Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hunker down, it's a marathon and not a sprint....

That's my focus mentally this week.....with losing a valued employee Friday, going into a holiday weekend, then followed by a four-day week (in which you still have to accomplish five days' worth of work), followed by a week where another producer is on vacation, so it'll be one guy upstairs, and me saving all the dubs to do in Studio 14 while watching Wheel of Fortune.....

So, daily, I try to remind myself to take it one step at a time; it's the only way it will get done, and get done correctly. :)

Some other random thoughts:

--If I don't get my haircut soon, I'm gonna scream. Good thing this isn't an audio blog.

--Bonnie's last birthday is Sunday. She'll turn 39. The ones afterward would be, well, conveniently forgotten....in the "addition" department, that is! :)

--The Orioles are out of first place. I can't believe they stayed there this long.

--I don't care about the NBA, but I do have a favorite team, going back to my ABA days: The Denver Nuggets. Tonight they drafted a player from my favorite college team---Julius Hodge, NC State!! That was cool.

--Joyce Meier, who normally I don't get into, was dead on track on her TV show tonight about Christians who A) spend all their time judging, usually on cultural stuff that makes no difference....like...

--Your hair's too long!
--Get that earring of your ear, young man!
--Flip-flops in church? Satan's got a hold of you!!

I currently, because it's summer and the congregation likes it hot in the sanctuary, do NOT wear a coat during service. That's right. I'm not wearing a coat and conducting a morning worship service concurrently. In some people's minds, I've bought a first-class ticket to hell.

Glad they're not in charge.....

...or, and back to my, er ah, Joyce's point....B) what we need to do is get right with God, and whatever we do that God's Spirit doesn't oppose, but it might cause a brother to stumble, then just don't do it around them.

Her grandmother chewed snuff. So did my Granddaddy. He's in heaven, hangin' out with Mama. Brown spit now nice and clear....(ewww..that's a visual!)

Drink a glass of wine with dinner once in a while. Lost your mansion? I don't think so.

BUT....don't chew it in front of the ex-smoker (or chewer) who's struggling, and don't pull out the wine bottle in front of the recovering alcoholic.

And, if you invited some stuff-shirt Christians over to dinner, hide the Chase & Sanborn Coffee Can next to the recliner where you spit your snuff in, and save your wine for another dinner, another night.

I got enough to worry about with MYSELF and MY relationship with God. Great point she made tonight: "When I'm perfected, I'll start working on you."


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