Monday, April 19, 2010

"24"---LIVE Blogging.......

Well, the final hours are here. Renee is gone. Let's see how Jack reacts and what former President Logan has up his sleeve......

It's 9am.......

As Jack leaves the operating room, he's about as "Jack-less" as I've ever seen. Absolutely stunned. When will he snap?

The body is wheeled out. The grieving continues.

Ah, the phone rings. Here comes Jack. :)

9:05am----Jack is back. Chloe gives Jack the info he needs.

9:06am----Ethan is Superman!

9:07am----Logan finds the Russian at breakfast. It's not at McDonalds. Some Russians do well financially.......

9:09am----Blackmail over espresso.......

9:11am----At the court, Sergei sees Jack......and actually wants to talk to him. Jack turns the tables quickly, and offers greetings for the family.

"Wait, wait!"

9:13am----Jack's word goes a long way.
9:14am----Time to visit Dana.

9:18am----The Russians are coming!! Logan is stoked, but Ethan is curious. There's definitely an ulterior motive with Logan. Is he working WITH the Russian Government??

9:20am----I hope Chloe got a temporary pay raise!!

9:22am----Yeah, here we go. What will Logan do? Poor guy. Thinks he can get even with Jack....another deft move by the producers to use his character in all this. Logan is one of the best characters, by far, in "24" history.

9:24am----"You think I'm gonna kill her?", Jack to Chloe when looking at Dana. Gotta keep the cameras on. TMZ might want footage.

COMMERCIAL BREAK THOUGHT: I've only seen two radio stations advertise so far on TV during the Spring Arbitron book......96.5 KLR and Q94.

9:31am----President Taylor is back, now with the widow turned leader.
9:31am----Fox News plug. :)

9:32am----The two Presidents collide. Taylor learns of Walker's demise. Logan wants Bauer stopped. Finally, some pushback from Taylor.

9:35am----Classic, classic Logan trying to win the argument with Taylor over Ethan. Oh, and now we don't tell Dalia Hassan she's signing a deal with the guys who killed her husband. Appealing to her "legacy". Classic Taylor wouldn't accept this.


9:36am----Jack calls. She doesn't take the call?!?!?
9:37am----Oh, she's going instead. Hmmmm.......

COMMERCIAL BREAK THOUGHT: Too bad Season VI was so subpar and ruined the momentum for "24". Seasons seven and eight have been excellent, but will never get the mass appeal amount of eyeballs they deserve like Season V did.

9:41am----President's calling......for Chloe. And wants to see Jack. Chloe didn't say "goodbye" beofre hanging up? :)

9:43am----CTU must be REALLY close to the UN.

9:44am----Jack and Madame President.

"I want justice".---Jack
"I want peace."---President Taylor

9:47am----"You're locking me down?" Wow. Guess there's a breakout renegade Jack finale coming.......

9:50am----Did Jack and Chloe make eye contact for the last time???

9:53am----The President tells Chloe about Dana and Jack. President Taylor has gone completely "peace" blind. Logan's magic works again.......hmmm......

9:56am----Chloe and Jack will tag team something. Don't worry.

9:58am----The copter lands to carry Jack away.......
9:59am----No, Jack will take the copter away.......even Chloe can't stop him.


Well, when Jack finds out Logan is hangin' with Taylor.......that'll explain lots. Jack goes rogue. Next time. :) :)

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