Thursday, April 29, 2010

Richmond area hit by minor earthquake | Richmond Times-Dispatch

Richmond area hit by minor earthquake | Richmond Times-Dispatch

An Open Letter To My Adult Son

Dear Son,


It really, truly seems like just yesterday. But, on this date 18 years ago, I experienced a kind of joy the likes of which I'd never had before.

I became a father.

We had been expecting you for several months, obviously. I had seen you squirm in your safe surroundings and you had even kicked my butt in the bed a time or two. You were nine days overdue, so we kinda had to evict you from your Mom to give her a break, you know!

So, off to the hospital, early that morning. To register, get settled, induce labor, and wait. And wait.

And wait.

You little booger, you didn't wanna come out. :)

40 percent effaced, and that's the best we got that day. And after showing signs of wanting to move UP the birth canal, the doctor thought it best that we surprise you.

The wait turned to preparation for surgery, then off to the operating room, and me, your "squeamish at any nasty talk" father saw insides of your mom and other stuff all around the room and it didn't bother me at all. I had tunnel vision.

It was all about you.

Mind you, I was keeping watch over your poor Mom, who became sick due to the anesthesia and threw up over and over, so much so that she wouldn't even get to hold you until the next morning......

But at 5:45pm, the doctor found you. You came out crying.

And everything changed.

Your mom and I were no longer "just the two of us". There were three. I had to change the answering machine.

I remembered the first thing I said to you in the warmer after you were wrapped up and placed inside.

"Hey there".

Such historic words, eh?

And now, 18 years later, at around 6:30 on this Thursday morning, I'm about to go into your messy room and wake you up for school. And say....

"Hey there. Happy birthday, young man."

Congratulations, son. You did it! There were plenty of people these past 18 years who didn't know how you would turn out, even I admit nights of worry. I know two people, though, who never gave it a second thought.

Your mom, who sleeps peacefully beside me at the moment, and your Nana, who would be SO proud of you today. Just like she was when she saw you, for the first time, 18 years ago this evening.

I look forward to seeing your next 18 years, and couldn't be happier or more proud than to be your Dad.


Katie Couric Argues for Commenter Civility

Katie Couric Argues for Commenter Civility

Wholeheartedly agree! Click on the link above for some good comments on "comments" from Katie Couric.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Richmond Radio Format Change: Goodbye Mix

103.7 is a blowtorch signal in this market and has been underperforming for years, in my opinion.

Other than Jack & Jen (until their departure last fall, first Jack to Baltimore, then Jen to other opportunities), Mix 103.7 essentially was a jukebox that ate up alot of electricity. Other than promoting their "commercial-free drive at 5", they did nothing. There was NO personality 148 hours out of every week.

Enter "The River".

Triple A comes to Richmond. Click HERE for details from my buddy Robert over at

Melissa Chase, coming off her non-compete with Clear Channel, should be coming on-air soon. Now the question is, will they have a personality? Will they really "do" radio the way it should be?

Monday, April 19, 2010

"24"---LIVE Blogging.......

Well, the final hours are here. Renee is gone. Let's see how Jack reacts and what former President Logan has up his sleeve......

It's 9am.......

As Jack leaves the operating room, he's about as "Jack-less" as I've ever seen. Absolutely stunned. When will he snap?

The body is wheeled out. The grieving continues.

Ah, the phone rings. Here comes Jack. :)

9:05am----Jack is back. Chloe gives Jack the info he needs.

9:06am----Ethan is Superman!

9:07am----Logan finds the Russian at breakfast. It's not at McDonalds. Some Russians do well financially.......

9:09am----Blackmail over espresso.......

9:11am----At the court, Sergei sees Jack......and actually wants to talk to him. Jack turns the tables quickly, and offers greetings for the family.

"Wait, wait!"

9:13am----Jack's word goes a long way.
9:14am----Time to visit Dana.

9:18am----The Russians are coming!! Logan is stoked, but Ethan is curious. There's definitely an ulterior motive with Logan. Is he working WITH the Russian Government??

9:20am----I hope Chloe got a temporary pay raise!!

9:22am----Yeah, here we go. What will Logan do? Poor guy. Thinks he can get even with Jack....another deft move by the producers to use his character in all this. Logan is one of the best characters, by far, in "24" history.

9:24am----"You think I'm gonna kill her?", Jack to Chloe when looking at Dana. Gotta keep the cameras on. TMZ might want footage.

COMMERCIAL BREAK THOUGHT: I've only seen two radio stations advertise so far on TV during the Spring Arbitron book......96.5 KLR and Q94.

9:31am----President Taylor is back, now with the widow turned leader.
9:31am----Fox News plug. :)

9:32am----The two Presidents collide. Taylor learns of Walker's demise. Logan wants Bauer stopped. Finally, some pushback from Taylor.

9:35am----Classic, classic Logan trying to win the argument with Taylor over Ethan. Oh, and now we don't tell Dalia Hassan she's signing a deal with the guys who killed her husband. Appealing to her "legacy". Classic Taylor wouldn't accept this.


9:36am----Jack calls. She doesn't take the call?!?!?
9:37am----Oh, she's going instead. Hmmmm.......

COMMERCIAL BREAK THOUGHT: Too bad Season VI was so subpar and ruined the momentum for "24". Seasons seven and eight have been excellent, but will never get the mass appeal amount of eyeballs they deserve like Season V did.

9:41am----President's calling......for Chloe. And wants to see Jack. Chloe didn't say "goodbye" beofre hanging up? :)

9:43am----CTU must be REALLY close to the UN.

9:44am----Jack and Madame President.

"I want justice".---Jack
"I want peace."---President Taylor

9:47am----"You're locking me down?" Wow. Guess there's a breakout renegade Jack finale coming.......

9:50am----Did Jack and Chloe make eye contact for the last time???

9:53am----The President tells Chloe about Dana and Jack. President Taylor has gone completely "peace" blind. Logan's magic works again.......hmmm......

9:56am----Chloe and Jack will tag team something. Don't worry.

9:58am----The copter lands to carry Jack away.......
9:59am----No, Jack will take the copter away.......even Chloe can't stop him.


Well, when Jack finds out Logan is hangin' with Taylor.......that'll explain lots. Jack goes rogue. Next time. :) :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

"These are my people. Americans."

Who's projecting race into the Tea Party movement? Dare I say the white NBC Nightly News reporter seems to be obsessed with thinking it's 1954 all over again.

What rubbish.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tea Party Saboteurs----The Alinsky Way

Courtesy of Michelle Malkin, a reminder of what some leftists are willing to do tomorrow to try to paint real, honest Americans upset with big government as racist pigs.

Talk about projection.......

I saw Johnny Carson live on this day!

Cool web site with the history of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson episodes. I looked up June 16, 1983, and there were the details of the show I attended while on vacation in Los Angeles that summer.

An hour I'll never forget. Click on the the title above for the details. :)

"24" Fan Alert!!! Preview pics of Jack's last hours....until he hits theatres. :)

Click on the title for a good article from The Daily Mail in the UK on Kiefer's thoughts on the show's conclusion, currently being filmed, plus plans for the theatrical release we "24" fans have been hoping for.

Obama loves the press?

Think again.

Dana Milbank at the Washington Post with some thought-provoking commentary on this nuclear meeting farce that's been going on in DC, with Obama "in control".

Honest. Just ask the press. Who saw almost none of it.

Click HERE.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meanwhile, at the Ukrops........ I end up at Ukrops on Staples Mill tonight, again on the family run. Specifically told to go to Ukrops and not Martins.

It felt like I was at a viewing at a funeral home. I expected the employees to be on morphine drips.

Sad. Stripped walls. Signs gone. Lots of half-empty shelves, some completely bare. And this store doesn't close until May 1 for its "transformation".

Those of you who think, "get over it, it's JUST a grocery store!", I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you haven't lived in Richmond 42 years like me, I dunno.

But after spending some time in a Martins last night and a Ukrops tonight, all I can say is something "definitive to Richmond" is dying. And it will be a sad day come May 8 when the final doors close.

Don't get me wrong; Ukrops is NOTHING like it used to be, in its high point of 20 years ago, but I've seen the future, and so far, I'm not impressed.

Martin's: Some Quick First Thoughts......

Well, now that the "Ukrops" era is truly wrapping up here in Richmond, I found myself on my way home Monday night given the task of buying the wifey Diet Snapple.

And the Ukrops that was conveniently located between point A and point B was closed last week, being transformed into a "Martin's". A store that had "never" been in the Richmond area before.

A few thoughts.....

1) I've seen this store before. It's called Giant. Really, there's no difference between the two that I could find, aesthetically, other than the name.

2) The carts are outside. That made room for......

3) For those of you who were righteously indignant (how ironic) that the Ukrop family would not sell beer or open on Sunday, Martin's made sure you knew the SECOND you walked in that you are now in Coors Country.

4) There are THREE MILLION price tags on the aisles. Very bold print on the prices, trying to figure out what the actual price is is an adventure. Gotta get used to them. Ukrops' tags were at least cleaner, easier to read, and color-coded (look for the yellow, avoid the red, they are tricks!)

5) NO Ukrops "feel" whatsoever, NOT that I expected any! That comment is just for those of you who were hoping the White House Rolls and Lemon Chess Pie might keep a bit of the magic alive. The term "Ukrops" now looks like, oh, "Breyers" or "Arm & Hammer"......


The checkout was an adventure, as I realized before even arriving that I did not have whatever type of "customer card" Martin's provided. BUT, I had read on Facebook from a friend that shopped at the Short Pump store earlier in the day that they were providing them at checkout.

Not at Virginia Center.

The young man who checked me out was very nice and our conversation was very pleasant, as I asked how he/they were surviving the "first day". New computers, HUGE font on the checkout screens (they SCREAM at you), but no cards. He waited awhile for a manager to come use one of theirs. They were running around doing a million other things.

I asked how to get a permanent one during our wait. He replied that there were two tables set up at each entrance, but they had RUN OUT of cards. Oops.

In the end, he used the card of the lady behind me, waiting patiently, in line, who either figured out how to get a Martin's Card before today or drove all the way from Waynesboro. (insert rimshot here)

He did explain how to go online to get your card (print out a temp while the real one is mailed to you), which was cool.

And, the last impression, during my conversation with the Ukr...err...Martin's bagger who accompanied me to the Hyundai? Right after I asked how having the carts outside was affecting things, asking, "Have you seen any in the parking lot?"....I turn to my right, and there was one staring me in the face. Welcome to Food Lion. :)

I'm certainly willing to give them a chance (my Spaghettios and Meatballs were 40 cents cheaper!!), but my first grade is C+.

PROS: Familiar faces, bright stores, no huge layout differences.
CONS: Customer cards should have been mailed out two weeks ago to all Ukrops Cardholders, there are TOO MANY price tags staring at me, and the Richmond feel is gone. I felt like I was in Stafford or something.

My two cents. :)