Friday, March 31, 2006

The winning numbers.....

March 2006:

1, 3, 7, 14, 28 and 29.


Random Friday thoughts.......

1) I can never praise God enough for keeping me from getting the bug that befell the rest of the family. :)

2) The lady on Numb3rs is pretty (my wife's watching it), and I didn't know she started in radio.

3) A week is good when you can add the phone numbers of an old friend to your cell phone. That means the "circle of friends" is one step closer to not just being a "dot" anymore. Communication is, ah, pretty important, eh?

4) Coming up is my first Final Four on big screen TV. Now THAT I'm looking forward to.

5) If George Mason wins tomorrow, I tape "24" and watch the whole championship game. If they lose, I watch "24", then watch the 2nd half of the game, because the other three teams don't matter (my default would be LSU, that "Baby" guy, the freshman they've got, is the real deal...)

6) If everyone who read this blog sent me a penny, I still wouldn't have enough money to vacuum out my van. :)

7) Take a moment (won't need long if you're like me), and think about the issues you are in. Disease? Medicinal? Mental? Relationship? Addiction?.....

-------I can guarantee you this: wherever you are--you are not the only one there.

8) Does that justify where you are and staying there? Depending upon your situation, the answer could be a definite NO, or, it's a circumstance out of your control, or justification could even be an irrelevant point. But if the "I'm the only one in the world going through this" mentality is present, be advised it's a lie.

9) Trust me, from a lifelong sufferer of OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), you just know no one else could be dealing with the issues and obstacles this disorder brings. But, click on the above link, and discover what I did. I'm not alone.

10) I think I've discussed this before, but I've had a tremendously difficult time since we moved our offices around at work. For various reasons, I felt/feel disconnected and thus, OCD symptoms tend to flare due to stress levels rising.

11) Thus, if someone was smoking just outside our office window, they might think I'm an absolute freak when they see the physical repercussions of the thoughts that go through the OCD mind.

12) A long time ago, I came to grips with this issue. Many in the Christian faith would look at me and go, "Well, brother you just don't have enough faith!! If you had more faith, God would heal you!!" (Insert southern drawl into voice of last quote if you so choose....)

13) Others in the faith would say, "oh, God has given you this disorder to help others...". Bullcrap. God doesn't hand out disorders, diseases, and general catastrophe. They happen because of our existence. My brain is wired the way it is due to the genes I received at conception, not because God came down that night shortly after my parents conceived me and took five minutes to scramble my brain.

14) This is the real deal, and what I live by: I have OCD. God can heal me from it, and, one day He will. It may come miraculously one day, it may be severely minimized by medicinal or behavorial therapy. day....when I breathe my last, and I get home to heaven, I will enter there OCD-free. So, I know the healing is coming one day....that's not currently my focus.

15) My focus is to be as open as humanly possible about its presence in my life, so I can reach out to those who have it, those who have it and think they're alone in the battle, those who love those who have it, and, and this is an important group, those who don't have it. Educating them is key to helping OCD patients live more freely, and not thought of as the circus sideshow. (Come, see Rob Witham---The Counts By Four Until He Gets to Ten Thousand, But Starts All Over Each Time He Makes a Mistake Or Misspeaks Man!)

16) Shouts and props to my friend and producer Jason at work, who churns out the commercials by the dozen, and still has time to handle

17) Have a great weekend; enjoy the hoops; learn from the lesson of losing an hour of sleep (?); and I'll try to sleep less, and drink more........


Just wanted to see if you were thinking otherwise. :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A quick hello......

I took a day off today.

Can you believe it?

I took a day off.

I'm still shaking my head in disbelief.

Lots of 24 to talk about along with some other stuff, all coming soon.

Will say this: the highlight of the day was a wonderful visit with one of my dearest friends; we go back 25 years to the 8th grade (ah, the days of Junior High!)

It's pretty incredible what sitting down and talking/catching up with a dear friend will do for you.

You should do it sometime. :)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

George Mason, Medicine, and the week that was....

So, here's what happens at the Witham Nation this week...

--Rachel and Mommy get sick; Rachel first, then Mom. Rachel gets over it a little quicker than Mom, but both are well later Saturday. But now, Rachel has a horrific cough, and tonight, a fever. Is there a Doc in the house???

--The interruption of regularly scheduled programming at the house led Dad home early both Wednesday and Thursday. Worked at home, then returned to work Wednesday. Came home and stayed Thursday. Friday was numbing, but we made it, as always. :)

--16 down to 4.

Thursday: Goodbye Duke. Gonzaga gone again.

Friday: foul, and it's all gone. George Mason, kicks Wichita.

Saturday: LSU and the world's largest "baby" handle Texas. UCLA makes it three #1 seeds out.

Sunday: The dream comes true. George Mason in the Final Four. Ranks as one of the biggest upsets ever. Absolutely ever. Watched the ending while at work this PM.

So, into the new week we go...a crown to receive, a surprise trip I hope to make, a visit with a very dear friend on tap, then the Final Four.

And, for the first time in, like, 20 years, losing an hour of sleep next Saturday night won't mean squat to me personally.

Woo hoo. :)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Post #350----

The wife and daughter are getting over a nasty virus.....

I am grateful God has kept me protected from it.....

Work is work (though I briefly lost my temper Thursday and was thoroughly embarrassed).....

Gotta get some sleep this weekend; can't sleep all day.

We have ants.

Coach K will now only be seen in car ads.

Goodbye, ACC.

Hello, George Mason!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

C'mon Coach K!!

Somehow, I can't ever see the great John Wooden doing this.....

Last year I defended Coach K's American Express commercial that aired during the NCAA Tournament, because of capitalism, and, because of the way the commercial was positioned. It had motivation; a drive to working on the future that didn't bother me, even while underwritten by the evil credit card interest collectors.

This year....he's hawking cars. A sale on cars.

Oh, well----those of you who saw the bellweather that was last year, I salute you.

Audrey Raines Part II: No glasses, not naked, and NOT the mole....

Now, c'mon people....don't you think it's a little too early for the "eagerly anticipated revealed mole"??

This swerve is for one reason only: the needed interaction between Jack and Audrey which will, once and for all, doom their relationship. Unless, of course, Audrey likes being choked, which I HIGHLY DOUBT. This season, she's even shown some guts to actually strike back.

Now, we do throw in this possible monkey wrench.....why was she was so, so eager to stop the gas from being released in the mall? Was it really about the kids? Or was it because she knew that stopping it would go against Logan's inevitable "greater good" decision (one cannister in a mall versus 19 more), and therefore, cut off the lead to the holders of the other 19?

Nah. Too early.

The real mole still lurks.

By the way....I'm more suspicious of Evelyn, the First Lady's shadow, week after week.

And, let's not forget the ultimate question:

Who outed Jack?? Someone knew he was alive....three are dead, leaving only Chloe. So, in my mind, there's gotta be a fifth person.

Did Mrs. Palmer come back from the dead to hear her husband talk in his sleep???


Proud to be a member of the Chloe fan club!!!

Click right here to read a good synopsis on the lady behind the character, Chloe O'Bryan, on "24".

We love you, Chloe!!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Normal? Right!!!

I came to the conclusion earlier tonight that......

....the most useless word in the English language is "normal".

Let's study the various definitions, shall we?


Conforming with, adhering to, or constituting a norm, standard, pattern, level, or type; typical: normal room temperature; one's normal weight; normal diplomatic relations.

Biology Functioning or occurring in a natural way; lacking observable abnormalities or deficiencies.

Relating to or characterized by average intelligence or development.

Free from mental illness; sane.


Something normal; the standard: scored close to the normal.

The usual or expected state, form, amount, or degree.

Correspondence to a norm.

An average.

Okay, then.

---adhering to a standard, a pattern, a level, or a type.

In order to adhere to something, "something" must be first "set", i.e.---following the rules of a classroom can only be done once they are posted and explained.

Who made the rules? Was that person "normal"? What did said person adhere to in order to create a set of rules deserving of being adhered to?

---the usual or expected state, form, amount or degree.

Usual? Expected? Let me meet 10 or 12 strangers on the street and try to gather an "expected state". Is any day, for example, "usual"? Is it really? Doesn't something happen that never happens again, or, even if it's tiny, may contribute to something bigger in life down the road, whether viewed as positive or negative?

---correspondence to a norm; an average.

Anything average is affected by those parts which are placed together to create the "average" in the first place. Whereas your "average" night of sleep is 7 hours, mine may be 13. And then, if you were able to go back and mathematically deduce how many hours of sleep you've had every night of your life and divide it by the amount of nights you've lived, would it equal the amount you just thought was "normal"?

Then finally....... from mental illness; sane.

Who set the standard that determines who is "free from mental illness"?

Just wondering......

....and thus it all answers my question---why does the word, and concept, of normal even exist?

For example, I really can't ever come home from work any day and say my day was "normal". It's always different; some days more work than others; some days employee assistance; some days we talk alot in the office while we work, other days we're silent as mice.

Whew. Thank you. I just wanted to express my feelings on this subject. Now that it's off my chest.....I don't feel any more normal than I ever have.....


Audrey Raines.....but not the way you wanted her....

Audrey Raines, from "24".

Jack's love interest in season four; at CTU on behalf of DOD in season five to discover Jack is not "dead"; but she's got her head on her shoulders this season, and is not the love-puppy of 18 months ago (in "24" time..)

In the past few days, my blog has come up on searches from people looking for:

---Audrey Raines glasses
---Audrey Raines naked

Here's Audrey Raines, neither naked nor with the eyewear. But, it's all the info. you need on a character that has definitely done some maturing.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How about these four?

Ohio State....

Why not? There are at least 12-15 teams who could win it all.

NC State is NOT one of them.

Monday, March 13, 2006

"24" Live Blogging: 7pm to 8pm, or, how I tortured like Jack Bauer couldn't, by Tony Almeda.

Time for another riveting hour of "24". Let's enjoy, shall we?

Do not leave until.....yeah, like Jack Bauer's gonna listen.

Bauer gets the first call tonight!

Chloe, you can do it.

This guy, whoever he is, better not press Jack.

She's feeling guilty. She shouldn't. Like any of us have been perfect towards anyone else.

OOHH!!! Good job, guard. Shot to the gut on Doughboy. Slap to the face, to boot! comes the best part of the night.

Step one: Make sure doctor is incapacitated.

Step two: Grab gun from orderly in Henderson's room.

Step three: Get caught by Jack. Right at the point of death.

....Jack reminds Tony of his loss in season one, with a good visual of Jack and Kim looking at each other.

"Hurry up", said Tony at 7:09pm. I don't think he'll be getting rid of the gun anytime soon. Well, until the doctor jumps him.

Tony NOW SEES a better thing than simple death. It's written all over his face.


"Who is going to STOP THEM?"--said wimpy Logan, who, ah, is still looking for someone else to save the day so he can look good.

And now here's the Veep, ready to turn L.A. into Poland circa 1981 pre-Solidarity.


Our next contestant, ah, target, must be big. They want to open the rest of the cannisters. Must be targeting Kirstie Alley's wardrobe.


Well, it wouldn't be an hour of "24" without some personal problems, confrontations, and the hourly reminder by Jack that "we don't have time!"

Oooh, dear. Buchanan gives great news now. The seals are failing. Rats.

Oh, hold on. Jack's wheels are turning. He must dig ventilation systems or study them as a hobby.

And there he goes!!


BREAKING NEWS: On a sad note, word just seen online of the death of Press Your Luck host Peter Tomarken in a plane crash today. Click here for the story.


Well, back to Jack, and....well.....there are bars. Not the ones where you find pretty ladies.

Shrink? Meet Chloe. She's doing better now.....

Trust me, it's there, Jack said. Some stupid level 9 nitwit didn't report the bars!!
Give me a break!!!

Now Jack calls Doughboy. Doughboy considers, and the Guard shows he was never CTU material to begin with. WOW----Doughboy shows some courage. Is he the one to "sacrifice themselves"? It's 734pm. Back in a moment.


Kim comes over to talk to Chloe. Chloe....."wanna know where to find Chase?".

Chloe:...."I guess not that great." Her summation of the day thus far. We love you, Chloe!!

Now to the guard. I hate these parts. This is when I'm glad espionage never tickled my fancy.

Great news from Chloe.....and wow. I've got to hand it to Doughboy. He did it.


Meanwhile....Tony is about to take over. And Jack IS PISSED OFF BIG TIME!!!!

Well, way to go Kim. Blame world calamity on your Dad. I love you, but catastrophe follows you. But she won't budge and Jack may lose her twice. And, Mr Shrink holds his prized patient/girlfriend/patient/privilege infringer.

QUESTION DURING THE COMMERCIAL BREAK: Is it me or is it GREAT AND REFRESHING not dealing with Logan for most of the hour?? Praises be unto the producers for giving us an hour away from him. I'll feel more composed next week. Really I will.

Oh, great, ANOTHER chance to win seven figures; this time underground with fighting. Hasn't the second part of that been the hallmark of 713 past TV shows? What's next? Win a million by guessing in which hospital room a patient bites the big one???



Shoot, spoke too soon. It's Logan. Oh, he's breaking down. Where's the Effexor?!!?? I might have some extra!!!

Martha=right again. Don't do a thing the Veep wants.

Now, returning to your crying, Mr. President.


And now the next level is, uncovered. Really. Uncovered. Wow! Oh, sorry.

Phone call with terrorists....hop into bed....tease....go back to "finish something".


Oh, boy. Time now for another "takeover" of CTU. Now it's Homeland Security who thinks they're king. Queen. Whatever. Who do they throw out? Chloe? Too valuable (they'll soon learn), Jack? Yeah, right. Audrey? She's DOD. Well, we will see.

Back at medical, Henderson's clinging, really clinging. And Tony? A little get rid of the orderly and take over the syringe department. Henderson-----time for wake up juice!!!!

Ah, dear crap. He bought it. Henderson got him. DID NOT see that coming. Where'd he go??

Tony? Next?? NO!!! There won't be anyone left to cameo in season six!!!

Goodbye Tony. And, yes, Jack is human.

Two power punches in the stomach at :59 past the hour the past two hours.

Edgar. Doughboy. Guard.

But nothing like Tony. CRAP, CRAP, CRAP!!!

Henderson is SO toast. Let's just hope Jack doesn't, for the first time, let his emotions get the best of him.

Now, the trailer for next week......

--Martial law
--Cruella D'Ville
--And Jack back on the street....

...but no sign of Henderson. Laying low? If he's smart, he's on the first flight to Neptune.


Have a good evening, if you can. That was a disturbing hour. And "24" usually doesn't do that to me.

I guess I need to go think of my wife naked or something. That could help.....:)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Initial March Madness Thoughts.....

Worked a full day today; by choice mind you.

The 6pm hour would have been considered my "lunch hour". Time for Selection Sunday!

First stream of thoughts are.....

1) Tennessee has no business being a #2 seed. That was the only announcement in the bracket that elicited a loud response from me. UNC, Gonzaga, even Florida would've been better.

2) You would think this would create a wide open scenario for UConn to head to the Final Four, but hold on. UNC is #3, and they may have to get past the toughest #6 seed by far this year, Michigan State. When they're on, they can hang with anyone.

3) Already the Winthrop cheers are coming out, as the upset specialists are jumping on this bandwagon since they drew Tennessee. I see no specific "upset special" in this region, at least so far.

4) Illinois/Washington would be a 2nd round war. Hope it happens.

5) Arizona/Wisconsin is an intriguing round one matchup, with Villanova looming as the prize for the winner. I smell trouble for 'Nova here, as either team would look at beating the 'Cats as the mark on the season they've searched for all year.

6) If BC plays like they did in the ACC Tourney, they could go to the Final Four. Having said that, they also just as easily be knocked out in Round Two by Nevada. You know, Nevada. The best team in the tourney nicknamed "Wolfpack".

7) I'm considering two upsets in this region (Minneapolis): UW Milwaukee over OU and, for as much as I'm already hearing about Georgetown, don't forget Northern Iowa. I was courtside when they knocked off a #3 seed in Missouri in 1990.

8) Why can I see Xavier beating Gonzaga and Oral Roberts giving Memphis fits?

9) Kansas/Pitt in round two could be the best matchup of the weekend. Big 12 Tourney Champ versus Big East Tourney runner-up. Memphis should be worried.

10) West Virginia and Syracuse need watch out. Southern Illinois and Texas A&M will give them trouble in round one (I really think the Orange will struggle in round one; they can't keep coming up with miracles, can they?)

Brackets (toughest to easiest):

1) Washington DC
2) Oakland
3) Minneapolis
4) Atlanta

And, I have NO IDEA about a Final Four yet. I've got 'til early Thursday AM. Lots to think about. I see at least 14 teams that could run the table.

This will be an awesome tournament!!!


Friday, March 10, 2006



A structure, such as a fence, built to bar passage.

Something immaterial that obstructs or impedes.

A boundary or limit.

Something that separates or holds apart.

I hate barriers.

So why do I make them, eh?? And why do some find me?

---My OCD is a barrier to some, who simply can't get past its effects to understand me, though, thankfully, it's been few.

---My Christian beliefs are barriers, which I don't like, but, the barriers are not going anywhere, because the absolute truth of Christ, well, it's absolute.

---Plain scared. That was the barrier keeping me from expressing my feelings for my first love some 25 years ago.

---Inability to talk and confess real feelings. Funny how that happening in one 45 minute conversation changes your entire life.

---Some are good indirectly! I talked to thousands of people a day on the radio for nine years and loved every moment. But I didn't see them, nor they me. The lack of a video signal was a barrier, of sorts. The best part of me got out, though, because I do have a face for radio!

---When you're the pastor, you aren't supposed to have "friends" at church. So, I didn't completely allow that barrier complete control. :)


A) My world revolves around an 8-mile orbit. Home to work, work to home. So, if they don't work with me or live with me, I probably don't see them.

B) So, for example, a circle of friends at a church is forthcoming, but scary to find, even with God's leading. It's been a long time since I took off to this adventure.

C) Thank God for no barriers at home. The six of us (cats included) are well, except the barrier of lack of time together.

D) America's favorite office today? The cubicle. It can also be a barrier. That's why, day by day, I must do my part to follow the edict posted on my cubicle wall from one of my favorites, the Apostle Paul, from Philippians 2:3.....

Don't be selfish; don't live to make a good impression on others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself.

The more I think of them (one specifically) and not me, God will make the corner feel a lot bigger (feeling bigger matters, not its physical size), and will help me look at what's in front of me at work as just a movable wall.

....and will help me look at what's in front of me for what's left of my life, and see it as the adventure I once reveled in living in.... opposed to my downward spiral of apathy that is now in its fourth year.


What barriers do you have? Did you make them? Did others build them around you? Either way, make a deal with me. I'll try to work on letting my barriers go the way of Berlin Wall, if you'll do the same.



An optical phenomenon that creates the illusion of water, often with inverted reflections of distant objects, and results from distortion of light by alternate layers of hot and cool air. Also called fata morgana .

Something illusory or insubstantial.

I'm not connected to the first definition. The second, though.....

What in your life is illusory or insubstantial?

What is produced by illusions, therefore, insubstantial on the whole?

For me...

--where will I be Monday thru Friday in ten years?
--did my most enjoyable working years come way too early in life?
--does anyone know me (outside of God, of course) besides me?
--are distance, sight line, or barriers tools that can reveal reality?
--do we do a very good job making, in our minds, talents, fears, phobias, friendships, heck, any priorities, much more than they are in reality? If so, does this mean we're good "living the life of illusion?", as Joe Walsh once sang?

All I can say at this juncture in the Rob Witham story is this---I cannot praise God enough for His promises and absolutes.

Because if all I had to rest upon was my illusionary thoughts, hopes, dreams, and desires-----I'd might consider a bed of nails as a better alternative (no pun intended to my Lord, by the way.....)



A drawing consisting of the outline of something, especially a human profile, filled in with a solid color.

An outline that appears dark against a light background.
---I could now be considered a silhouette of who I was, say 10 years ago. The outline is similar (bigger in the belly, though..), but the insides are, well, much different, much unknown/unexplained, thus, appearing dark....

---That doesn't mean I have a dark heart, by the way. I'm saved by the blood of Jesus Christ! But I won't be perfect nor will I understand all the stuff that comprises me and my life until I see Him face to face.

---Good news! The first two words of definition #1 are "a drawing". They can be erased, altered, even trashed and redone. In other words, change is always possible.

Now had I held a press conference......

Free speech is a wonderful thing.

But some people's speech is, ah, held in more esteem and importance than others.

For example, click here.

Now, they sing incredibly well, they are hugely popular, got a few more bucks in the bank than I do, and, every day at work, I walk past the Tim McGraw calendar thanks to my co-worker.

They also have every right, especially since both of them hail from the Gulf Coast region, to have opinions, feelings, and even frustrations.

My question, though, is this: If I held the exact same view as they did, since I don't sell millions of CD's and I don't have a calendar available, would I have gotten a front page headline at

I didn't think so.

Now if I went outside and tried to sing one of his songs, it would make headlines. I'd be arrested for disturbing the peace.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Thank you Kirby.....

The first week my wife and I dated was the week of the 1987 World Series.

Whenever we were together during a game, the Minnesota Twins won. When we weren't, the St. Louis Cardinals won. Neither of us were Twins' fans, but we "fell into" rooting for them.

There was this one guy playing for them. I didn't take much notice of him then, but would a few years later as my sports-card collecting alter ego resurrected itself.

I liked this guy. He didn't play on my team, but he's the prototype of how a great baseball player is NOT supposed to look like.

He's stubby.
He's chubby.
He's short.
The LAST place he could play is centerfield.

But he could, and he did.

He hit the biggest blast in, my estimation, the best World Series ever, in Game 6, 1991, against Atlanta. I was rooting for the Braves......but you couldn't fault him.

He's not supposed to leap a wall to make catches like that!!

In him, I saw me. I wasn't born to play ball. But he was. First in his heart, then mentally, then physically.

He'd tell you he was always the first to get to the ballpark and the last to leave, he loved it so much.

I guess that's why my collection of his baseball cards is around 200.

For your passion and love for your craft, and for bringing out the Hall-of-Famer in us all....

Thank you, Kirby Puckett.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Live Blogging!! "24" as it happens......

Two hours of "24"? Gotta blog.

Here we go!!!

FIRST: I'm not happy to have not blogged the last several days, so there are several things to catch up on post-24. Hopefully I'll make myself sit down tomorrow night and do that. How can I not blog about "National Shoney's Day"??

Having all that said and done.....

It's 5pm CTU time.....

....and that's why we don't negotiate with terrorists.

Lies, lies, damnable lies, they're everywhere!!! Logan does it, Buchanan does it.

Well, thank God Pierce survived. We couldn't have lost him!!

UT, OH-----will they believe Martha now??? Or is she "off her rocker" again?? And we thought her struggle to expose Walt was difficult....

KEYCARD!!!!!! We've waited for that word for several hours. And here's the call to implanted friend of Doughboy's sister. Expect both he and sis to be gunned down within the hour. Crap, they'll miss the 6pm news.

When Logan screws up, he throws the blame on CTU to help assuage his guilt.

Hey, it's Jack! The dead is going to visit Mr. Henderson!!!

EVEN TERRORISTS HAVE TO WAIT ON HOLD!!!! (That's from Bonnie....)

Tony equals suspicious. Is my prediction of him "turning heel" going to come true when he snaps, finding out she's dead? (I'd snap, I loved her, too!! hee hee...)

Well, that would be enough to make me snap. Not become a terrorist, but release anger against those around him. Haven't we all done that a few times?

UPDATE: Guy offered $15K on "Deal or No Deal". Deal is declined. More later.

5:17pm......the Korean War-era chopper is landing at the ranch/estate/home for troubled Presidents.


Now, Prez on Prez. Oh, boy. She was upset. Yep, Russian Prez notices Martha post and PRE bomb. Doesn't buy the "depression" excuse, even though it's true.

Doughboy gets a phone. Does it make ringing noises? Is it rotary? Is it by Mattel?

CTU is not a laundry room. Right?? Right?? I wonder who CTU's cleaning crew is after hours?

Good thing Edgar did well in Tinkertoys and Lite-Brite! He found the right building!

Oh, no, not the dreaded "bad guy in orderly" bit again?? This is the 455th time it's been used in entertainment history! I'm a bit disappointed at that move.

UPDATE: The offer for Monty is at $30K. Oh, the board looks bad. He better take it and go home....but he listens to a family member who looks spastic. No deal. Oh, he blew it. Next offer is $16K. Oh, well.

5:29pm: Jack is back. It's SO GREAT that Jack isn't in 80 percent of the scenes. Why doesn't Jack just pretend to be LandShark from Saturday Night Live???

Jack sees wife of Christopher through window. Will return.

WAIT----see the lingering look on the Hospital Security Chief's face. Is he in cahoots, too?? Part of the diversion??? Since the gas won't be released there??

Jack's powers of persuasion are conveniently available at Green Top Sporting Goods, just north of Virginia Center Commons on Route 1.

You HAVE to love Agent Pierce. What a guy!! He's trying to figure out what's up as Martha.....puts the move on him!! Now Pierce looks bad. I know depressed, you don't want a fling with anyone who's depressed.

Curtis and Company are on site, as the invisible man lies on the gurney rolled by the bad guy. Bad guys always go through Radiology to get the job done!

UPDATE: Monty! What??? He's survived to two cases?? Deal was $38K and he refused to try and win $50K. He's holding to his original case. And, that is......

........$25K. Well, beats the heck out of your case holding a single Abe.

5:41pm: Audrey, to Bill, to Mike, to Prez. They found the right guy. Where is he? Well, we know. They don't, yet.

Jack now faces the forces of Wife of Christopher. We checked on your daughter, blah blah blah. Poor Wife of Christopher; she doesn't understand.

I hope I'm never snowed by my spouse like that.....and...ah....*gets nervous*...

HEY---THEY FOUND GURNEY GUY!!! Now, if they only knew to get through Radiology. Victor's going past Radiology!!!

Aerosmith's new hit: "Gurney's Got a Gun".....

We're under ten minutes to play now in the 2nd Cannister...Curtis closing in, and got him. But the countdown is already on. Much to their dismay, the CTU Agents Who Look Like Aliens discover the cannister, armed.

Ut oh.

UPDATE: Our next contestant starts well, is offered $21K. She refuses. Now...
...$75K is gone, $300K is gone....$400, that's better. Two to go. She should've picked her birthday!!! It was the million!!! We'll check on her later, as she attempts to change her birth certificate to reflect different date of birth....

Oh boy, X Men trailer. Yawn. Good time to pee.

It's now 5:52pm and the good guys are covered in trash bags, trying to save the day.

Meanwhile, Jack uses another Green Top purchase to almost knock out Christopher.

And now, Wife of Christopher discovers the truth!!!! Oh, no, another "I was a patriot".

YES!!! YES!!! Best decision Jack's made in awhile! Only problem, she's married to Heartless.

Well....we found the counter. Would YOU run with a cannister of bad gas? No, not the kind you get after tacos.......

....and Curtis shoots the trey with seconds to go to win the war on Cannister 2!!



Speaking of 6pm.......the following takes place.......

Voila!! Bad guy's head in, Doughboy's out.

Gotta eat. More to come.


---Kim is in, and now she knows.

---FINALLY, THE VEEP IS IN!!! And, he's looking more secure in himself than Logan. Maybe Veep is too secure, as in doing what he shouldn't have. Prez isn't happy.

---NOTICE that Veep takes a dig at CTU. He will play that political card later after the CTU invasion.

Since I ate....

----Kim and Jack's reunion; not so good. Oh, see psych, date psych. Does that mean she is really co-dependent??

----Will Christopher finally crack?

----They don't even realize the kooks are in their backyard (or, better put, in their venilation system).

It's 6:32pm........

I didn't know Martha smoked! Here comes Mike....."he needs me?", Martha says. Mike tells her about the prayer, uses it as spin (courtesy of BW). Now Martha cuts to the chase. Mike spills it. But, spins some more. Be his yin to the Veep's yang, so to speak.

Now, let's go inside CTU, shall we? Notice the lovely dining area!

EDGAR!!!! Last year it was the disk (probably still on his desk somewhere), this year dissing Carrie's warning call.

At 6:36pm, Mike's spinning finally pays off. Martha approaches ratfink, I mean President Hubby.

Now Martha spins!

Oops....say goodbye to this short term character. a nasty way, too. Was her character's name Carrie? Why did I waste time trying to learn it??

Hey Verizon----do I REALLY want to know about her humps? Didn't think so.




Oh, I'm awake...really! Just shaved all the spikes off my face, too.

It's 6:43pm. The clock now starts the 4th quarter of Cannister three, just under 15 to go.

"Try to cut him some slack".----Chloe's choice word of the night. :)

Now----Doughboy knows his sister's fate. Is Doughboy showing emotions, or.....ah, the boyfriend question. Was number one concern his sister, or being found out w/out that important keycard??

OH, NO----now a big moment approaches. Does he realize the keycard is the, well, key?? And, will he admit to it being missing??? HE JUST DID.

"I'm reporting it now!!??!!"----Good job Doughboy!!!

Bill and Chloe, good job. Welcome to lockdown!!!

And, while lockdown begins, let's all enjoy stabilizing the terrorist pig so we can torture him more. Wonder if there's a co-pay each time he returns to interrogation?

It's 6:52pm, and I HATE THAT BLASTED NOISE!!!

Jack's in to look at it; gets the order......

Now, faux Doughboy has a hostage.

Edgar's going after Carrie-----will we lose Edgar???? That would explain his "persona non grata" character/personality this season.

Here comes Jack-----finds the body------looks for fake Dough Daddy. Realizes gun is gone. Now, were the Jack orders a decoy or the truth?


He's gone (don't duel with Jack)....but now, it's EVACUATION TIME. Edgar is with Carrie, which means........he's at point zero!!!

OH, GOD----it's deployed!!!!!!

They got the three only rooms they could.

I thought so. Good-bye Edgar. Chloe tears. That's big.

FINAL NOTE------have they ever finished an episode with the clock "silent"???????


Miss Piggy in for Jessica Simpson. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!! Piggy is so much prettier, with a personality....a brain.....but need I go on.....


So, Charlotte gets the NASCAR Hall Of Fame. Shocker. Got a fax at work early this afternoon about a closed circuit press conference satellite feed for NASCAR radio affiliates. It said the press conference would be in Charlotte.

So, as I hand over the fax, I hear the co-worker wonder......what if.....on the feed.....

....and the winner of the NASCAR Hall of Fame is.....DAYTONA!!!.....

Ah, that wouldn't have gone over well in the Queen City. But, it sure would have been funny. :)

Good night.