Tuesday, June 21, 2005

So, summer's here, and I'm actually posting.....

Hey, a year ago at this time, I was one-armed, lookin' mean in a sling and still conquering a sliver of the world while crawling into a corner at the same time.

Updates now on the latest from the Witham world:

--The kids made their first multi-day trip to Grandma's since Nana passed away. Left Saturday night and came back this afternoon in time for their annual physicals. They had a BLAST! Robbie made $$ cutting grass, Rachel made money doing, ah, something.....and they are very happy. :)

--That meant Dad was w/o kids on Father's Day, which was a pseudo-strange feeling, but quiet! That gave Mom and Dad a chance to take the new Route 288 all the way home, just to see the final product. Mom was even nice enough to run to the radio station with me and clean my desk area while I dubbed commercials. Now that's a Father's Day gift! :)

--We bought a mattress. A good one. A "hopefully we'll never buy another one 'til one of us is widowed and is either in assisted living or mooching off one of the kids" one. It arrives tomorrow. So, it's with a tear that we bade farewell to our mattress of the past dozen years. After all.....Rachel was, ah....well, she got started there. :)

--School is out. Dad's happy (no more 730am runs to 2 schools for a couple of months); Mom's happy (no more pickups at 2 and 315pm, homework, paperwork, etc.), and of course, Robbie and Rachel are estatic. It's POOL TIME!! No, we're not rich, and it's NOT an in-ground. For about $1K a few years ago, we invested very well (instead of buying theme-park season passes that are only used once or twice), and it's in its third full year of service to the kids, the family, and sometimes, occasional guests. No more dealing with snobs, too, but that's another story for another time.

--We finally got the sound system installed at church. Yippie!!! Now, on to stage two; laptop and projector for Powerpoint. Hope to have it done by Vacation Bible School a month from now.

--Sleep? Comes and goes. I will say this; I haven't had a weekday meltdown requiring me to come home for a few weeks now, and I'm VERY grateful for that. It puts my co-workers in a bind and makes me look bad, too.

--Vacation is coming! Wait, vacation is coming? Maybe not. Hold the phones; details to come.

--The 20th anniversary of my high school graduation came and went June 6th without major incident. There was only a small group of protesters outside the house chanting, "give back the sheepskin".

--A week later, I went to my first high school graduation, since...MINE! Our niece, Sarah, graduated from Hermitage High School w/many honors, and now is getting ready to head to Mary Washington University, where I spent a month at Governor's School in the summer of 1984. She promises to let me come take a nostalgia tour. The kids will get to see where Dad met great people and enjoyed a month to remember always.

--Oh, and HOW can I finish this post without a mention of the likes and dislikes of everyone's favorite deposed dictator. What should we name him now:

**Saddam Hussein, Iraq's Marital Advisor
**Saddam Hussein, Crunch All You Want, You're Still Staying In Jail
**Saddam Hussein, Evils start the day with Raisin Bran Crunch!

A few thoughts:

Cheetos: Crunchy or puffy??

Why did he get twice as much food as our soldiers?

Couldn't somebody put some of those sticky things on his shower floor so he doesn't fall down??

And, finally....

Who wants to spearhead the drive to buy thousands of boxes of Froot Loops and have them shipped straight to Saddam? Consider it a love offering from the American people.....

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