Monday, November 27, 2006

Yo! Still here....

Working on re-doing my link list and it's taking a bit of time (the links are too close together!) after I take my wife for outpatient surgery in the AM, I hope to work more on it tomorrow.

More post-cruise news, a big scare with the cats, and a new appliance....all still to come.

Boy, a new appliance. I get excited about that??!!??

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thankful to go home......

I mentioned at the end of my last post (and forgive me for my absence, but doing five days' worth of work in three is, ah, a daunting task.) that it was time and we were going home.

To our home church. Where I pastored for nine years.

We hadn't been back since my closing service last Christmas. I had specific reasons for waiting this long.

1) I began a sabbatical. It was time to be away from pastoral responsibilities and be the parishoner for a season.

2) Quicker is cleaner. Coming right back to visit within a few weeks just isn't a good idea.

3) My most important reason by far: I never wanted to cause any problem or delay in the impending search for the next pastor. So, as they as a church family began to move to their next era, they needed to be focused forward.

We had two times in May where we visited with some of the wonderful people. One was a couples' event, the other....yep. That "24" finale party.

But for about a month now I'd been seriously thinking about heading down one Sunday morning. I'm not sure when I made the decision, but I told the kids about it during Mom's cruise. Boy were they excited!!

So, off we went down I-295, stopping for breakfast on the run at Burger King, and getting south to Prince George. The biggest change was going 'round the final curve on the road where you get to the church.

The woods to the right always obstructed the view of the church so that it "came up on you" on the road (easy to pass it before you realize it).

Rounding the curve last Sunday, my three passengers let out a collective "WHOA!" when they saw that all the trees had been cleared on that right-hand side. Now, you can SEE the church rounding the curve!!

"What's so big about that?", you ask.

Any time you are marketing anything, from a can of peas to a church, sight can be very important. It's NOT the most important, though (remember, I work in radio!).

But, in this case, the church, really off to itself at the fork of two back roads(one well traveled, the other not), needed this.

It was great to see everyone, not many that were there during our time were not there that day. There was Thanksgiving dinner after service, which is why I chose this particular Sunday, giving us a chance to fellowship with 'em after church.

It won't be another 11 months before we return again. They have a wonderful interim pastor (former missionary who is a neighbor of a church couple. She filled in when I was on vacation several times.) Her grace and ministry style is perfect for the church in this season.

I don't know how the search for the next pastor is going. As long as it's following God's will, I need no details. Go get 'em, Bethlehem!!!


Hope you've had a great Thanksgiving. The family was surprised to have me AWAKE for once. I even rode to Wal-Mart this morning!!

Dinner at Bonnie's "oldest younger sister's" house, and football! Tonight, I gave the TV to my wife to enjoy her shows instead of watching NFL Network's inaugural football game broadcast.


1) I'm a nice guy. :)

2) I heard Bryant Gumbel call a few wasn't good. Let the rumor mill commence as to who the voice of NFL Network coverage will be in 2007.

For those of you prepping to go out and spend five hours in line tonight in whatever kind of weather so you can get the buy of the year at 5am....I'm happy to say you will not be joined by me.


Saturday, November 18, 2006


The final of the Dozen Days was very trying. I had to ask a family member to pick up the kids to bail me out so I could keep my head above the huge pile of work on my desk...... half-day scheduled ended up at 7pm. So, rather than having the 4p to 10p block to clean the house and prepare for Mom's arrival, it was more like 730 to 10p.

We went thru this house like a white tornado. Understand, we did NOT let the place go into a "trash-heap" condition, but we weren't quite on top of the game Wednesday and Thursday due to outside issues; plus, we spent MOST of our time on the kids' rooms. Gee, that's a shocker. :)

"Camp Witham" was diassembled so Mom would see her bedroom rather than a virtual tent. Then, Mom called thrice from Charlotte, apparently a plane issue ended up forcing her to another gate and a different plane, but, thankfully, the take-off time wasn't affected.

We celebrated on the ride over to the airport; Rachel and I watched the "countdown" on miles to go on the flight on the arrivals board until the word "arrived", well, arrived.

We sat briefly, then Rachel wanted to go stand at the gate when she saw others doing the same. Heck, even Robbie came over. A minute later, around the bend, comes Mom. I told Rachel, go hug her...then realized the security checkpoint was still between Rachel and Mom. Oops.

"BUT DON'T GO PAST THE SECURITY GUARD!!!!"---I yelled. All turned out well. The reunion was followed by everyone's favorite activity, "BAGGAGE CLAIM".

Ran into a friend from work just returning from a California vacation....

Wait a minute....

ME----Monsoon in Glen Allen

What did I do??!!!??!!?? :)

Back to the story, the bags arrive, we head for home, grab some Wendys (hey, it's 12:15 and there's no Taco Bell close by) and pull into the driveway.

Mom opens all the souvenirs and passes them 'round, the kids talk to Mom....and talk....and talk.....and.......

....Robbie cashed in first, then about 1:53 I said I gotta call it a night.

And thus, we were in the first day of the "Post Dozen Days" era. And she was home. And it felt like home once again.

And, I can guarantee you this.

As long as Rachel has ANYTHING to do with it, Mom will NEVER be gone nine days and eight days ever, ever, EVER again.

There's a new appreciation for Mom in the air. Now, it better translate into taking out the trash the first time you're asked........


Tomorrow? A surprise trip to a familiar place. It's been long enough. We're going home.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Son of Gaston.....

....soon I will post about a wild day of weather here yesterday that made me immediately think back to August 30, 2004.

Getting Rachel from school was, well, very trying on the ol' nerves. Thanks to God for seeing us through!

Oh, and as of now, MOM is back in Puerto Rico!!!

Plane arrives tonight at 1049pm-----can't wait to see her. But, first....WE GOTTA GET THE HOUSE CLEAN!!!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yeah, it must be middle age...

....when we went to see the preview of "Happy Feet" last night, new recording artist Gia Farrell performed before the movie. Her first single, "Hit Me Up" is on the soundtrack to the movie.

Last night it was great.
Late last night the tune hummed in my mind.
Tonight I'm listening to it over and over and over again. I can't stop. I cannot remember the last time a current song did that.

So, head to this site, and turn it up (I'm especially fond of the drums--great beat!)

And why do I say it's middle age? Because Gia was born AFTER I GOT MARRIED!!! Now I KNOW I'm getting old!

For those of us who don't sleep well at night.....

I wholeheartedly suggest GSN's "Playmania", starting at midnight eastern. Very attractive hostesses, and at least enough games to keep your mind from being so frustrated about how, once again, you're not sleeping.

I prefer nights with Mel. She's in the bottom picture. Beautiful British accent and can speak for three solid minutes without taking a breath, much less a pause. She must have oxygen off stage for what few breaks they take during the show. :)

You go, girls! This would have been great had it been on in 1981 when I was 14 with growing opposed to the CBS Late Movie. Ugh.

Well, mom is alive and well in the Caribbean...

....we got a phone call tonight around 630pm. She's doing fine and is ready to be home. I figured an 8-day cruise would be too long for her; five days would probably have sufficed.

She goes across the sea tomorrow and arrives in San Juan Friday morning. Our reunion is a little more than 48 hours away.

Today--Day 10: School, work, medicine for a friend, a trip to Ukrops to shop and waste time, and we dirtied more dishes tonight than I think we have in the past five combined! Spaghetti. Mmmmmm......

I'm doing everything in my power to pace myself for the remainder of the week. So tonight is an early night; going to bed at 9:30, NO later than 10p.

Tomorrow night will be a marathon of work, I'm sure, and, Friday night, I know I'll be on pure adrenaline, so, I'm not worried about then.

Whether Bonnie will feel like attending the annual gala at work Saturday night is another story, but she's being honored for ten years of service, so I urged her to make it.

Well, back to work via home computer. It's felt like three weeks, but now we enter the homestretch. I told Rachel today, "'ll be rolling your eyes at Mama before you know it."

I'm right, don't you agree?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Feet was such a cute movie!!!!


yeah, I said "but".

I should have caught on about 1/3 of the way in when portions of an iceberg fell and with it a long buried "trawler" type machine (man-made, you know).

But then, halfway-ish through the film, "Happy Feet" reveals itself for the true product that, sadly, it is.

If you're not sure about going to see the movie, here's the plot (my view):

---Penguins were born to sing, therefore that's how they find and mate
---Dad dropped the egg during hatching season
---Baby Mumble came out with NO singing ability, but boy did he have happy feet!
---This is called the "Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer" syndrome. You get the picture. Where does outcast go? Well....(the main plot now weaves into the very good subplot of the underdog making the difference...)
---Penguins need fish.
---There are no fish.
---"Aliens have taken fish".
---Main character goes to the ends of the earth to find the aliens, who are found to be gawking at him at an aquarium.
---He gets a message to the aliens that penguins need fish.
---Aliens fight politically, then the U.N. says "send 'em fish".

So, the moral of our story is, every time you eat fish, there's a Gloria, or Mumble, or another penguin out there near the South Pole starving because it was theirs, and not yours.

I am ALL FOR taking care of our planet and its inhabitants. In fact, (Thank you Rick Warren!), some Christians are really beginning to take it seriously because, well, after all, God said to take care of the place when He sat Adam and Eve down here.

The word dominion can be also be termed "domain": tells us...

"1 : complete and absolute ownership of land -- compare EMINENT DOMAIN b : land so owned
2 : a territory over which dominion is exercised

But what we tend to forget is that absolute ownership does not mean the right to do whatever we please at the cost of affecting others. God NEVER gave man any "absolute" power; there's always a reason for it and accountability, too.

So, in that, I am supposed to take care of the earth and its creatures.

So I have no problem with that message in the movie.

But why did the humans have to be called "aliens" and determined to be the "evil ones that were taking the fish"?

Heck, one device, some beeps, and a copter later and you've got five aliens in red parkas sending video of the penguins back to the mainland so the politicking could begin.

They didn't need to go that route. The simple message of taking care of each other and all creatures would have sufficed.

The U.N. symbol was the last straw.

Take the kids? Yes, they'll enjoy it, especially Mumble's feet! The amigos he hangs out with later in the movie are the most hilarious characters by far.

But remember to tell your kid after dropping your popcorn receptacle IN THE TRASH CAN (don't leave it on the floor!!) that he's not evil because he likes going to Red Lobster.

Ne'er on dry land......

.....thought came through my mind (not many do) as the kids and I came home from seeing "Happy Feet" (a sneak preview, my review is above this post) that my wife became the first Witham in our family today.....

....ever to spend an entire 24 hour period at sea, never placing her feet onto earthen soil.

I don't know, that just struck me as pretty wild, being that, well, my idea of a cruise is taking my car down the street to Wawa for an Icee and some Cole Slaw.

It's Day Nine of The Dozen Days, and, we must admit a bit of "what?" to the fact that we've not received a phone call since Saturday at noon. I haven't seen the ship on CNN, so I know they're okay, and I know CRUISE LINES OFFER NO WAY TO TALK TO YOUR FAMILY IN THE OUTSIDE WORLD THAT COSTS LESS THAN AN ARM AND LEG!!!!

But, hopefully tonight she will call, to just make sure all is well, before her last, and longest (maybe biggest) excursion, to Aruba. Ship arrives 7am, they can party 'til midnight,'s back on the ship for the first leg of her journey home.

Again, we're hoping she doesn't decide to stay on for, like, employment with Royal Caribbean. The three of us would be against that.

There are 209 hours from 5am last Thursday, when she waved goodbye at security at RIC, to 10pm Friday night, when we're on the way to back to RIC to pick her up (flight arrives at 10:49pm...I hope!).

We're coming up on 136 hours down, 73 to go.

And, oh, it's almost 10pm on the ship. Wonder if she got to watch Gilmore Girls at sea?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Thanks, Ed

Was stunned to see the breaking news email come over last Thursday at work that Ed Bradley had passed away at 65. I, as millions of others, had no idea he was ill.

The last time I saw him was reporting on the Duke Lacrosse story on CBS Evening News early into the Couric era. I don't remember him looking or sounding out of sorts.

I'm so sorry to hear of this----not just a barrier-breaker for African-Americans in journalism, but one of the greatest reporter/interviewers ever.

Asked the tough questions, used body language (his) to his advantage, knew that he wasn't the story, knew exactly how to do it right.

Rest in Peace, Ed, and thanks.

"You don't see me; I'm not here...."

I wasn't supposed to be there.

But I was.

Long story.


Welcome to the highlights of day eight of The Dozen Days!

--Bonnie: Enjoying the spoils (and the humidity?) of Casteries, St Lucia.

--Robbie: Enjoying (?) another Monday at school, leaving a bit early to go to the orthodontist where the light may be at the end of the tunnel. Hmmmm......

--Rachel: Another Monday at school, and she's stuck with Dad the rest of the day. Poor soul.

--Me: The above discussed, work from home, and not much else.

In other words, it's been a flippin' BORING Monday at Witham Nation Headquarters.

My use of the word "boring" does confirm that a nap was not in the cards. That sucks.

TOMORROW: Bonnie travels, to arrive in Aruba on Wednesday morning, so a whole day on the ship. Gee, buffets, entertainment, sunsoaking, swimming pools, pretty ladies in bikinis (oh..sorry, that would be on my list), buff guys NOT in Speedos...what more does she want?? :)

HERE?---Work, school, home.

As consistent as Tinkers to Evers to Chance.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Our own little water expedition.....

Bonnie wasn't the only Witham around water today.

Now, the circumstances can't be compared.

Bonnie: On the island of St. Kitts, temps in the 80s, the beautiful ocean awaiting their return to the cruise ship.

Rob, Rachel, Robbie: Wet getting to the van, watched the creeks and front yards in the neighborhood flood, get wet getting into the church, and wet getting out.

I think it's still raining outside. Two inches today, plus wind. A perfect day to stay inside.

Good timing, honey. Be glad you were in St. Kitts.


--Back to school
--Dad's day off cancelled (too much work)
--Robbie to the orthodontist

...oh, and Mom? A longer trip overnight through the Atlantic to make it to St. Lucia tomorrow, their fourth stop in four days, but, their next to last.

Tuesday is a travel day so Wednesday they can be in Aruba (she'll be so close to Caracas, Venzeuela---would she shake hands with Hugo Chavez? HA!).

They get 7a to midnight there as kind of their "super final stop", as Thursday they travel and arrive back in San Juan Friday at 7am.

They have some time to shop there, then head for the airport. Two airports later, there will be some people waiting for her. All of their last names are Witham.

Thus ends day seven of The Dozen Days. Day eight is next after another restless night because someone's not in the bed with me (no, I'm not talking about the cats!)

Miss you, sweetie. :)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

It doesn't feel right......

....that's the summation of Rachel and I with Mom being gone this Saturday.

Mom called!! She was in ANTIGUA at the time and is doing well, other than the jacuzzi being broken and she said her air conditioning sucked.

You'd think with all that money to run a cruise ship they'd buy a new jacuzzi and have a better AC system! For the price you pay, they should! But, ne'ertheless, the excitement and excursion continues for Bonnie, Sharon, Stephanie and her hubby.

And the excursion continues here in Witham Nation, with Dad having some trouble getting up this morning (Rachel says I was talking weird when she first got up, and I do remember talking to her but having a dream at about the same time.)

Today's checklist:

Wash some dishes, soak the others.....
Rachel's clothes dried, she put 'em away.
Robbie did something, I just can't remember what. :)
Robbie and Danny to Yu-Gi-Oh tourney.
Dad and Rachel to work.
The three of us to Ashland for Ponderosa!
A stop at Ukrop's, then the arrival of "the dreaded cousin" to spend the night with Rachel and go to church with her in the morning.


We might fight some thunderstorms.
The days in the 70s will come to a screeching halt.
My first chance to experience Winns.
We'll finish the dishes (Dad is telling everyone over and over as they open a cabinet door..."paper plates and cups!!!")
I will work many hours via the home computer.

Mostly, we'll think about Mom as she takes in St. Kitts, her third port of call in three days.

And, I'll wish to be able to take a nap. :)

Nite all!

The Dozen Days: We're halfway home.

Thank God it' Saturday!!!

This Friday (11/10, my 7th anniversary at WRVA) will go down as one of the busiest on record.

Workload like you would not believe today; I'll be picking up the pieces and tying the shoelaces over the weekend to make sure I can still take Monday off and SLEEP!! Well, at least during school hours. :)

Then, tonight, late for the PH/Hermitage game, because we're late leaving work (THANK GOD FOR AUNT SHERRY, who was kind enough to bring the kids to work), have to grab something to eat, run home and make sure the hamster is okay (someone left Rachel's bedroom door open, which is a no-no, being that the cats could hypothetically go in, see Chloe (aforementioned hamster), and salivate.

Then, it's off to Hermitage High School to call, as my broadcast partner Stubby Price dubbed it, "The Witham Bowl".

Robbie's first year at Hermitage, so it's officially a father vs. son game.

Score one for the son! Big time.

Patrick Henry was 8-1 with a simple mission. Win tonight, you go to the playoffs. Lose tonight, the season is over. Hermitage was 6-3 and their playoff chances were about as good as the chance you'll ever find me on a seven-night cruise.'s senior night, and Hermitage's field is, to me, a pretty imposing place to play. It's built for good home-field advantage.

Tonight they could have played anywhere and it wouldn't have mattered. Hermitage senior running back Nick Lockhart could never have dreamed this scenario for his final home game.

253 yards.....five touchdowns.


Before a minute had been played, Hermitage was up 6-0. PH scored to take the lead, then Hermitage scored their 2nd TD, retook the lead and never looked back.

Plays of the game? Two of them. PH had the ball at the Hermitage 4 yard line, not once, but twice in the first half, where, on the next play, they fumbled the football.

Arguably, 14 points lost. Add that to the fact that Lockhart and Quarterback Ju-Ju Clayton were running at will against the Patriots defense whose reputation for speed was known throughout the district, and the halftime score was 27-7.

Final score: Hermitage 41, Patrick Henry 14.

So, that ends the post-season hopes, the 2006 campaign, and we say thank you to D.J. Thomas, Todd Bowden, Hunter Osborne and several others who graduate this year.

But, as Coach Long said in a TV interview tonight, he has eight returning offensive and seven returning defensive starters plus more players coming, his outlook for 2007 seemed VERY optimistic. He also spoke like a man who has no intention of retiring after this, his 25th season as head coach.

Hey, and 8-2 record with a sophomore quarterback, and after losing lots of players to graduation last year? Not bad. It's just a shame everything went against them tonight.

The costly fumbles. Several guys went down hurt (mostly cramps or sprained ankles), one of their best lineman did not play due to an injury, and then the excellent play of the Hermitage running game, and, as the game went on, the Panther defense's speed and tenacity.

Plus, lest we forget senior night for a proud program..... all equalled Patrick Henry home next Friday, and congratulations to Clover Hill for making the Division 6 Playoffs as the fourth seed.

#4 Clover Hill will face #1 Varina in one semi-final...
#3 Highland Springs travels to #2 L.C. Bird for the other....

My thoughts? L.C. Bird is the three-time defending Division 6 Central Region Champions. I consider them the favorites until somebody (Varina?) can finally knock them off.

Then, in Division 5, where PH would have waltzed into the playoffs (if the school had 50 to 75 less students, it would qualify to be a "Division 5 Sized" school.), we have these wacky results.

#3 Huguenot will travel to #2 Deep Run (Colonial District Champs) in a rematch of a semi-final game from 2005....
#1 Matoaca will host......#4 Hanover. HANOVER???

Yes, that Hanover. They finished 5-5 and they're in the playoffs for the first time. I'd like for someone to look into the record books to find out the last year a Hanover County team other than Patrick Henry made the playoffs in the same season where PH did not.

Matoaca has been ranked #1 in the region pretty much all year, so they have to be favored, even though if they get Deep Run in the final, that's a game I'd drive and pay to see.

So, Stubby and I finish our 5th season together, a disappointing one for me because I lost out on some games due to illness. I told Stubby on the air tonight, by next season, I will have passed 40 years of age, the issues will have straightened themselves out (hee hee) and we'll be ready for a full campaign.

And, the way Coach Long looked after the game, I think he and his guys will be ready, too.



Rachel: School, picked up by Aunt Sherry, meets Dad at the station, sits in the booth for the Hermitage game, has stuffy, runny nose, takes medicine and goes nite-nite.

Robbie: School, including a choral performance, meets Dad at the station, sits in the booth, too----wins "Witham Bowl I", knows a coach who's in the press box, comes home, eats, and now sleeps.

Dad: Kids to school, Ukrops quickly, work, work, work, breathe, work, get the idea---off with the kids eventually to the game, broadcast from there, come home.

Mom: Anyone know anything about Philipsburg, St. Maarten?? Well, Mom does now. Can't wait to hear the details (or read), as we didn't catch up to each other today.

So, it's 2:23am on the ship, 1:23am at Witham Nation Headquarters, so I guess it's welcome to The Dozen Days: Day Six.

Happy sailing!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

She's on board!!

Her Richmond to Charlotte flight started and ended a few minutes early.

Her Charlotte to San Juan flight was only a few minutes late.

She called around 7pm AST (she's an hour ahead of us)......

....and as of about 45 minutes ago, they set sail.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was today following her travels on the Internet to make sure she got there safe and sound.

Now, I cannot begin to tell you how much I miss her. Bonnie and I have never been apart more than five nights in 19 years.

So, the kids are camping out in my room, and Rachel and I are using Kleenex. Robbie's the typical 14 year old boy (miss who???), but I know what's deep down in his heart.

So, Mom, if you get access to read this-----

Thursday went fine.
Rachel says every day it'll get easier and easier.
I have to scratch HER back!!!
Robbie's ready for his choral performance.
I have a mountain of work to do in seven hours tomorrow.
No one starved.
All the animals were fed (including the human kind)....

....and this place is just not the same without you. We love and miss you very much and WANT YOU TO HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!!

Because we don't mind giving up a few days of our lives with you so you can relax and enjoy this trip which you so incredibly deserve.

The Dozen Days....four down, eight to go.

She's off!

Rachel and I have just returned from the airport (which has changed so much since my last trip there three years ago) and Mom should be getting ready to board her US Airways flight; first to Charlotte, then to San Juan.

I had not been inside an airport since 9/11 and didn't know you couldn't go to the actual gate entrance and say goodbye anymore, so we did our hugging at the first security checkpoint and off she went.

AND, I didn't even pay a parking fee! In and out in under 30 minutes.

So, time for a quick, quick nap, then it's up, off to work and school!

Let the madness begin! :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Welcome to the Pre-Cruise Show!

Today is day three of the "Dozen Days", the final day Mom is "in da house"!

She's supposed to take off from RIC airport at 6am tomorrow. Heh. 615, 630 anyone?

This time tomorrow night, she'll be on the Empress of the Seas, setting sail for eight nights and seven days of food, food, fun, food, being catered to, and food.

This time tomorrow night, I'll be here, in front of my computer, with an update, then I'll return to working from home, which I'll do alot the next eight days.

My daughter (age 9), who doesn't remember that I cooked when I was home with her and her brother (albeit when she was a baby), might be concerned that I cannot cook, therefore, she'll starve.

She's in for a surprise. DAD, YOU CAN COOK??!!???

Another surprise...."See Robbie and Rachel, YOU CAN WASH DISHES!!!"

Oughta be two wild rides, one in the Caribbean, the other at Witham Nation Headquarters.

Ahoy, mates!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Too much to blog....

.....concerning tonight's election returns.

The Senate Race here is razor thin close as of 10:04pm.

I'll be around the next few days.

My wife won't! The cruise is calling! Soon!

I will follow you, Michelle..... still my beating heart.

Fox rocks for many reasons, but here's another. Want blog talk? No one's better than she is!

Monday, November 06, 2006

...that list you know nothing about....part three (so as not to forget I'm still doing this....)

U-Tot-Em Stores, who sold the original Icee.

Icee, the first word I ever said!

Getting knocked unconscious playing football in the backyard

Shadow football

Knee football

Indoor basement hockey (cardboard box goals, tennis ball as puck, putter or 3-iron, your choice, as hockey stick)

Injured shins as a result of indoor basement hockey

Five-Second Ball

The Witham Memorial Open Golf Tournament

The nine-hole golf course at home.

Hole Five, a par five. Dogleg it right around the house to the green in three or be brave and try to knock it over the house and make the green in an amazing one (or two) out for the LARGE PICTURE WINDOW right in front of you!!

I still can't believe we never broke that window as many times as we teed off from there.

So, don't even try to begin to tell me there isn't a God. :)

.....more to come.....

The Dozen Days: Day One

CRUISE COUNTDOWN: 3 Days and counting

"The Dozen Days" will consist of the three days of prep culminating in Mommy's cruise to the Caribbean with her best friend, Stephanie, which will take up days 4 thru 12. Today was day one.

Mommy says bye to co-workers at the Credit Union (several of whom attempted to hide in her van to be a stowaway). Tonight, she enjoys some TV (I wonder if they can watch CSI: Miami on board??)......

.....Rachel and Robbie on day one? School. But they are out tomorrow, so Rachel's staying up late to watch Rascal Flatts on the CMA Awards (God help me!) while Robbie, of course, is watching another flat episode of Raw (which is why I don't watch anymore, but, hey, he's 14 and I'm not). First, very happy to say no chest pains today! Work was BUSY, am working from home now, and have another long day ahead tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Parent-Teacher conference with Rachel's teacher, going to vote, and working ALOT. Because I will be home Wednesday night at a GOOD time (got to spend my last night with wifey before she gets conned by some Don Juan on the boat, you know!)

So, day one? A normal Monday.

See you day two, when "the cruise" will be "day after tomorrow"! Oh my gosh!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006


The only way to describe it.

Friday morning's trip to work was normal as normal could be until a pain came upon my chest that felt as if Wile Y. Coyote and his anvil had fallen on it.

Serious heartburn!---thought I. I searched the building for Tums, et al, all the while in tremendous pain, found some pepcid (thanks, Amy!), but it didn't go away (I know, Pepcid doesn't work in 13 seconds....)

So, given family history, I called Bonnie, she came to work, picked me up, and we went straight to see her sister and brother-in-law to get an EKG. By now, most of the pain had left.

Results looked about normal. Anxiety, stress, lack of sleep most likely cause.

But with my family history, I must say....the most raw emotion that whisked through my body and my mind Friday morning was "scared".

Happy to say, today (with lots of sleep last night and this morning) has been better.

Hopefully, soon, I can get back to that list of things you don't understand....

....but this was so real, I had to relate, knowing many of you can relate, too. Either as patient, or caretaker.

Now, to practice my latest quote----"don't let stress break your heart". Good nite.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lament, October Winning Numbers, another lament

I am alive. I just wanted the three of you who check in to know that. :)

I am SO busy at work right now, it's surreal. Hopefully I can catch up this weekend, because I miss this outlet of venting, celebrating, etc. very much.


Not enough winning numbers. That's my second lament.

P.S.---Want John Kerry to attend your local Veteran's Day event next week?