Thursday, September 09, 2010

Rob's Fearless 2010 NFL Predictions

Everybody else does ' why not? :)

You'll see predicted order of finish for each division, wild card choices, Conference Championship Game picks, and my fearless (probably way off) Super Bowl XLV prediction at the end. You can't stand the suspense, can you? :)


NFC East

1) Dallas Cowboys
2) New York Giants
3) Philadelphia Eagles
4) Washington Redskins

NFC North

1) Green Bay Packers
2) Minnesota Vikings
3) Detroit Lions
4) Chicago Bears

NFC South

1) New Orleans Saints
2) Atlanta Falcons
3) Carolina Panthers
4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC West

1) San Francisco 49ers
2) Arizona Cardinals
3) Seattle Seahawks
4) St. Louis Rams

DIVISION CHAMPS: Dallas, Green Bay, New Orleans, San Francisco
WILD CARDS: Atlanta, Minnesota

NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Green Bay over Atlanta



1) New England Patriots
2) New York Jets
3) Miami Dolphins
4) Buffalo Bills


1) Baltimore Ravens
2) Pittsburgh Steelers
3) Cleveland Browns
4) Cincinnati Bengals


1) Indianapolis Colts
2) Tennessee Titans
3) Houston Texans
4) Jacksonville Jaguars


1) San Diego Chargers
2) Kansas City Chiefs
3) Denver Broncos
4) Oakland Raiders

DIVISION CHAMPS: New England, Baltimore, Indianapolis, San Diego
WILD CARDS: Tennessee, Houston

AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Indianapolis over Baltimore

SUPER BOWL XLV: Indianapolis over Green Bay


---I have been on the Green Bay bandwagon for a Super Bowl Champ pick until tonight. I heard someone on TV (that's dangerous) talk about Peyton Manning having a bad taste in his mouth after the Saints' loss. With Bob Sanders and Anthony Gonzalez returning, a DEEP receiving corp, Donald Brown emerging in the run game, and Freeney sacking QB's, I can now see Peyton making this a season of redemption for that team. I wouldn't want to be in their way. Thus, my last minute migration to the Colts in a rematch of that wild preseason shootout, won, ironically, by Green Bay.


DALLAS: They're talented, but Wade Phillips is their coach. That means a playoff appearance and exit.

NEW YORK GIANTS: What happened to their defense? And their running game? I only picked them 2nd in the division because.....

PHILADELPHIA: Kevin Kolb jerseys won't be flying off the shelves as Christmas presents this year. Can Mike Bell and LeShon McCoy save him? Doubt it. And Vick isn't the answer, either.

WASHINGTON: Lucky to get five wins. Shanahan is in for a LONG year. McNabb will probably miss 7 or 8 games due to injury. Another lost season in DC.

GREEN BAY: See paragraph on Super Bowl.

MINNESOTA: It's possible Brett Favre won't even throw a TD pass to Sidney Rice this season. By the time Rice gets back from injury, Favre may be on the shelf. He won't last 17 weeks. BTW, I'm really rooting for Toby Gearhart to do well, I really liked his power running style at Stanford last season.

DETROIT: If they were in the NFC West, they'd challenge for the division crown. Jahvid Best is a stud, and Stafford takes the next step.

CHICAGO: Who does Cutler throw it to, when he's not throwing it to the other team? Knox? Hester? Not impressed. This may be Lovie's swansong, which sucks because I admire him.....alot. He can come to Oakland after we fire Cable. :)

NEW ORLEANS: Offense keeps clicking, but defense won't be the same without Darren Sharper. And they better not lose Brees. Can you name their #2 QB?

ATLANTA: My comeback pick for 2010. Healthy Turner and Ryan to go with White, Gonzalez, et al, and I think they'll do very well. Of course, I picked Atlanta to play Pittsburgh in Super Bowl XLIV....shows what I know. :)

CAROLINA: Matt Moore. My jury is out. RB's keep getting hurt, and I'm ticked they didn't keep Josh Vaughn (Hermitage, U of R).

TAMPA BAY: Quick---name their wideouts.

SAN FRANCISCO: I LOVE Mike Singletary. Alex Smith? It's time for him to put up or shut up. A healthy season out of Frank Gore will do wonders.

ARIZONA: Good move cutting Leinart. Bad news? You're left with Derek Anderson. I may regret picking Larry Fitzgerald for one of my fantasy teams.....

SEATTLE: They only finish third because.....

ST. LOUIS: With the first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.......

NEW ENGLAND: If Randy Moss pulls an Oakland on them, they'll be fine with Welker and Edelman. Defense is young.....but I think that's a positive.

NEW YORK JETS: MOST, MOST, MOST overrated team of 2010. The Colts try to win their regular season game and the Jets aren't even in the playoffs. They jettison leaders like Thomas Jones, Leon Washington, and Alan Faneca, give Revis the preseason off basically, and Rex Ryan can't shut up. 9-7 tops, 8-8 more likely.

MIAMI: I can't get fired up over Chad Henne. If he does better than I think he will, this team might finish 2nd instead of the Jets, but neither make the playoffs.

BUFFALO: Edwards can throw the deep ball. C.J. Spiller is a stud. But who's blocking?

BALTIMORE: My alternate AFC Super Bowl choice. Flacco has so many weapons now. Imagine the Ravens DEFENSE being the question

PITTSBURGH: They survive September, get Ben back, and still miss the playoffs. They will be a tough win for anyone who does get the "W" over them. Love Mike Tomlin.

CLEVELAND: Delhomme has a one-year resurgence, and Josh Cribbs runs up and down every field he can find. But it's only enough for six wins.

CINCINNATI: One word---MELTDOWN. Second most overrated team of the year. T.O. and Chad won't survive the season together, and Cedric Benson? Well, I'll believe him when I see him duplicate '09. Prediction: Marvin Lewis is out after lackluster, super-disappointing season.

INDIANAPOLIS: See Super Bowl paragraph......

TENNESSEE: Watch out. I really think Vince Young is ready and Kenny Britt is going to explode onto the scene this year. This is a gut call, but I trust Jeff Fisher. He wouldn't have placed so much hope in Young if he didn't know a payoff was coming.

HOUSTON: Will battle Tennessee for 2nd in the division, but both teams make the playoffs by winning their NFC matchups and games outside the division.

JACKSONVILLE: Sorry, Jack. Jones-Drew can't do it all; they go 0-6 in the division.

SAN DIEGO: They win the division by default. Norv Turner is their coach, which guarantees a playoff exit (See: Dallas and Wade Phillips above).

KANSAS CITY: Jamaal Charles gets help from Thomas Jones, takes some pressure off Matt Cassell, and their running game helps turn the franchise around to a seven-win season.

DENVER: Calling Tim Tebow. How about the resurrection of John Elway? It's gonna get ugly in the Rockies.

OAKLAND: Boy, I really want my boys to improve, but, even with Jason Campbell at QB, the wideouts are STILL Murphy and Heyward-Bey and Darren McFadden is still in uniform. McClain looks good, and at least Russell and Fargas are gone. Still another 10 plus loss season, though.

So, what do YOU think? :)