Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Reckon I'll Change The Profile Tomorrow.......

.....'cuz I'll turn another number, and, in the words of an old 1970s Queen song, I'll begin "the year of 39".

That's because I'll be 38, thus beginning year 39 on this here earth (which, by the way, continues to block Marvin's view of Venus).

Year 38? Challenging. From a busted shoulder and surgery, to depression and sleep issues. Lots of work, and little R&R. A bad beginning at a new school, but a proud papa watching his kids get to 8th and 3rd grade, respectively.

Oh, and what about Season 4 of "24"? Certainly a highlight of my year. Monday nights sure do suck now. :)

So, maybe I'll say a few words tomorrow. Don't know; have an early AM hospital visit, followed by indeterminate time at work. If I can see the kids before they go to bed, I'll be happy.

Though, if they keep staying up later, they'll be tucking me in bed. :)

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