC and CBS in to broadcast it, too.
---the almost complete disappearance of Michelle Malkin from cable news.
---I'm glad I didn't own a radio station in town and had earlier come to agreement on a four-year deal to broadcast Richmond Braves baseball games.....
---Hanover beats PH, part deux, ending the Patriots' season at 7-5 in the Regional Final.
---The ridiculous loss of Sean Taylor
---Michael Vick to jail....
---The death of Benazir Bhutto
---The shooting at New Life Church in Colorado
---The shooting at Northern Illinois University
---On a better note, my first salad at Chili's
---Mitt Romney's hair
---Mike Huckabee's guitar
---Ron Paul is still running for President somewhere
---Fred Thompson's Emmy winning performance as Best Actor Who Ran For President But Really Didn't Want To....
---No snowstorms in Richmond this winter (shut up, Gore)
---The New York Giants. Enough said. :)
---Geico's string of mediocre ads ends thanks to Mrs. Butterworth
---Led Zeppelin played their first concert in 25 years. 20,000 people suffered minor burns on their thumbs living in the past by using their lighters instead of their cell phone lights.
---The Fed cut interest rates 64 times to its current negative five percent.
---Queen Elizabeth just won't die.
---Some State U. beat some Tech in some sort of Bowl game sponsored by a company who just laid off a few thousand workers. Tens of people cheered from the stands.
---Wifey thinks constant throwing up and severe pain is a great way to get attention. It also got her gall bladder removed.
---My daughter fell in love with Jeff Hardy.
---My son keeps the faith to get in shape and become the next big WWE Superstar.
---Harry J learns quickly when it's time to go onto the front porch to greet Rachel off the bus.
---Oil prices eclipse $100, $105.....$768.....whatever.
---Gas prices eclipse the numbers found on your paycheck.
---We are introduced to John King and the CNN Magic Wall, the CNN Election Center that looks like the old Match Game set with the rows of three pundits each....
---Keith Olbermann committing the kiss of death in Liberal-land, that is, up until late 2007, by trying to push Hillary outta the way ever since, oh, I don't know....Iowa, maybe?
---"Senator Obama.....can we get you anything?"
---"Senator Obama.....are you sure, because it's not a problem."
---Mom sees wrestling live and survives.
---John McCain and Mitt Romney have the only fireworks of the Republican campaign at a debate at the Reagan library. Nancy kicks 'em both in the groin and tells them to grow up.
---Bill Richardson suspends his Presidential campaign, immediately begins growing the Obama beard.
---Bill Clinton single-handedly provides You Tube enough "blow-up" moments to teach the next generation how NOT to handle themselves during pressure situations.
---John Edwards ends Presidential campaign, completing a five-year, two-election cycle with every hair on his head in place at every single public function.
---Parts of China paralyzed for days by huge snowstorm (what about it, Al??)
---Tim Russert officially taken off Hillary Clinton Christmas card list
---Super Tuesday.
---Super Tuesday II.
---Sicka Tuesday III.
---Roger Clemens equals Cy Young total with mistress total.
---Fidel Castro retires and enjoys his new-found love, cable TV.
---Earthquakes everywhere...Peru, Sumatra, Nevada, Illinois, China.......
---Groundhog saw his shadow, gave us six more weeks of Clinton/Obama and said, "so long, suckers!" before burrowing back home.
---Brett Favre announces retirement
---The fall of Eliot Spitzer
---The Atlanta tornado during the SEC Tournament.
---Davidson to the Elite Eight.
---Kansas in overtime.
---Price of "Love My Bear Stearns!" t-shirts go into freefall
---Blow out the Olympic torch anyone???

(editors note: In 1996, I covered the Olympic torch coming through Richmond, live, on the radio. In retrospect, I'm not sure how the flame came out on the dial.)

---Ric Flair retired. Honest. I think. :)
---Pope Benedict to America. In a little known fact, the night before he celebrated Mass in Yankee Stadium, he got the save for the Cardinals. Get it?
---Robbie gets to Chicago, sleeps thru an earthquake, and sees Da Cubbies!!
---Danica Patrick gets off the shnide!!!
---BIG BROTHER!!! My TV haven in lieu of no "24".


---Sheila and Adam, the hatin' couple, end up in the final three. They were my favorites anyway.
---Sharon was on the block for 74 weeks before being evicted.
---Ryan got SO lucky on day 28 when they split up the couples.
---James, could you just leave already?

And let's not forget Big Brother After Dark, featuring:

---Joshuah playing bowling with objects I cannot remember
---Watching Ryan and Adam play golf with plastic toys
---The night Sharon saved the snail and had Sheila "snail-sit" it while she had to report to the diary room
---When it was only Ryan and Adam left, Bonnie enjoyed one night where they showed both of them.....sleeping.
---Chess games.
---And, occasionally, some interesting conversation.
---And, 15,204 promos for "The Tudors". Good Lord.

We lost....

---Evel Knievel
---Jim Beauchamp
---Don Chevrier
---Dan Fogelberg
---Beverlee McKinsey
---Eight Belles
---Lynne "Angel" Harvey
---Jim Hager
---Paul Davis
---Stanley Kamel
---Charlton Heston
---Richard Widmark
---Ivan Dixon
---Gary Hart
---Eve Carson
---William F. Buckley
---Larry Norman
---John Shand
---Johnny Weaver
---John McWethy
---Suzanne Pleshette
---Lois Nettleton
---Allan Melvin
---Bobby Fischer
---Ernie Holmes
---Sir Edmund Hillary

....and a trip to Virginia Beach, a flirt with Big Brother 10, and lots of naps.

I CANNOT WAIT to get back to work! :)

Friday, May 02, 2008