Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I Am Not Worthy......

I have received a valuable honor; the most prestigious honor ever in the blogosphere.

My all-time favorite blog, has added a link to little 'ol me.

I'm NOT be flippant here. I'm dead serious. I'm flattered!

Don't go there to see my link---go there for awesome stuff (and she's linked down before and to the right!)

Thanks ALa! You rock! :)

Hallmark's missing a category.....

Okay, so a great co-worker, colleague, and friend, is leaving my department Friday to bravely tackle the world of cycling.

Things to do:

--Load him up with work...(just kidding)
--Thank him for all his contributions....
--Buy a card and get the staff to sign it...

Wait. What kind of card?

"Goodbye"?---Too final. Like, we'd want to stay in touch and see how he and his family are doing. Gosh, I christened his daughter, I gotta know how proud she makes her mom and dad!

"Thank You"?---Yes, but where's the "send-off" element and the look to the future? Plus, thoughtful people can send thank you notes for no apparent reason. (Wish I was more thoughtful like that....)

"We'll Miss You"?---Closer, yes. But let's not ignite false hopes. If he visits a year from now, someone will be in his studio, doing what used to be his work, and, only because a company must do so, it will be very apparent that we have "moved on". they miss you now???

So, I contend Hallmark is missing a niche here. I'm not even sure what to call it.

"As you continue your career"?
"Best Wishes in your Life Change"? No, sounds like menopause.
"Thanks for the Pickle You Left Us In"? Obviously not.

How about....

"Don't forget us, and we won't forget you"?

Well, I guess I'll find the best one I can at the CVS tomorrow morning. Then the staff can personalize it and say things like...

"Great working with you"
"Best wishes"

and, my personal favorite to write in cards like this....

"Can I borrow ten bucks before you go?"

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hunker down, it's a marathon and not a sprint....

That's my focus mentally this week.....with losing a valued employee Friday, going into a holiday weekend, then followed by a four-day week (in which you still have to accomplish five days' worth of work), followed by a week where another producer is on vacation, so it'll be one guy upstairs, and me saving all the dubs to do in Studio 14 while watching Wheel of Fortune.....

So, daily, I try to remind myself to take it one step at a time; it's the only way it will get done, and get done correctly. :)

Some other random thoughts:

--If I don't get my haircut soon, I'm gonna scream. Good thing this isn't an audio blog.

--Bonnie's last birthday is Sunday. She'll turn 39. The ones afterward would be, well, conveniently the "addition" department, that is! :)

--The Orioles are out of first place. I can't believe they stayed there this long.

--I don't care about the NBA, but I do have a favorite team, going back to my ABA days: The Denver Nuggets. Tonight they drafted a player from my favorite college team---Julius Hodge, NC State!! That was cool.

--Joyce Meier, who normally I don't get into, was dead on track on her TV show tonight about Christians who A) spend all their time judging, usually on cultural stuff that makes no

--Your hair's too long!
--Get that earring of your ear, young man!
--Flip-flops in church? Satan's got a hold of you!!

I currently, because it's summer and the congregation likes it hot in the sanctuary, do NOT wear a coat during service. That's right. I'm not wearing a coat and conducting a morning worship service concurrently. In some people's minds, I've bought a first-class ticket to hell.

Glad they're not in charge.....

...or, and back to my, er ah, Joyce's point....B) what we need to do is get right with God, and whatever we do that God's Spirit doesn't oppose, but it might cause a brother to stumble, then just don't do it around them.

Her grandmother chewed snuff. So did my Granddaddy. He's in heaven, hangin' out with Mama. Brown spit now nice and clear....(ewww..that's a visual!)

Drink a glass of wine with dinner once in a while. Lost your mansion? I don't think so.

BUT....don't chew it in front of the ex-smoker (or chewer) who's struggling, and don't pull out the wine bottle in front of the recovering alcoholic.

And, if you invited some stuff-shirt Christians over to dinner, hide the Chase & Sanborn Coffee Can next to the recliner where you spit your snuff in, and save your wine for another dinner, another night.

I got enough to worry about with MYSELF and MY relationship with God. Great point she made tonight: "When I'm perfected, I'll start working on you."


Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm for world peace, y'all!!!

Country music rescues Miss America .

But Toby Keith couldn't host it unless they had the bathing suit competition the entire show, right??

I don't do well with free agency......

You know, in the NFL, free agency is now very normal. In baseball, it's a dinosaur (living and breathing, mind you), and in basketball and hockey, it's there, too.

I don't do well with it. In other words, I couldn't deal with losing, say, three of my four linebackers because they sign better deals with other teams and then I have to retool....I'm a consistency fan.

So, today, for the first time in four years, when I announced a long-time member of my staff was leaving to take a position within the cycling industry (another passion of his), it was very difficult.

His contributions to our department cannot even begin to be explained. So, it's a big pair of shoes we begin to try to fill. And fill we must.

That dominated my day....and it will do so for the foreseeable future.

Oh, my daughter was just on TV!!!

Her music performance at last month's school dedication was just on our cable system. Me couldn't be more proud!!! :)

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a house to clean, more work to do (brought home from work), and a wife to take care of.

She has more than just a sinus infection. Try vertigo!!! I mean, I know she's crazy about classic movies, but this is taking it a little too far.....

Sunday, June 26, 2005

God bless the trio!!!

Not only do I marvel at God's faithfulness to Rev. Billy Graham (and his obedience unto Him), I also marvel at two others that bear mentioning at the end of this, Rev. Graham's final American crusade (though God may have something to say about that later on....)

Cliff Barrows, now 82, who overcame some serious health problems of his own years ago, led the worship this weekend as well.

And if that's not enough, how about 96 year-old George Beverly Shea throwing down "How Great Thou Art" in front of 90,000 people?

This is in NO way diminishing Dr. Graham; it proves how God can use individuals, and then, create teams out of individuals to show the world God's love.

And the coolest thing? No prayer cloths, no "holy" water in a bottle from somewhere, no "point of contact"; just the Gospel. The way it's meant to be. No wonder God was so faithful for so long.

They were just naive enough to be obedient.

Well done, thou good and faithful servants! They'll hear it soon....and I hope you do, too. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Just the way I wanted it.....

....very low-key, no celebrating.

I'm 38 now. Funny, I'm just as tired-feeling as I was at 37. :)

Thanks to Carol for the e-card, Gwen, Colette, Kat, Gina, Dionne, and I'm sure I've missed someone for their greetings today, and to Rodney for the Krispy Kremes!

Otherwise, it was a long work day, as usual; first to the hospital, then to work from 8ish until around 8ish.

My Double Whopper from BK was wonderful, though, and I'm relishing in that memory!


So, welcome to year 39. First up? Survive a Friday.

My goal this year: Become as much of a paperweight as possible. Why?

Paperweights do/do not do the following:

--They keep things under control
--They provide stability and a sense of order, though underneath it could be chaos...
--They don't have feelings; well, I don't think anyone's ever really asked a paperweight how it feels and, well, would it answer if it could?
--They're usually heavy to hold (looking down at my pregnant pouch, I'd say I've got that covered)
--When they're gone, things can flutter and fly off into oblivion with no sense of reason, rhyme, purpose, or direction.

So, here's to attempting to be more of a rock this year; focusing on stability for others, and, selfishly, at the same time, preventing me from thinking/worrying about/dwelling upon my issues. Maybe then, eventually, even I won't think they matter much.


My gift? The first three seasons of "24".

Life on Monday nights just got a lot better. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Reckon I'll Change The Profile Tomorrow.......

.....'cuz I'll turn another number, and, in the words of an old 1970s Queen song, I'll begin "the year of 39".

That's because I'll be 38, thus beginning year 39 on this here earth (which, by the way, continues to block Marvin's view of Venus).

Year 38? Challenging. From a busted shoulder and surgery, to depression and sleep issues. Lots of work, and little R&R. A bad beginning at a new school, but a proud papa watching his kids get to 8th and 3rd grade, respectively.

Oh, and what about Season 4 of "24"? Certainly a highlight of my year. Monday nights sure do suck now. :)

So, maybe I'll say a few words tomorrow. Don't know; have an early AM hospital visit, followed by indeterminate time at work. If I can see the kids before they go to bed, I'll be happy.

Though, if they keep staying up later, they'll be tucking me in bed. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

So, summer's here, and I'm actually posting.....

Hey, a year ago at this time, I was one-armed, lookin' mean in a sling and still conquering a sliver of the world while crawling into a corner at the same time.

Updates now on the latest from the Witham world:

--The kids made their first multi-day trip to Grandma's since Nana passed away. Left Saturday night and came back this afternoon in time for their annual physicals. They had a BLAST! Robbie made $$ cutting grass, Rachel made money doing, ah, something.....and they are very happy. :)

--That meant Dad was w/o kids on Father's Day, which was a pseudo-strange feeling, but quiet! That gave Mom and Dad a chance to take the new Route 288 all the way home, just to see the final product. Mom was even nice enough to run to the radio station with me and clean my desk area while I dubbed commercials. Now that's a Father's Day gift! :)

--We bought a mattress. A good one. A "hopefully we'll never buy another one 'til one of us is widowed and is either in assisted living or mooching off one of the kids" one. It arrives tomorrow. So, it's with a tear that we bade farewell to our mattress of the past dozen years. After all.....Rachel was, ah....well, she got started there. :)

--School is out. Dad's happy (no more 730am runs to 2 schools for a couple of months); Mom's happy (no more pickups at 2 and 315pm, homework, paperwork, etc.), and of course, Robbie and Rachel are estatic. It's POOL TIME!! No, we're not rich, and it's NOT an in-ground. For about $1K a few years ago, we invested very well (instead of buying theme-park season passes that are only used once or twice), and it's in its third full year of service to the kids, the family, and sometimes, occasional guests. No more dealing with snobs, too, but that's another story for another time.

--We finally got the sound system installed at church. Yippie!!! Now, on to stage two; laptop and projector for Powerpoint. Hope to have it done by Vacation Bible School a month from now.

--Sleep? Comes and goes. I will say this; I haven't had a weekday meltdown requiring me to come home for a few weeks now, and I'm VERY grateful for that. It puts my co-workers in a bind and makes me look bad, too.

--Vacation is coming! Wait, vacation is coming? Maybe not. Hold the phones; details to come.

--The 20th anniversary of my high school graduation came and went June 6th without major incident. There was only a small group of protesters outside the house chanting, "give back the sheepskin".

--A week later, I went to my first high school graduation, since...MINE! Our niece, Sarah, graduated from Hermitage High School w/many honors, and now is getting ready to head to Mary Washington University, where I spent a month at Governor's School in the summer of 1984. She promises to let me come take a nostalgia tour. The kids will get to see where Dad met great people and enjoyed a month to remember always.

--Oh, and HOW can I finish this post without a mention of the likes and dislikes of everyone's favorite deposed dictator. What should we name him now:

**Saddam Hussein, Iraq's Marital Advisor
**Saddam Hussein, Crunch All You Want, You're Still Staying In Jail
**Saddam Hussein, Evils start the day with Raisin Bran Crunch!

A few thoughts:

Cheetos: Crunchy or puffy??

Why did he get twice as much food as our soldiers?

Couldn't somebody put some of those sticky things on his shower floor so he doesn't fall down??

And, finally....

Who wants to spearhead the drive to buy thousands of boxes of Froot Loops and have them shipped straight to Saddam? Consider it a love offering from the American people.....

Monday, June 13, 2005

Must type this Rachel comment to save forever....

We're at the Richmond Braves game on Friday night. Bonnie goes to get some food, etc. (As a side note, the Dominics of New York kiosk, which specializes in Italian Sausages....didn't have any Italian Sausages....and wouldn't for 30 minutes.

Huh? You cook one thing and you're out of it? Huh??

Anyway, while she's gone, Rachel notices a, well, a nasty smell. Here's the conversation:

Rachel: Ooh, Dad, it smells like someone farted.

Dad: Have any idea who did it?

Rachel: It smells like someone we don't know.

It doesn't get much better than that.

Gee....did I forget the directions to get here?

I'm alive. How many times do I have to attempt to convince the world? Well, as long as it takes to stop blogging just one every two weeks.......

In other words: me=idiot.

Lots and lots and lots going on, most of which cannot be blogged. OCD high, rest low, plenty of stress.

On good notes, the sound system at church is finally getting up and running. We welcomed our missionaries from China yesterday and had a wonderful time.

School ends Friday, and I know of four people who will be glad. They all live in this house. :)

More coming; I promise. Hang on, while I deal with "Bloggers Block" and the wonderful events of everyday life, which, right now, are, well....back to that unbloggable comment.....