Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Yes, I'm still here.....

...and when I get some time, I will return with more stories, more antics, more cash and prizes! (just kidding 'bout the last one...)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Here I am!!!! Yes, some 34 years ago and several pounds less. Now my wife can't get me to use a broom!! Oh, don't take my binky away, either.....:) Posted by Hello

Dear Lord, where do I begin??

It's been so long since I've blogged.....*yikes*....

Let's go with random thoughts first, then specifics in new entries.

1) The election: First, I'm SO GLAD it's over. Second, I'm not at all comfortable with this emphasis on the "values voter" and the "evangelical Christian" being the decisive factor.

Don't get me wrong, I fall into that category, but as I preached about Sunday, here's what I fear:

As I said at the sermon opening: "I have good news! George W. Bush was re-elected Tuesday. I also have bad news! George W. Bush was re-elected Tuesday." This was NOT in reference to 51 vs 48 percent; it meant that it was good to see values voters get behind a man of faith, BUT.....if evangelical Christians think their worries are over because George W. Bush is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue 'til early 2009, they are SORELY mistaken.

Beyond gay marriage, abortion, stem cells.....there's the Great Commission. Jesus was concerned about feeding the poor, loving thy neighbor, and going into all the world, making disciples. Electing a God-fearing President, though nice, doesn't really fit here. And I guarantee you, hundreds of thousands of Christians sat back in their pews last Sunday reveling in their "victory", as if the work was done.

If the Christian church was as active in evangelism, missionary work, and meeting the needs of the less fortunate as we are politically, maybe we really would see a seed change in American culture!

2) School: I enjoyed reading Halloween stories to Rachel's class the Friday before the trick or treat day. My plans now are to be a volunteer in the classroom, and do things if our principal needs me. As I stated in an earlier entry weeks ago, a PTO, PTA, EIEIO position is not in the cards---nowhere near the time, as well as now other elements which have unfortunately crept into the picture.

3) Church: I really never touched the subject of revitalizing a church....and its pastor (namely me!) after I mentioned it, but we're having what should be a productive Board meeting next Wednesday night. I'm looking forward to it.

4) Patrick Henry Football: Quick synopsis of an "oh-so-close" season:

Freeman nips PH 37-33 on 10/15, as PH misses two extra points, which costs them the game. The kicker after the game was the last player still on the sidelines, being consoled by an assistant coach. He would be replaced the next week.

PH upsets Godwin 44-29 on 10/22, in a game I didn't call (home sick), and, of course, I miss the history! Ray Long becomes the all-time winningest coach in Central Region history and RJ Waters becomes PH's all-time leading rusher as he finally had his breakout game. He also hurt his shoulder....yikes. At one time it was 44-7, and remember, this game was at Godwin.

PH takes care of TJ at homecoming/senior night, 54-28. RJ does play and breaks 100, good night for other players (I love Sam Smith, no. 7! Glad he's only a junior.....). They gave up 370 yards in passing though. Yes, many of them late for junk scores when the game was far out of reach, but they'd better be ready for Jameel Sewell's passing game with Hermitage....

Finally, on November 5th, before the Hermitage game, Stubby and I are in the booth prepping, when I told him, "All I want is a close game." At halftime, after reviewing the exciting first half, I told him words to the effect of, "..the second half is going to be even better, I can feel it in my bones."

I've seen quite a few high school football games, even PH's 1994 State Title win, but the Hermitage/PH game last Friday night tops them all.

PH has two chances inside the 11 yard line to score early, and get zero. Once stopped on downs, and a 21 yard FG missed. When you miss those chances early on the road, it's a horrible omen. Somehow, on this night, it wasn't as bad.

PH finally scored, Hermitage tied it, then PH scored again to make it 14-7. Hermitage had the ball near the end of the first half at the PH 3, but a personal foul made it 1st and goal at the 18. Then Sam Smith (!) sacks Sewell at the 33, then a holding penalty on the next play negates a 23 yard pass completion. Suddenly, Hermitage is 2nd and the 48!!! They didn't score. 14-7 at half.

Hermitage gets the ball first in the 3rd, promptly scores 2 TD's and takes a 21-14 lead. But PH battles back, with RJ Waters' 3rd TD of the night, it's 21-21. Hermitage gets another TD, then misses their extra point (that's usually a bad sign, too), so it's 27-21. RJ makes it 4 TD's, and PH can take the lead with the extra point.....


The kick hits the upright, no good, and we're tied 27-27. Neither team could punch it in in regulation, and we're going to overtime.

Hermitage gets the ball first at the ten and scores in three plays. PAT is good, it's 34-27. PH comes out for their possession....without RJ. He's on the bench, shoulder wrapped in ice, apparently re-injured. This changes everything. Troy Leftwich bulls his way in on 3rd down to make it 34-33, then Coach Long makes the gutsy call, and I agreed with him. You're on the road, your best player is out, go for the win when you can....

They go for two...Stuart May fakes the fullback handoff and tries to follow the right side of the line in. He didn't make it. Hermitage wins in OT, 34-33. They remain undefeated, while PH's chances of the playoffs come to a heartbreaking end.

May on the keeper for two points? Didn't really like that call...go with the bull Leftwich, or sweep and let DJ Thomas' speed get him to the pylon, or let DJ hide behind Leftwich's block and see if he can't squirt in. May just isn't really mobile, not when the defensive line only has 2.5 yards to defend, and passing was never an option.

Still, I LOVED the call to go for it. Yes, PH had earlier chances to win, so you can't put it all on the 2-pt conversion....2 chances lost in the first quarter, the missed extra-point in the 4th; any of them yield points and they win in regulation.

So, we finish the year at JR Tucker Friday night, weather permitting, as Stuart May, RJ Waters, Kevin Wagner and others finish their PH careers, hoping to win to make it three straight years of 7-3. If they were still a Division 5 school, we'd be talking playoffs...alas, they are not. Let's hope the boys don't come in with an apathetic attitude. That would be sad. I hope RJ is healthy and can go out with a 300 yard game. He got 299 at Hermitage.

4) My Health: I'm still tired alot, but better now that I've dropped the beta-blocker; that thing was the best sleeping pill I've ever taken....too bad I took it at 7am!!! I've gained some weight (possible medicine side-effect) and I don't like that.

Oh, and the Witham thermometer went into "under 30" mode this morning (29.6 degrees F), so, instead of shorts, I wore long pants and actually broke out the coat to wear (and promptly left it at work tonight, but that's okay, it's only going to be 38 tonight, that's not cold...)

Coming up, my trip to Mama's grave (it must have an entry of its own), and the first photo of yours truly. :)

Wednesday, November 03, 2004