Sunday, May 31, 2009

questions while thinking out loud......

1) As of tomorrow morning, the Federal Government will become the majority owner of two of the "Big Three" automakers. Now you know why Ford rejected bailout money and chose to go its own way. I've heard the Government's involvement in GM ownership could be, at a minimum, five years. I thought the President said he didn't have time to run car companies.

2) The liberals and Dems used to scream to high heaven when President Bush went to Crawford, Texas. You know....."HOW DARE HE take a vacation when our troops are in harm's way!!!"

But apparently it's okay by them for President Obama to golf on Memorial Day (after the Arlington ceremony), then spend five figures in taxpayer money to "take Michelle on a date" to the Big Apple last night.

3) Companies continue to file for bankruptcy, and the monthly unemployment rate continues to climb and climb, with some experts expecting it to top 10% before the worst is over in this recession.

--When's the stimulus package gonna kick in??
--When does Obama begin to accept blame for rising unemployment rates, rather than saying they were "inherited"?
--When Joe Blow's road work job, provided for by stimulus money, is done and there's no more stimulus money, where does Joe Blow report for work the following Monday?

4) Why does the world care as much about Susan Boyle as they do Kim Jong-Il?

5) President Obama said he would meet with the President of Iran with no preconditions. Now said Iranian President wants to debate Obama at the UN. Was this Obama's idea during the campaign, or did the bearded guy get another one over on him politically?

6) Would anyone in the world watch Hugo Chavez on a four-day TV-thon if you, well, weren't forced to by his minions?

7) The Detroit Red Wings-----are they man or machine? Aren't half their players over 50 already? And they're still winning??

8) Me thinks Lebron James thought he was on cruise control to an NBA title. After losing last night, his season over, he left the arena in Orlando without going to the post-game press conference and without shaking hands with the Magic on the court after the game. Poor sportsmanship. Hopefully he will learn from this, because me also thinks he'll be close to another title shot again soon.

9) My Denver Nuggets and Carolina Hurricanes both fell a series short of their goals of the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals, respectively. My hats off to them, though, as the Nuggets hadn't been that deep in the NBA playoffs in 24 years and the Hurricanes had a coaching change in mid-season and didn't look like a playoff team.

10) Oh, and they're FINALLY playing the feud in the Stanley Cup Final!!!

Good night. :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Clear Channel, Bless Their Hearts.......

I wonder if they'll let any of the 2,500 EMPLOYEES THEY FIRED IN 2009 ALONE take advantage of this opportunity.

Not to mention the thousands like me in years and years before that, regardless of the "economic climate" of the time.


Clear Channel gives unemployed listeners in 21 markets a chance to find a job using radio

It’s a reality show that’s all too real in this economy – each station will pick five entrants a week, who will then record a quick :30 resume for airing within a station-produced spot. Potential employers can then follow up and check details on the station website. CC Radio president John Hogan says “We realize this is a difficult time for many individuals and families…radio is all about community and serves as the perfect platform to connect job seekers with employers.” The 21 participating stations include an urban AC in Detroit, WMXD (92.3), a talk station in Sacramento, KFBK (1530) and a rock station in Youngstown, WNCD (93.3).

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What will post 1,000 be?

In line at the grocery store this AM with my sliced grilled chicken for salad and my wife's Diet Snapple (on sale!), I remembered that I'm almost at post number 1,000 here at All Things Witham.

I wondered what that post would discuss? Should it be a blockbuster celebration, a nostalgic look back?

I guess we'll find out in 18 posts, because this sentence thus ends post #982. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

CBS Evening News Tweak tonight.......

Just found out about this.

I watch Katie rather than the other two (guess I'm a dinosaur by watching evening news!) and usually see it online live as much as on TV if I'm still at work.

It won't pull them out of third place, though. When Charlie Gibson retires, then CBS will have a chance to move out of the cellar.

And why people watch Brian Williams pontificate every night is beyond me. He came directly out of the "anchorman robot assembly line" with a healthy dose of "I'm better than you so let me tell you what you need to know about today's news and how to feel about it.".

No, thanks. John Chancellor, where are you??

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Go Money Honey!!!

Click on the title to see that there is still some sense in the minds of some people in the NBC Universe.

Maria Bartiromo gets it right with this interview, exposing the union wonk for what he is, in the dream world of big government/socialism.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Love you, too, Wanda......

From the needless White House Correspondents Association Dinner last night (click the title for some hateful comedy).....

Honest, couldn't this event have been cancelled to save some money for somebody? Keith Olbermann alone could contribute the amount of proceeds they give to "journalism students".....but then they'd all be forced to go to......wait, they're probably all ending up at left-wing nutjob college factories anyway.......

Wanda Sykes proves she is not a good comedian. Joe Klein had something to say about this on CNN this morning that I'll comment on in another post. She, along with gazillions of others, never fail to NOT PROPERLY USE RUSH LIMBAUGH'S QUOTE CORRECTLY. He wants America to succeed, and knows if Obama's policies succeed, our America will become an America we don't recognize, with less freedom than ever, ever before. (Get back to me when the government starts telling you what you have to put your thermostat on in your own house, or tax you for every mile you drive, rather than the current consumption tax on gasoline; you know, FIRST AMENDMENT FREEDOM issues....)

President's nice to know you think it's funny for someone you don't like to lose their kidney function.

But, even though I disagree with just about everything you've done and have proposed, I will continue to pray for you, as directed by the Good Word. And that includes your kidneys.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To all moms, THANK YOU for all you do! Especially to the mom of my two. :) :)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

There are no pigs at Kinko's.......

A classic from my blog list to the right---thanks to Made In Richmond for this one!

Ah, apparently not EVERYONE has heard of this little influenza that's been making the rounds......

End Women's Suffrage!

From my first blog love, Moby Rebuttal......

....another wonderful example of how our next generation is NOT being properly taught.

Another case of LOL and feel sorry for our country's future at the same time.

They hate Miss California, don't they?

Who would have thought espousing a personal position which is agreed upon by President Obama would bring out such hatred from the left?

Quick! Let's go find a naughty picture of Carrie Prejean! That'll show the world she's a sinner!

Yeah, well, we already knew that.

The left is almost becoming sad. I thought they had the White House and both houses of Congress. But yet they can't stop hatin'.

Well, it could be worse. Would you like to see, say, The Nation's Margaret Carlson in pink panties?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Specter Claims Kemp Would Be Alive if Congress Better Funded Medical Research - Presidential Politics | Political News -

Specter Claims Kemp Would Be Alive if Congress Better Funded Medical Research - Presidential Politics | Political News -

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This is nuts. Following logic, since the late Mr. Kemp served in the House for 18 years, he then contributed to his own death by not voting for enough money for government funding of cancer research.

I guess my question to Senator Specter would be, "How much is the threshold Kemp would have had to reach in order to "buy" more time to be alive today?"


Sunday, May 03, 2009

Robbie's Junior Prom

25 years ago this Tuesday, I went to my Junior Prom with one of my best friends.

Last night, Robbie went to HIS Junior Prom with one of his best friends.

My, how time flies. :)