Friday, February 29, 2008

Global Warming: The Frozen Kind

I've always regretted the fact that the one full winter I lived in New England, there was below average snow.

That cannot be said about this year.

So friends, in an effort to continue to bring ALL information about our climate to our consciousness, please click here for an in-depth look at snow totals for various portions of New England and an incredible photo from Watertown, New York, who has apparently had the (sad) experience of getting some 146 inches of snow in a two-week period.

I like snow, but as Mary Poppins said, "Enough is as good as a feast!"

Oh, and ask the people of Wisconsin about Global Warming Inevitablitiy. There's a link in the article to a story about their winter wonderland as well.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Media Coverage of Clinton v. Obama.....

There are some dynamics going on here that, frankly, I'm not sure I've heard many people bring up or discuss with regard to who the media likes (Obama), who they are unfair to (Clinton), et al.

First, Barack Obama.

1) When was the last time there was a Presidential campaign featuring a fresh new face from the "outside"? Answer: 1992, when Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton burst onto the scene, and captured the Presidency in the three-way dance with Bush 41 and Ross Perot.

2) Was that campaign (Clinton '92) fairly covered? I was in the media for that election year, and it was painfully obvious that, first, Clinton was able to run against, frankly, a tired-looking President. The Ross Perot phenomenon in the Spring and early Summer caused Clinton to lose face time, much to his campaign's chagrin. But once his 15 minutes of fame passed by, Clinton returned to the spotlight.

3) So when was Clinton the media darling in 1992? Well, early on, thanks to the "60 Minutes---Stand By Your Man" opportunity, he became the "Comeback Kid" by finishing second (?) in New Hampshire. Then, the "man from Hope" got the royal treatment right here in Richmond at the Presidential debate best known for President Bush looking at his watch and the question from the pony-tailed guy....

From the debate transcript....

SIMPSON: May I--I talked to this audience before you gentlemen came and I asked them about how they felt about the tenor of the campaign. Would you like to let them know what you thought about that, when I said are you pleased with how the campaign's been going? (Audience: "No.")

SIMPSON: Who wants to say why you don't like the way the campaign is going? We have a gentleman back here.

AUDIENCE PARTICIPANT: And forgive the notes here but I'm shy on camera. The focus of my work as a domestic mediator is meeting the needs of the children that I work with, by way of their parents, and not the wants of their parents. And I ask the three of you, how can we, as symbolically the children of the future president, expect the two of you, the three of you to meet our needs, the needs in housing and in crime and you name it, as opposed to the wants of your political spin doctors and your political parties?

SIMPSON: So your question is?

AUDIENCE PARTICIPANT: Can we focus on the issues and not the personalities and the mud? I think there's a need, if we could take a poll here with the folks from Gallup perhaps, I think there's a real need here to focus at this point on the needs.

SIMPSON: How do you respond? How do you gentlemen respond to--

GOVERNOR CLINTON: I agree with him.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Let's do it.

SIMPSON: President Bush?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Let's do it. Let's talk about programs for children.

AUDIENCE PARTICIPANT: Could we cross our hearts? It sounds silly here but could we make a commitment? You know, we're not under oath at this point but could you make a commitment to the citizens of the United States to meet our needs, and we have many, and not yours again? I repeat that. It's a real need, I think, that we all have.


"Meet our needs". Meet our needs??? Government is supposed to do that? That's called SOCIALISM.

Anyway, Clinton thrived in those situations, not to mention moderator Carole Simpson, (then of ABC News), was so into Clinton it wasn't funny.

So, lesson? Sometimes the media give you a lighter treatment.

Is the media's coverage of Barack Obama been as tough as it has been for Hillary Clinton? No way! But it's NOT really because, suddenly, everybody with a microphone, a videophone, all pundits and bloggers, voted to turn on her en masse.

In 2008, Barack Obama is the fresh face. He represents "new" at another point in history where "change" is being sought by the electorate. Go back and look at Clinton's 1992 campaign and see how the terms "hope" and "change" were utilized to his advantage. Deft political move in that kind of political climate.

Obama's doing the same thing. He's bringing people into the political process, and not just very young voters, that either had never participated or had walked away for a period of time.

Fresh face, candidate of hope and change, and, as his campaign revved up, it's become a phenomenon that the media has no choice but to cover it. And it's a positive story! It's reality, so the media MUST cover that.

So, dynamic of Obama's media coverage? New face, rallying new electorate groups, effective communicator, aligns with the individual, and has effectively made himself the poster boy for "change and hope".

Now...the dynamic of Hillary's media coverage. Establishment candidate. Her track record in the White House left at least 40 percent of the active electorate of, say, a year ago, against her. That makes it more difficult to be able to capture a general election. In spite of that, a year, six months, heck, four months ago, Hillary was THE presumed Democratic nominee!

Then she got pissed at Tim Russert over his questioning to her at an early debate (which was a poor move on her part....first, don't blame others; second, if you are the presumed front-runner, you should be able to answer questions that reporters won't spend time asking Dennis Kucinich, because we all know he's not going to win!

Then, as the Obama Phenomenon caught on, especially after his win (albeit by a small margin) over Edwards and Clinton in Iowa, the media went to the inevitable "Clinton Question".

What's wrong?

Tell ANYONE last August that she would finish third in Iowa and people would check your temperature.

Then, she triumphantly returns in New Hampshire and the game is on, again!

But then there's South Carolina....and Bill. Bill Clinton quickly becomes a liability with sound bites played everywhere. After all, he IS a former President! So, Hillary takes him out of sight for a season.

So as Obama is a rising star, his star is headed straight for, well, the Planet Clinton. Suddenly, she's not the only candidate in the stratosphere. Suddenly, she can't hold on to the money she wants to save until fall. She has to use it now!

One, two, three.....six, seven.....eleven races in a row for Obama and everything, EVERYTHING has changed.

Obama performs well in debates, is able to deflect most of her attacks and remain pretty much positive and "above the fray", which his constituents love (and rightly so).

Nothing is working for the Clinton campaign, and, suddenly, the inevitable Democratic nomination is starting to slip away from Hillary Clinton. And ever since, their chief architects seem to be either tearing each other down or living in "delusion-land".


Obama is getting more "positive" media treatment, at this time of the political campaign. Why? He's the Bill Clinton of 2008. New, fresh, with a message of hope and change. And, whereas the media gave Bill a "get away from Gennifer Free" card 16 years ago, they haven't had to do that with Obama. His entire campaign story is filled with positives. That does NOT, though, give the media "artistic license" to not ask him tougher questions and to not begin to dig into all of his past. There are dynamics to Obama 2008 that make the story of Clinton 1992 look very small in comparison.

And I never said anything about him being African-American.

Clinton? Yes, tougher questions. But going from an "inevitable" nominee to an even playing field, followed by an 11-state losing streak will certainly cause the tone of the media queries to be more "what is going on?" or "what is wrong?", or "what can your campaign do to stem the Obama tide?" It's like being a football coach.

Take New York Giants football coach Tom Loughlin. I'm a Giants fan. I was screaming for his head at the end of the 2006 season. They collapsed in the second half of that season both on and off the field and played one horrendous playoff game.

Now, Tom's getting peppered with tough questions as to why the collapse occurred, if there really is infighting in the locker room, are you still able to "reach" the team.

One year later....Coughlin's team wins an improbable Super Bowl title, is the toast of New York City, and, watching his press conference the next day, I didn't hear many "tough" questions. Why? Success!

We didn't hear "why are you so tough on me?" questions from Hillary and unfair accusations against the media by Bill, complete with his signature wagging-finger, last summer or fall.....when she was "head and shoulders" above the other 11 or 57 or 108 other candidates.

But we do now from a campaign that, I honestly believe, never, ever spent one minute discussing "what if?" strategy, just in case by some weird twist of fate, one of those "other guys" happens to get some traction and begins to become a clear cut second choice in polls and gathering steam.


What was Bill Clinton's blessing in 1992 has become Hillary Clinton's albatross in 2008. Also NOT helping her is her past. Remember "vote one get one free!" from Bill Clinton? How about Hillary heads the Health Care effort, though she doesn't hold elective office? And, to this day, we really don't know how many "Hillary Clintons" there really are. She hasn't thrown a lamp at David Gregory or Kate Snow yet.

She's probably saving it for her next one-on-one with Tim Russert.

Who she has been (in all her incarnations) now returns to haunt her.

And notice I never said a word about "first woman President".


TO CLOSE (promise!)

They asked Bill Belicheck, "what went wrong?" and Tom Coughlin "how does it feel?"

Bill B equals Hillary, Tom equals Obama.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Devil Didn't Get All The Good Music. Thank You, Larry Norman...

Contemporary Christian Music lost its first real pioneer over the weekend.

Larry Norman had been in ill health for quite some time, but God continued to overflow his heart, spirit and mind with messages of hope not just in song, but to people one-on-one. And judging by the emails his family is receiving this week, you know he was obedient to hand out those messages quite liberally and faithfully.

I've been involved with and a fan of "CCM", as we call it in the "industry", since 1985, and, around the top of the list of those who "blazed the trail" for the Amy Grants, the Michael W. Smiths, the Jars of Clay, etc, etc.....was Larry Norman.

His trail has now taken him Home. Enjoy the good music there, Larry.

***----Read this article from for a different perspective on Larry Norman, the human; his struggles and strained relationships, and psychological battles (which I certainly can understand). Plus links to YouTube video of his performances and more.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bill Cunningham.....idiot.

So, he uses the middle name three times, "Barack Hussein Obama".

He calls him, "the Prophet from Chicago".

Yeah, it might work on WLW on his radio show, but this is why Bill Cunningham is not, say, Rush Limbaugh.

Rob?? What do you mean??

Rush wouldn't have been there in the first place. And when he says things like "drive-by media", he has a substance-filled argument for using the phrase.

Note Cunningham didn't explain himself on his web site or on a CNN interview. He just said he'd endorse Hillary Clinton.

Wonder what'll happen to this radio host? At the least, how about a reality check of what you say?

Live Blog: The Final Debate???

Too good of an opportunity to pass up......

....but we also will update you on Big Brother...... :)

One quick thought.....will Obama Girl get to ask a question? :)


I don't care much for Brian Williams. He reminds me (and it certainly may not be true) of the guy who is pretty sure he knows a little more than you do.

Tim Russert is fine by me.

904pm-----Clinton camp yells, "The press did it again!!" They showed two of the faces of Hillary.

905pm-----First use of "15 million people left out of health insurance"....

906pm-----" far as I know....." She doesn't know yet if the Obama picture came from her camp?

907pm-----Obama's first comments: negative mailings about "15 million people". Is this our drinking game mantra tonight?

908pm-----"force them to have it...." Those without health care? Force them? Want to hear Hillary's response.....

909pm-----"Senator Clinton....her campaign that is.....", separating her just a bit from the mailings. Obama trying to go both ways here?

910pm-----"Do what is right", Clinton says regarding having health care for everyone. Clinton uses "insurance" first; good move by her. Everyone hates their health insurance people! Unless they work there. :)

"Achieve Universal Health Care"? Party represented this since Harry Truman? Who are the "independents" who have studied her plan?

912pm-----Obama I do, she says I don't. Obama pulls out a Clinton Secretary of Labor who approves his plan as better financially.

How does she "enforce a mandate", he asks? Massachusetts imposes fines?

913pm-----Clinton: "This is too important!" No difference in any mandate, she says! Good point, number two. But now she throws in Social Security and Medicare. Shaky move as it proves her plan is nothing more than a government takeover of 15 percent of the nation's GDP.....

"...nearly everybody"?? She really used that term??

915pm-----It's Obama's experts vs. Clinton's experts!! Put 'em in a steel cage!!! Hit the experts with a chair!!!!

Obama strikes a blow. "Clinton's experts say there's not much difference in the plans"....

917pm-----Clinton very aggressive, using the emergency room scenario and young people will die!! Obama's got you covered up to age 25.

918pm-----Brian Williams says 16 minutes is enough on health care.

I HEAR BOOS!!! STUPID MOVE, HILLARY!!!! Whine, whine, whine!! "Why do I always get the first question? Should we ask Senator Obama if he's comfortable?"

Obviously, she is already frustrated that she apparently didn't score the blow she personally hoped for on the health care issue. So now it's, "THE PRESS DOESN'T LIKE ME!!!" Good Lord, what was the question???


Hillary says I'm anti-NAFTA (but the 90s??) and we should have a "real debate". Obama returns serve with Hillary's 2004 quote on NAFTA and New York State. He applauds Hillary for her stand now, subtly. Man, he's deft. He brings in the China toys and foreign medicines.

No sweat on his brow yet.....

923pm: Russert to Clinton....oh, lots of quotes from hubby and her. NAFTA gone in six months under Hillary? Be clear! No "gone", we must renegotiate.

She bounces back on splitting the issue by splitting her state geographically.

Russert vs. Clinton II: Apparently Hillary says Russert doesn't read the Cleveland Plain Dealer. This is great! NOW, if Russert would just press Obama the SAME way!!

David Gergen says in the White House, she wasn't happy about NAFTA. But people also say she never threw lamps.

Russert to Obama....renegotiate. "Senator Clinton is right". If that's his heart, then cool. Otherwise, maybe he's not as schooled on this issue. Rest of this answer sounds solid.

Obama Strategy: "If there's no difference between us on an issue, agree, compliment, then discuss your knowledge and solutions".

Russert: Excellent turnaround on Obama with regard to Ohio!! Obama skirts answer, says "I've got a plan". Don't sound like Kerry!!! Weak point for him tonight.


BIG BROTHER UPDATE AT 930pm: Allison is going after Sheila.

Russert to Clinton, 5 million too exuberant? 5 million new jobs???

You didn't get 200,000 jobs for New York State, you lost 30,000!!

She thought Al Gore would be President. Wonder if there was an asterisk on that comment back then?

Ohio becomes her Green State! No more Red and Blue states??

933pm: She'd never compare us to Germany in a debate in the general campaign!

934pm: Foreign policy question from Williams to Obama regarding Clinton comparing you to Bush 43. How were those comments unfair?

Obama: Experience doesn't equal longevity in Washington. He goes to the Iraq War vote, which is always a killer for Hillary. 12 billion dollars a month sent out when it should be here.

He now goes over Pakistan, telling truth about Musharrf (certainly not our greatest ally!!).....

Hillary? Are we taking a chance with Barack?

"You know, I've been here and there, done this and that.....". NEW strategy on Iraq question. He didn't have to vote in 2002!!! He was just talking!!!

Is this a good move on her "talking only, no results" theme? Good shot, if you ask me. Good move, Hillary!

938pm: Obama said he wanted to bomb Pakistan. His hands come down, but he didn't try to interrupt. Oh dear, back to 80 countries (somebody check her visa!!)....."I can hold my own." Does this mean Obama will wither??

Obama says it's more than words. "It's not I told you so, it's to give you insight as to how I make decisions." "Bus in the ditch....who made the decision to do that? She gave in to George Bush "on Day One". WOW!!!!!

SERIOUS counterpunch by Barack. This is a GREAT exchange, though I have a faint hope that somehow, still, we may still get one exchange without the words "experience and change".

Final sentence by Obama putting Clinton's war vote in McCain's camp until her run for President....serious shot to the gut!

Russert to Obama: Iraq says "GET OUT!" Do you get out, Obama? He says yes, but also meet our security interests.

"Careful getting out as careless as we were getting in." Good line. Bet he didn't come up with it. :)

Russert to Clinton: "GET OUT?" You'd listen? Hillary, "absolutely!"

We interrupt for Russert's do we go back in? As he put it, "...and Iraq goes to hell"...

Hillary "you're hypothetical, Tim!"
Russert: "No, it's reality."
Clinton: "No, this isn't reality."

That'll be a BAD SOUND BITE for Hillary.

945pm: A new left hook from Hillary; if Barack's gonna talk about being on the Armed Services Committee, what about NATO? Why haven't you had any hearings?

946pm: Obama honestly answers about the committee! Good move!

Obama: "I will always reserve the right as President.....we will have to act in the best interests of the American homeland and our interests abroad....make sure we hunt them down."

THAT sounds more Presidential than picking on Tim Russert......

BIG BROTHER UPDATE: Amanda is back from the hospital and she's okay. She learns about Allison, who now returns. :) And they have a heart to heart....

BACK TO CLEVELAND: Ya think Hillary came out late on purpose to get some love??

Hmmm....the "celestial choir" soundbite! Obama: "Sounds good!"

It's a tape aired in error! Really? Obama: "I'll give her points for delivery."

Tell the wounded warriors at Walter Reed Hospital that it's all talk, he says. Obama had this answer ready probably late Sunday afternoon after he saw the soundbite for the first time.

BIG BROTHER UPDATE: The Power of Veto is NOT used! Alex and Amanda or Matt and Natalie say goodbye tomorrow night at eight, seven Central......roll credits.

Back to Hillary! 55 billion dollars back from the special interests! I want to get it back! It's Bush and members of Congress who did this!

Why didn't she work harder the past seven years to save a couple of those billion already?

Clinton is a fighter, will fight for the people of Ohio!!!


Barack FINALLY opens the can on the First Lady experience issue. He doesn't begrudge it. Good move. His theory on taking responsibility and credit during the Bill years is alright, and I agree. But it's minor in the scheme of this election. Normal people who aren't political wonks don't care about it......

RUSSERT talks financing for the campaign. Are you waffling? You checked yes. What's the deal??!!?? Good press by Tim, but not full court like he did to HC.

Obama will sit down with McCain "IF I'm the nominee..."
Russert: You MAY go back on your word?

Russert to HC: refuse to release your tax returns. Your supporter, the Governor of Ohio, said release them to his opponent. Why won't you?

HC: "It's the American people who are funding my campaign, that's obvious!----I will release my returns....", she says maybe before she becomes the nominee, but SHE DOESN'T HAVE TIME right now.....


What about all your files from the Clinton White House?

HC: "As soon as we can, Tim...."

RUSSERT TO OBAMA: Do you support the endorsement of Louis Farrakhan?

BO: I can't censor him; we are not doing anything with him."

Russert now brings in Obama's pastor, who said Farrakhan "epitomizes greatness". And he pulls a Jewish quote from the pastor, too. Tough question! But it's religion, but that's no longer off limits in Presidential elections.

Obama has support from Jews, says he wants to restore a historic tradition between the African-American community and the Jewish community. He goes into that history, which I only recently learned on a PBS Special that had nothing to do with either candidate.

That is a GREAT answer.

Hillary wants to add something. I rejected the Independence Party in 2000 for being anti-Jew. That's excellent. But she thought it was a risk? That's stretching it a little. She had hardly any opposition in 2000 or 2006.

Obama: "I'll concede the point and reject and renounce." He follows up HC's real reason for her comments, that she rejects the wackos, but Barack wouldn't. He answered with the above. Wow! Someone concedes a point!

She's still going to be mad that his doing that will work to his advantage. Her saying, "That's good" or whatever she said quickly is inconsequential, but maybe does show she was all about "winning the point". I'm sure Farrakhan was near the top of her talking points memo to make sure Obama had to answer to it.

Going on 10:20pm questions? Let's see where they go.

WILLIAMS: "How can you run with a more liberal record than Ted Kennedy?"

Barack goes first to comparing the grades given by National Review to him and Hillary, ignoring the Kennedy comparison. His "ethics package" is not "liberal", he says. "The categories don't make sense!" Obama shrugs off the "labels" and says voters are looking at issues, not "you're liberal", or "you're conservative". Decent answer.

RUSSERT: Russia. Tell me about his successor.

HC first. "He's a hand-picked successor." General answer here....I bet Obama's may have been even more "general" had he gotten it first.

Can't pronounce the name. Most of us can't. Obama coattails on Hillary's answer (see, I told you so!), then brings out some Bush/Putin discussion.

RUSSERT: Russia sends troops to retake Kosovo. What does President Obama do?

"We work with international community that also recognizes Kosovo." He also praises the work of the Bill Clinton administration for creating troops/plans to work in these situations.


Tim Russert: "In your public service, what would you take back?"

HC: Her Iraq vote....then sends the conversation immediately into the public and rattles off a ton of other issues "we could have done another program, Tim." Fragmented sentence, I know.

BO: Teri Schiavo situation circa 2005 when Congress voted to intervene. I didn't stand up on the floor of the Senate and stop it. I'm a lawyer, I knew better." I quote as best I can.

Now, Obama to wax poetic....20 debates, "proud to campaign with her", as he now takes her last comment from last week.

Obama: "They want a hand-up." Whew! And all this time I thought he wanted to hand out, well, "hand-outs"!

WILLIAMS' FINAL QUESTION: What question must HC answer to prove her worthiness?

BO: Lauds her worthiness, launches into McCain and Bush, but WHAT QUESTION WOULD YOU ASK?? Anyway, "why I think I'm better....I can bring people together." He brings a "special bias in opening up government." Interesting quote there.....

WILLIAMS: And what about BO, HC?

HC: She gets one shot at the First Women President, which gets some applause. "Who can actually change the country? My experience, over 35 years....." know the rest.

She simply "wants to help". We need a "fighter in the White House".


Don't forget the Spanish version on David Letterman's favorite channel, TELEMUNDO!!!!

Now the audience responds! Clinton shakes BO's hand, Clinton turns away from Russert, Obama goes to Russert, Russert goes to Clinton. Tim and Hillary should NEVER be a couple in the Big Brother house!!!


Olbermann: "Field goals, no touchdowns, and field goals won't do it for Hillary Clinton."

Matthews asks what I did, WHY did she go to the "give a pillow to Obama, SNL" crap.

Not sure I wanna comment about those two much more. :) Good 'ol PMSNBC.

ANDREA MITCHELL IS HERE! She loves Hillary! Well, Mrs. Greenspan??

Hmmm....not much from her.

OVER TO CNN........"she seemed to be a little testy", says an Obama supporter. John King? "These two are tired of each other."

He is SO right! Now, excuse John, he needs to work on wedding preparations.


Tim Russert is being interviewed. He's just speaking truth right now. And I didn't realize that his Russia question was directed at no one.

He grilled Clinton on tax returns and Obama on public financing.

Well, well. Interesting evening. On points, I say Obama wins 15-12 and remains current Democratic Heavyweight Champion.

Who would have thought Hillary's victory in New Hampshire would possibly be her last?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Rebuttal: The many faces of Barack Obama?

The Barack Obama picture in question from his 2006 trip to Kenya when he dressed as a Somali elder. From the Clinton campaign? Obama's?? Who knows......

Obama at a rally held last week in Youngstown, Ohio, according to

Obama debating Hillary Clinton last Thursday night in Texas.

One thing can be said....I don't see many differences in these faces; as opposed to the last post.

The daily faces of Hillary Clinton???

Here is Hillary Clinton on Sunday, delivering a "more-than-subtle" (and that's being nice) dig of sarcasm against the "naive hopes" of her opponent, Senator Barack Obama.

Here is Hillary on Saturday, scolding Senator Obama for his mean, shameful mailers straight from the Karl Rove School of Dirty Politics.......

And here is Hillary at the end of last Thursday night's debate......

Wonder what face we get when tomorrow night's debate begins?? It would be sad if it weren't so contrived. The "faces" of Hillary that she could hide in the White House all those years that we knew existed, are finally in plain view.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Longtime Construction Foreman Sues Presidential Frontrunner for Plagiarism

Bob The Builder has filed a $34.6 trillion dollar lawsuit against the Presidential campaign of Illinois Senator Barack Obama over use of the phrase, "Yes We Can!"

"I am stunned and sickened that Obama would take the definitive phrase of my boss, an icon to wanna-be construction workers everywhere, and pass it off as his own," said long-time Bob The Builder team member "Dodger" at a hastily called press conference held on top of five pallets using a megaphone at a field being prepared for commercial development in the Far West End of Henrico County, Virginia.

Fellow "Bob's Top Team" member Packer was too distraught to discuss the issue and left the event early.

But Team member Scoop was more vocal. "What has Senator Obama built in Congress? What has he constructed successfully? Is he a foundation for any building blocks to America's future?" A reporter asked him if Bob came to him for any advice regarding filing the suit and if he (Scoop) would help him. Scoop replied, "No prob, Bob! And I better not hear anyone use THAT line! It's mine!!".

Moments after the press conference, a spokesperson for the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign emphatically denied being behind either the lawsuit itself or Scoop's comments.

When asked if he and his team are ready to take this plagiarism case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, Bob The Builder said with a smile, "What he said! That I said first....".

There was no immediate response from the Obama campaign.

Monday, February 18, 2008

WWE's Same Ol' Same Ol'.......

SPOILER ALERT!!! If you didn't pay 40 bucks (NEITHER WOULD I!!) to watch the No Way Out PPV Sunday night and don't want to know the winners (well, one of them), then leave this page, friends.


--My daughter has a HUGE crush on Jeff Hardy.

--Jeff Hardy has gotten by far the BIGGEST crowd reactions and has busted his rear like crazy to excite and entertain those fans for months now.

--BUT because Jeff Hardy is NOT the son-in-law of the owner of the company, he did NOT win in the Elimination Chamber tonight.

--Triple H did, just as I suspected. Why?

--Didn't you hear me? He's the son-in-law of the owner of the company.

Remember, kids---hard work pays off! But only if you marry the daughter of the owner of the company.

Great moral to THAT story.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

God doesn't like coal? How about windmills?

From the country that says they have no gays.......

.....I bring you the latest edict from the Supreme Leader of Iran (He's even bigger than I-M-A-NIM-A-ROD!)

Like nuclear power, or get ready for God's mushroom cloud of doom!

I guess Iranians with a, ah, free thinking mind should now consider Chernobyl a myth along with the Holocaust.........

Friday, February 15, 2008

Rest In Peace.....Johnny Weaver

Johnny Weaver, arguably the foundation of Jim Crockett's Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling promotion from his tag team days with George Becker to his legendary managerial stint with Dusty Rhodes ending at Starrcade '87, passed away this morning at age 73.

I'll post more as it comes. The initial report is here.

Death of the Old Media II: Radio Stocks......

.....local radio isn't dead. It will be awhile before it takes the full effect of the new media onslaught that is occurring. That's why radio companies are diligently working to train terrestrial listeners to go to their station websites to listen to music online, download music, and check out exclusives.

BTW, Clear Channel needs to be applauded for its work in the website arena, as their listenership of internet radio recently surpassed Yahoo!, and, they are savvy about partnerships with artists, focused on producing events that can only be seen on their sites.

But the OTHER reason why radio is tying themselves into their websites is simple. Terrestrial radio has begun its descent into a new level of oblivion. It will take years for aspects such as the local morning drive show to end. But radio itself has already given up ground by saying goodbye to localism, news departments, night DJ's, even afternoon DJ's. One station in Charlotte is now making their morning show team record a show for that afternoon.....for no extra pay. Gee, originality there, eh?

The first radio patient in critical condition is on Wall Street. Let me let Jim Cramer talk about from a (yeah...) "web-exclusive" on on 2/8/08.

A "That's All Folks" of the worst possible kind..... memories of Bugs Bunny are of Elmer Fudd, Fearless Freep, and the Barber of Seville.

....Middle Eastern children now get someone who looks alot like Bugs, but has a much darker heart than our beloved bunny.....let me introduce you to Assud the Rabbit.

This isn't the first time Hamas or other Islamist Radicals have used cartoons to brainwash children into anti-Semitism, and it won't be the last.

But for those of you who haven't read it for it here.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My NEW favorite TV show!!!

I LOVE THESE GUYS!!! Especially Ferb! Episodes nightly at 8pm ET through February 29on Disney Channel!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

From Rob Witham Copy Blog: Writers Strike Over, So When Does Your Favorite Show Return?

Click here for my blog discussion on the end of the WGA strike, with a link to an article talking about the future of many shows.

Some will be back as soon as March or April; others may never return.

It'll be interesting to look back in February, 2010 and see what the long-term effects of the strike REALLY were. I think network TV hasn't just shot itself in the foot, it's blown a leg off.

Now you can watch a web exclusive show on a site like MySpaceTV, then surf over to and watch the new episode of CSI whenever you want. And this will hurt LOCAL TV advertisers big time. CBS may be able to throw in a few of their spots into the webcast, but your local affiliate cannot.

One behavorial change can spark a behavorial revolution. One wonders if that's taken place in the past 100 days. Time will tell.


FLASH: Dolly Parton's tour on hold, is currently a "bust".

Well, there's one thing you can say about Dolly Parton, she doesn't pull any punches. When it was announced her spring tour was being postponed due to back ailments, she told you exactly why.

The headline for this article says it all.

Obama crosses the Potomac, stakes claim to all territory.....

Well, the Virginia primary that actually mattered is done and Barack Obama not only won, but apparently made some inroads into Hillary Clinton country in terms of the support he received with certain population segments.

Nearly nine of ten black voters went to Obama, while he won among white voters by 14 in an ABC News exit poll. 60 percent of white women went for Hillary, but that's down from past primaries and is her strongest voter base. Obama cuts into that even by several percent as he has apparently begun to do, and Clinton is in huge trouble.

There are plenty of "reasons" (excuses?) why Clinton has lost eight in a row. Read here as part of this article breaks down how Obama won where....well, you let the story say what the Clinton campaign said, then judge for yourself.

Next up is Wisconsin and Hawaii, next Tuesday. Brett Favre and the late Don Ho. Clinton has already conceded them, showing her campaign strategy is to live in Texas and Ohio until March 4th.

But there was another "inevitable" candidate for 2008 who did something similar to this, waiting for Florida to be his coming out party. But it ended up being "waterloo" for Rudy Guliani.

Does Hillary really want all the headlines for the next three weeks to talk about how she's "pinning her hopes" by setting up a "firewall"? Doesn't sound like optimism or momentum to me.

"24" News: Joel Surnow Leaves, NEW date set for Season 7?

Yep. Looks like the writers really did a number on "24", friends.

In this article, we learn of co-creator Joel Surnow's departure, AND WORSE, we see in print that Season Seven is now slated to begin NEXT January, 2009.

Bummer city!! There will definitely be pressure now on Kiefer and Company to make Season Seven one to remember, with this time delay now in play.

Hang on "24" fans!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Watch Charlie's delayed reaction to his brother. Did he know exactly what he was doing? Already got one over older brother, eh? Ha, ha!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


One of the most irrelevant phrases in 20th Century Virginia political history was:

"The Virginia Presidential Primary"

Its needlessness continued into 2004, but......WHAT? COULD IT BE???

The Virginia Presidential Primary will actually MATTER when we go to the polls tomorrow! WE FINALLY MATTER!! HEY VIRGINIANS! GROUP HUG!!!!

So, what do I hear beginning late last Tuesday night as Super Tuesday finally came to a close??

"Next week is the Potomac Primary!"

WHAT??!!?? THE WHAT??!!??

So, suddenly, the name "Virginia" had been replaced with a nearby body of water. Later on, we are renamed the Chespeake Primary.

Potomac. Chesapeake.

I know some PR lackey in a backroom at some network or blog thought he/she was BRILLIANT coming up with this "title". Except for one little problem.....

I can't speak for those in D.C. and Maryland, but I am INSULTED by having my commonwealth's FINALLY MEANINGFUL Presidential primary be called by something other than the word "Virginia".

So, a message I sent to Anderson Cooper on his blog tonight now goes to the whole media, as if they care about me. :)

"POTOMAC TUESDAY". That's a cool title! Then you have to tell everyone where the primaries are located! For God's sake, you guys assume everyone in Nebraska, Indiana, Wyoming, and San Francisco already know what "Potomac" or "Chespeake" even means in this context!!!

"POTOMAC TUESDAY". Is it too late to change the graphics for tomorrow's coverage?

Friday, February 08, 2008

A "Friday Fill-In" List!

From new blog find Becky68.....I blatantly ripped off this idea! :)

1. I’m looking forward to the NFL Draft.
2. Sanity is a place I always wanted to visit and haven’t made it there yet.
3. I’ve fallen in love with increased levels of serotonin.
4. Six of one, is worth two in the bush.
5. Addiction can be very alluring, unless it's cigarette smoke. GAG!
6. The way Rachel has developed an evil laugh like Dr. Phibes cracks me up!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I watched hockey, tomorrow my plans include playing taxi for the kids and re-watching the Super Bowl, and Sunday, I want to go to work, but I STILL DO NOT HAVE A JOB!!!

Now, next Friday, you fill in the bold places on your blog!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

January's Winning Numbers

....1, 13, 22 and 31. Poor start. Below the 2007 average. This is getting disheartening. I gotta find better winning numbers.

Death of the Old Media I: Your morning paper......

I delivered the Richmond Times-Dispatch for 14 years.

During that time, we saw the parent company, Media General, cease publishing its afternoon equivalent, The Richmond News Leader, in 1992.

As the 2000s dawned, the Internet was booming along, and, as you could get news faster and faster, and all media outlets felt the need to have a web presence, newspapers had to do the same.

But as opposed to radio or television, the newspaper industry was the first major member of what is called today the "Old Media" to stare down the Internet, and shake in its collective boots. Why? Simple. Read THIS STORY, then continue this post....

A generation is about to arrive that asks the question:

"Why pay for and wait for the newspaper to show up on my driveway when I can read it online, and, be assured it'll never be delivered wet?"

We left the paper route at the end of 2002. There had not been much of a drop in circulation at the time, but the discussion concerning the "inevitable showdown" between the newspaper and its web site was already underway.

Some papers attempted to make people pay to read the online content, such as the New York Times. That was a complete disaster. Why?

1) New Yorkers could get their news on a number of other websites for free. I mean, how many other newspapers are in NYC, not just radio, television, et al??

2) National and world news was easily accessible from anyone from,, to "portals" such as


The circulation drop, and subsequent cutting of many newspaper jobs, began in earnest last year, with 2008 looking grim; not just because of the internet issue, but, as with all media, but because of forecasts of stalled or lower overall ad revenue due to recession fears.

So, the "newspapers" with the better chance of surviving have done this:

1) Embrace the web as an active part of the printed newspaper. Drive your readers to the website for additional information (saves on paper!), teach your older readers how to be web savvy, etc.

2) SELL, SELL, SELL!!! Web advertising, whether packaged with the actual paper, or otherwise, has made a difference.


Newspaper carriers don't have to fear for their jobs for at least a few more years, in my view. The baby boomer generation, I think, pretty much still likes to have that newspaper in hand, to take to work with them, or, on Sunday morning, to peruse with their first and second cups of joe.

My generation (30-45) is also used to the paper; we'll respect both the print and the web versions, especially as smart newspapers use one to augment the other.

It's everyone born after, say, 1980 or 1981, that, one day, especially in this age of environmental awareness, will collectively ask, "Why are we still printing these dinosaurs?"

Ten years from now, maybe sooner, if you want your morning paper on, well, paper, you'll need to press "print".

New Media 1, Old Media 0. And more media forms that we thought "would never die" are about to come face to face with either their inevitable "extreme makeover", or, their demise.

Archbishop of Canterbury: "Ah, screw it, let 'em have their way....."

The 104th Archbishop of Canterbury has, I'm sure, made multiple graves roll over in complete disdain yesterday.

He's decided that life in Britain should be governed by present law.....AND Sharia law from Islam.

I don't need to offer commentary on this one. Just read the article.

Then ask yourself......would America live with the Constitution AND the Ten Commandments?? Yeah.

To the tune of "Chicken of the Sea", sing along now......

Ask anyone with brains and you'll see, two sets of laws equal anarchy!

See the Giants win.....again!!

NFL Network is showing a 90-minute version of Super Bowl XLII this week. Interspersed with actual televised game footage from Fox are comments from players and a few NFL Films shots.

If you didn't/couldn't record the actual game Sunday night, this is the next best thing.

Click here for times. The replay airs on SATURDAY 2/9 at 4:30 and 9p, eastern time!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday-----for all the wrong reasons.......

Pray for the people in the Mid-South tonight as they're under a huge breakout of tornadoes. Memphis alone is bracing for a third line of severe weather today. Already an area mall has suffered significant damage.

For more on Memphis, click here.

Nashville is in the crosshairs at this hour; for details now and any aftermath, click here.

For my friends here in Richmond, Virginia, not to scare but to wife and I were on vacation in Nashville in August, 1993 when a horrible line of storms came through one evening, cancelling plans as we decided to head straight home the next day.

That "next day" was August 6, 1993, when the tornado outbreak hit Petersburg and Colonial Heights, destroying homes, parts of Historic Petersburg, and tore through the heart of the then Wal-Mart in Colonial Heights.

We have severe weather possible tomorrow. Keep your eyes on radar and the skies tomorrow!!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Follow-up to Sgt. Carmelo Rodriguez report.......

.....if you did not see my February 1st post with a link to a video from the CBS Evening News, just scroll down past the Giants postings.

My first blog love, Ala, came across the story and posted it, too at her site:

Click HERE to see more information she provided concerning the Feres Doctrine, the repulsing law from the U.S. Supreme Court in 1950. You need to read it, then you need to email/call your Senators and Congressman!

I know I will be; this must change. How can those who offer their lives for our freedom be treated like this?????


Sunday, February 03, 2008

HEY GIN!!!! WE WIN!!!!!

WHOO HOO!!!!!!!

We must toast this upon our next visit together!! :) :)


1) David Tyree's catch on the Eli Manning catch after he eluded a certain sack has to be called the GREATEST catch in Super Bowl history. Tyree doesn't catch it? Giants lose.

2) Eli Manning is the King of New York; and he deserves it! And I apologize to him for not being behind him, even after Green Bay!

3) Plaxico was RIGHT!!!! They did NOT score 14 points!

4) EASILY the greatest defensive team performance in Super Bowl history, too. The all-time point scoring team in NFL history held to 14 points.

5) Whew! Tynes kicked 'em all.......

6) Tom Coughlin, I believe you!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!


In the great words of the late Jack Buck (father of Fox announcer Joe Buck) calling a game-winning HR by Ozzie Smith in the 1985 NL Championship Baseball Series...


And we saw it ALL LIVE in New Bern, North Carolina!!!!!

WHAT A DRIVE!!!!!!!!!


11:05 TO GO! GO GET 'EM, GIANTS!!!

We are LIVE in New Bern, NC for the Giants victory!!!

I never, ever surprise my brother.

Until today. :)

He had no idea I was coming down until he opened the door!

More to come; time now for the coin toss, followed by the biggest upset in NFL history!!! :)


Friday, February 01, 2008

A must-see could this happen?

This aired on last night's CBS Evening News. No family, no soldier should ever be placed in this position. Neither should anyone not in the military as well.

WARNING: One portion of the report early on shows disturbing video of the victim on his death bed. Be advised.