Monday, February 28, 2005

Okay, it's 5 O'clock somewhere....

I hate that song.

And most other country songs I must suffer through while my co-worker Kim listens to country radio on the 'Net.

But it's an appropriate title as we're minutes away from the 5pm hour on "24".

A little husband of your girlfriend torture, followed by one heckuva office party.

See ya 'round 10pm my time, 6pm Jack's time.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

I want my CCM!!!!!

I've wanted to be in radio since I was three. So, now approaching my 20th anniversary of starting in the biz, I come across a very frustrating thought....

...after spending nine hard, yet wonderful years, proclaiming and (hopefully) progressing Christian radio in Richmond, this market is woefully underserved today.

This diatribe is not to focus on "blame" or "fault". It's simply a lonely wolf crying for help that, I suspect, is the same muted cry of thousands of others in the metro area.

From 1988 to 1997 I was Operations Manager (and many other hats) at WDYL-FM. We were the Contemporary Christian Music station for Richmond (hence the term "CCM", as in "CCM Magazine".

In those years, we played the best in adult contemporary Christian music about 18 hours a day and was the conduit, the meeting place of much of the Christian community. When an artist would come to town, we'd get behind the effort. Many artists would come in concert to Richmond then. Why? Because the CCM industry, based in Nashville, knew Richmond was, though a tough concert town, a CCM radio town. I got spoiled because, in those years, and through all my contacts in Nashville (some wonderful people I shall never forget), I would see stations be sold, undergo format changes, and entire markets lose their CCM outlet, not thinking that could happen in Richmond.

Well, it did. First, my old station was sold two years after my departure and is now owned by Cox. Then the other major CCM player in this half of Virginia sold its two FM's and various translators to a group whose stations play lots of teaching programs, and mostly praise and worship music. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not CCM.

So, I flip around the dial, and when Rebecca St. James' CD is a month away from being released, there's no CCM station playing her first single. There's no chance to "win the CD before you can buy it", and, if there's no foundation in the market, you can bet your bottom dollar Rebecca St. James won't be coming to this town (and she hasn't been here in six or seven years, by the way....)

Richmond desperately needs a CCM outlet, preferably on FM. There are some residents upset that American Family Radio, already the owner of 89.7 FM east of town, now has been granted a CP to go on the air at 88.1 FM just west of town. Their current station, quite frankly, is not good. I don't listen. The morning show is national, and marginal in quality, plus it doesn't have a true focus, and the entire station suffers from that problem, too. There's no local flavor, but that's not the fault of the local people, well, person. AFR outlets are usually operated by as few people as possible (in many cases, by one person). Trust me, one person cannot run an entire radio operation.

"Dear, what did you do today?"

"Well, I pitched a six-month underwriting campaign to the Nissan dealer and First Presbyterian Church, then went to the transmitter site and performed maintenance, then got back to the station just in time to do two hours on the air, check the 27 messages on voice mail, reply to emails, open the mail, and post deposits."

Yeah. Right.

I'm sure AFR consists of some nice, God-fearing, good-meaning people. But they have alot to learn about radio.

Thus, even though they now have two FM sticks in town, it doesn't mean the CCM audience is served. They flip back from talk to music to talk; the music doesn't have a focused audience (which any radio station must have; no station can ever be all things to all people anymore, not in our niche society of 500 cable channels and satellite radio), and then there's Don Wildmon's talk fest at midday where he rails against one group or the other.

I posted about this at a radio site this evening when someone wished the new stick was for a jazz, classical, or NPR station. My reason for posting was to make sure they understood just because a "Christian" group won the CP, it doesn't mean they are serving all Christians. Many people don't realize there are multiple Christian radio formats. I closed the post with this:

"Salem, if you're listening, catch a "Fish" and bring it to Richmond. Please?"

I'm dying for a good Christian music concert. I came home from church tonight playing it "old school" with everything from Larnelle Harris and Wayne Watson, to DC Talk (Word 2 The Father!)

It was a great trip down memory lane. Unfortunately, it's also my only choice for CCM in Richmond right now (good thing I have a CD/cassette player in the van and a CD player in the Cougar!)


Rachel had a WONDERFUL 8th birthday; she got a shag haircut the day before and she looks much older (Dad thinks it's pretty but isn't too fond of the "it makes her look older" aspect of it all...), we went bowling, went out to eat, then the cousins came over for cake.

Today is different. She's got a tummy virus, so no church today (and Rachel HATES to miss church!), and we'll probably keep her home tomorrow from school, just to make sure. I understand the virus is making the rounds at school and elsewhere. Now it WILL leave this house!!


And good night.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Thanks, Bro!

So, I get a CD in the mail, and I wonder what it is. It's labeled "Enjoy".

It's from my brother. So I pop it into the CD player heading for work this morning. Maybe bluegrass? Old 70s favorites from AM Radio?

No. Even better.

Mercury Theatre on the air presents "War of The Worlds"!!!!

I was just sharing with my son recently that he needs to hear the original radio broadcast, in light of some study he's had in Social Studies class. Now, he can.

On the way to work, the memories of the old album flooded back....

Grovers Mill, New Jersey
Professor Pearson
Karl Phillips (and his later charred body)
"I don't know what the thing is...."
and, of course..

2X2L calling CQ.
2X2L calling CQ.

Isn't there anybody there?

The use of the imagination of radio at its absolute finest. Those tuning in after the disclaimer was presented at the start of the show became manic, thinking that Martians actually had come to New Jersey.

In hindsight, all these years later, I do think this:

Maybe we would have been better off cutting a deal with the Martians and just letting them have New Jersey. :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Interview Game

Thanks to Rick S (for not just this game, but for having a link to my blog on his!), we now play the Interview Game.

It's not hard---here's the rules, just go to "comment" if you want five questions of your own to answer!

The Official rules of the Interview-Game

1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying "interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person's will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions
6. I will answer reasonable follow up questions if you leave a comment.

So, having said that, here are Rick S's five questions for me....

Interviewing Rob/blue67ccm:

1) What are you looking forward to the most with the upcoming Star Wars movie: Anakin finally succumbing to the dark side of the Force? or finding out that Jar Jar Binks is really Luke's father? (oops - hope I didn't give anything away)

Stink, didn't know about Jar Jar! (I'm one of his 26 fans around the world), so that'll be the surprise twist I'll make sure my then 13 year old doesn't know about when we go see it! I'll probably want to rip into the screen and choke Anakin at some point.

2) What is your favorite color, and have you ever owned an automobile that color?

Favorite color is definitely red (Christ's blood, NC State Wolfpack, etc.), and no, I've never owned a red car, which lessens my chances of being pulled over for speeding....hee hee....

3) What is your favorite room of the house? Are you there right now? Why not?

The bedroom is my favorite, especially at night, when dark, with both fans on for nice noise. There, I try to sleep (AOL Keyword: try!). Oh, and my sports card collection is there, too. Nope, not there now; the computer is in the great room.

4) What is your favorite movie of all time, and with which character in the movie do you identify most?

Wow...good question. I've not really had "one" ultimate favorite, but, for the sake of answering, I'll take The Posiedon Adventure, and I'd most identify with Red Buttons' character, whom you'd never expect to make it through the ordeal alive, but he did. Nothing like being the unexpected survivor. :)

5) Why do you blog?

I've always enjoyed meeting and communicating with people online (did lots of chatting back in the late 90s), and, since I don't know squat about HTML, this is an incredible way to write an ongoing "family and friend" letter so anyone you know can stop by and see what's up, rather than having to wait for me to write a letter and mail it, or, God forbid, actually learn HTML. They'll find ice on Mars before that happens....oh, wait a minute....stink....they just did! I've got work to do!!!

So, there it is. Want five questions? Just put "interview me" in a comment reply.

Okay, I'm doing it, too----67 things about me....

Seems like this is an "initiation" post; i.e., your blog isn't really "official" until the "list" is posted.

Therefore, though I'm not one to really care about wanting to be with an "in" crowd, here are 67 facts and thoughts about little 'ol me---in the order they enter my mind. Oh, why 67? I was born in '67, that's why. :)

1) I'll turn 38 on June 23rd.

2) I became a Christian November 16, 1975 and was baptized two weeks later.

3) My name is supposed to be Sharon Nicole (my parents came up with a girl name, but not a boy. Now you know why I got tagged with "junior")

4) I am an absolute college basketball fanatic, and therefore, am about to hit the greatest month of the year. March Madness, baby!!!

5) I have every NCAA Championship game from 1991 to 2004 (except 2002) on tape.

6) I am a long-suffering NC State Wolfpack fan (it's been a long time since Albuquerque in The Pit in 1983. Lorenzo Charles, you were da man!!)

7) My first word was "icee". Yeah, the frozen drink (also known as Slurpee for you 7-Eleven fans out there...)

8) My favorite Icee/Slurpee is when both Coke and Cherry are available; make it a half and half!!

9) I was a preacher's kid who actually grew up in only one parsonage. The vast minority of preacher's kids can state that fact as truth.

10) I have one brother and one sister, plus one stepsister and three stepbrothers.

11) Since I can remember I have worshiped the ground my brother walks on, even if he is a stupid Yankee fan.

12) He and I were avid baseball card collectors; I restarted my love for the hobby in 1989 and now own approximately 105,000 cards in all four major sports (though hockey sure is slipping, eh? How sad....)---and he's collecting like crazy, too!

13) My favorite cards are a Cal Ripken, Jr rookie, two cards of my two all-time favorite players together (Brooks Robinson and Cal Ripken), and an autographed card of the late Johnny Oates (I'm so glad I got to meet him.)

14) My parents separated when I was seven and a half. I can trace where I am at this moment in time to that moment. It set the stage for everything else since then. Oh, and did I say it happened 30 years ago this Saturday?

15) I was Mr. Brownlow in the play "Oliver Twist" in the fourth grade.

16) The biggest cities I have been to are New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Nashville, San Diego, Pittsburgh (if you count their airport), Raleigh, Albany, and Hartford.

17) I've only been out of the country once, for 45 minutes, into Tijuana, in 1983.

18) That same summer, on that same vacation, I was in the audience for "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson".

19) I remember exactly where I was on this night 25 years ago (February 22, 1980) when the US Hockey Team defeated the Soviets, 4-3, in the medal round at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.

20) I've wanted to be in radio since I was three years old.

21) I won a state championship in original oratory in 1985, foretelling my future of collecting meager paychecks because I can run my mouth....hee hee.....

22) I attended college in Massachusetts, where I did my first radio airshift (at the college station) and got my first commercial radio job (go Pittsfield!!)

23) After leaving college (and heck, the college closed, too!), I spent a year back home working in management at a hotel, and part-time in radio.

24) I got married on Super Bowl Sunday, January 31, 1988. The Redskins won, beating the Broncos 42-10, and I won, too. :)

25) I was hired to run the operations of Richmond's Christian radio stations in March 1988, a job I would relish for the next nine years.

26) I got to hear Point of Grace's first radio single (I'll Be Believin') before it was ever released (in the offices of Word Records in Nashville).

27) I was an insatiable user of over-the-counter nasal spray, since my very young years....until....

28) I had my deviated septum corrected on Thanksgiving Eve, 2003, and I'm still on the same bottle of CVS Nasal Spray I owned that day. :)

29) I busted my shoulder up real good on June 14, 2004, falling in a softball game, suffering a class three right shoulder separation. Surgery three weeks later, and a total of ten weeks in a sling. Oh, and the shoulder will not heal completely.

30) I once was on a TV news report giving blood.

31) I am the world's biggest advocate of Mountain Dew. There is currently more Mountain Dew in my body than blood.

32) I have two fantastic, wonderful, awesome (did I say fantastic?) children, and one cat with an attitude.

33) My son, Robbie, is about to turn 13 (gulp!), is in 7th grade, and loves Yu-Gi-Oh, his best friend Travis, and Theodore Roosevelt....(long story)....

34) My daughter, Rachel, turns 8 Saturday, acts 30, looks just like her cousin Seka in North Carolina, is in 2nd grade, and, yep, is the apple of my eye. After all....

35) I left radio in 1997 to concentrate on pastoring a small church (I'm still there!), finishing work on my degree, and to be Mr. Mom for my kids. I began watching my daughter daily when she was two months old.

36) A lifelong dream was realized on November 10, 1999, when I began working for WRVA Radio in Richmond, the legendary station of the market, walking the same halls as Tim Timberlake, Lou Dean, Jerry Lund, Deanna Malone, Tim Farley, Pam Overstreet, John Harding, and Millard the Mallard. I couldn't believe I was there. Wow.

37) I love volunteering in my kids' schools; I began by being "co-room mom" with my neighbor in Robbie's kindergarten class.

38) I've been PTA President two times, and PTO President once.

39) I prefer the house steak sauce at Ponderosa to A-1.

40) I graduated from Patrick Henry High School in 1985, and was class treasurer that guess who's been handling the reunion account for the past ten years??

41) I made a quiet and emotional return to Patrick Henry in the fall of 2002 as voice of the Patriots football team on Ashland's radio station.

42) I ran a newspaper route for 14 years. In a October 1991 to early 2000 stretch, I did all seven days every week (with rare exception), up anywhere from 4 to 5am.

43) I estimated that Bonnie and I delivered over 1 million papers during that span. That's a lot of bad news and public notices.

44) I throw (well, when my shoulder gets better) right-handed, I kick with my right foot, but I write with my left hand, play tennis with my left hand, and golf right-handed...but...I putt from the left side because I learned how to play golf with my dad's golf clubs (which were left-handed) when I was eight, and I just feel more comfortable putting from that side.....

45) I've had a psychiatrist since 2003 (no surprise there!)

46) I'm a Baltimore Oriole fan (I once named a cat Al Bumbry)

47) Philippians 4 is my favorite chapter in God's Word.

48) The first time I watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail was on a five-inch TV with about a dozen people in a hotel suite in Nashville, Tennessee. Been hooked on it since.

49) I programmed an "all-Christmas" music format every holiday season from 1989 to 1996, before it was "in vogue" to do it. Now you know why I like very little Christmas music to this day....

50) My brother-in-law served in Desert Storm.

51) I got most of my personality from my mama, which is why, now 26 months after her death, I'm still grieving.....

52) I must, must, must eat my food either, A) in a divider plate, or, B) in such a way that the food NEVER touches. Yecch!!

53) White corn is better than yellow corn.

54) I was at the office at the radio station, training a new employee and baby-sitting my four-year old daughter when I heard the news about the World Trade Center early on 9/11.

55) I preached at a revival meeting that night, having no idea waking up that morning what I'd preach on, and as soon as the day unfolded, God reminded me of our Sunday School lesson from two days earlier, "When Fear Comes Calling".

56) I still want to own a radio station before I leave this earth.

57) The only sporting events I really, really want to go to are the ACC Tournament and the Final Four (I've been to the first and second rounds of the NCAA Tourney; incredible experience.)

58) I had my picture taken with Amy Grant, and had her sign it for my then three-year old son.

59) My favorite translation of the Bible is the New Living Translation.

60) I have sleep apnea, so I get to wear that really attractive C-PAP mask at night, automatically assuring less sex.

61) I was a big "chatter" online in the late 90's while at home during the day and found lots of cool friends; I'm still at AIM, but haven't built/rebuilt my buddy list. (Blue67wrva in case you want to look me up)

62) As public as my careers are (radio personality, church pastor), I'm, at heart, a very, very private person, and absolutely love to spend time by myself.

63) I sleep using three pillows and must wear socks to bed.

64) I once bought and drove a Saturn. I'm in year 11 of my vow never to make that same mistake again.

65) Mountain or beach? Doesn't matter, but I love to go to the beach off-season, especially in the dead of winter.

66) I'm going to heaven, 'cuz I love Jesus and he's my Lord (God knows I ain't done nothin' to get there.)

67) I'm thankful to my parents, siblings, childhood friends, high school friends, college friends, radio co-workers and friends, and others for making me look good for the past 37 years and 8 months.


So, enough about me. What are facts about you? Don't be afraid.....:)

Are one of these three working for the terrorists? Is it the really pretty one? Yes, for goodness sakes, the one on the right.... Posted by Hello

Stink, I Didn't Think of This Possibility....

So, I'm in my usual "24" review conversation with salesman Dave today, and he makes a point that really makes sense and I completely missed it.

If Audrey was the one who suggested Curtis take Marianne to that place where the computer was (and where the ambush occurred, no surprise there), is it possible that Audrey knew, yes, knew about the ambush, and that she has put Paul's name in as the head of this "company" when it's actually her, and she told the terrorists exactly where her and her father would be at 8am (her brother's house, explaining why he's so defensive saying he did nothing wrong) so the kidnapping, which had to occur for the internet "takeover" to take place, went off well, and......

Audrey? Terrorist? Could it be? And I was beginning to think she was pretty, but not as pretty, as Michelle......:)

Monday, February 21, 2005

Living with someone 8 years doesn't always mean you know them.....

....just ask Audrey Raines.

Can't wait to watch the rest of Jack's "interrogation" of him next week. Truly, sparks will fly! (Sorry--couldn't resist that one.)

So, whos the old, bald white guy betraying his country and taking Curtis into custody? Marianne bit the dust; I wonder is Aisha can convince E! to put Talk Soup back on the air.

One Araz dead, two in CTU custody, so our 3-hour standing question of January 31st's entry is over with the correct answer being A.

Get the feeling Erin Driscoll is going to go off near the end of this day between her daughter and thinking she's being squeezed out of power? go Tony! So how does Michelle get back in? And where's CHLOE???

Oh, and the final scene of next week's preview; does that look like a heckuva office party, or what????


...Pop bit the big one first.

More to come.'s almost 4pm!!!

"24" is next, and we anxiously await the fate of the Araz family.

They can't possibly all make it through another hour, can they??

Sunday, February 20, 2005

This is my second favorite Bonnie! Ms Hunt is wittingly funny and a joy to watch. But, alas, she's not quite as easy on the eyes as my Bonnie.....:) Posted by Hello

Friday, February 18, 2005

How do you really know?

With blogging becoming all the rage and much discussion of its impact of news gathering, editorializing, etc., it brings up a few questions.....very important questions.....

1) How do you know who is really typing this entry into this blog?

2) How do you know for sure the same person has typed every entry under the name on the blog that claims to be the author of the blog?

3) How do you know that every post I've ever written were fictitional?

4) If a blog fell down in the forest, and no one was there to hear it, would it still create a stir among the mainstream media?

Okay, question four's a bit of a stretch, but, think about it.....

The first three questions are incredibly important, and as I blog around and check out others creations, I wonder exactly how much can be taken for face value.

The great thing about blogs: I can tell my story for the whole world to hear. No better way ever created to stay in touch.

The thing about blogs to worry us: Where do we find proof of credibility, integrity, and accountability?

And, in closing, one final thought....putting all these thoughts and queries together, is blogging any different than anything else in life?

Stink. That's enough philosophy.....:)

Thursday, February 17, 2005

3pm to 4pm on "24", and, Dr. Bonnie to the kitchen sink, STAT!

Time for some catching up before I head off to get a decent night's sleep (I hope)...

1) "24"---As mentioned in the last post, it was a bad hour for Edgar (I still have a hard time watching people lose their mom, even on TV shows....), but he makes the right decision (and the one mom would have him make) by working to save the world, or at least the large percentage about to get fried.

In the meantime, the actress who plays Dina Araz, Shohreh Aghdashloo, proves she can be as stone cold as any human, with that final line that, if her son cannot be saved, she would be more than happy to watch the nuclear plants meltdown. Her facial expression topped off the surprisingly cold, quiet, yet powerful ending.

Of course, cool Jack got in his suave line...."did you get that?"

Well, the Araz watch still stands, no one dead yet (at least from the list of two weeks ago, who knew we'd meet Dina's brother and say goodbye to him in, what, 25 minutes?) but I suspect one or more go in the 4pm hour.

Oh, and, attention all actors and actresses: If you see an opening for "bit part" in any future "24", be advised, your character will die. Just didn't want you to get your hopes up....

...and where's Chloe????

NOW..............MEDICAL CENTER..............(remember that ol' show??)

Bonnie stops by Patient First Tuesday morning after taking the kids to school. The line to see the doc is 14 deep. Too long to wait, she decides, comes home, boils some water, gets those tweezers sterilized, and voila!!! Goodbye 8 stitches.

Next week, she'll be opening her tonsilectomy shop and hopes to be performing organ transplants by late 2007.

I knew I married an incredible woman with an independent spirit, but, well, she just keeps topping herself. She's a looney nut! And I love her just like that. :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Edgar! Edgar! Edgar!

He's been through a tough last hour, having to face the fact that his mom won't be surviving the nuclear meltdown near her home, while he's trying to save the rest of the country at CTU (I'd feel helpless, too), but he also was responsible for finding the right mole the hour before.

He's EDGAR STILES!!! He's 24's Computer Geek, and fans love him. Count me in. I like his character the most because, well, he just looks like a normal guy.

Go Edgar!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Prosperity Theology Sucks.....

I have some entries backed up in queue to post, including the latest thoughts on "24", the 3pm hour, and my wife's foray into medical procedures....

...but tonight, I have to link to the church blog I manage for the church I pastor. A link on sent me to an article in the Orlando Sentinel for yet another pastor living high on the hog at parishoner expense.

My editorial and links to the article are here.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Time To File Chapter Eleven....

I've joined I-Tunes!

The software came w/the new computer, and, now with 5.1 speakers, this is, well, a pretty incredible stereophonic experience. The week the family goes to the beach on spring break and I'm here alone just working, I'll need to be careful not to blow away the neighbors late at night listening to my jukebox with these woofers and tweeters.....:)

So, signing up w/my Paypal account, I got my first 5 songs free, and here's the eclectic mix I chose:

--Love of Another Kind/Amy Grant (Unguarded, 1985)
--Weekend In New England/Barry Manilow (1977)
--Harry Truman/Chicago (Chicago VIII, 1974)
--What's New?/Linda Ronstadt & Nelson Riddle Orchestra (1986)
--Gone Hollywood/Supertramp (Breakfast in America, 1979)

Yep, I know, pretty weird mix. Wait til I blow my first hundred on another 100 tunes. Trust me; it'll take awhile, 'cuz the more I spend, the more I have to work.

And I work too much now to begin with......

So, I'll keep you abreast of the latest downloads (that'll keep most of the US, Europe and Asia on the edge of their seats....) as it continues to reveal my most strange taste in music. But, hey, it's mine. So there! :)

Friday, February 11, 2005

Can't blog this, can't blog that.....

So much stuff going on in life right now, most of which is not bloggable.

You know, fellow bloggers, what that means. If you post it, someone will see it, and the rest is history. So, all those current issues which are grasping the bulk of my time right now shall remain nameless, faceless, and factless at this location.

Know though, that they are quite important, some very annoying, some continual, and a few quite possibly life changing.

Bonnie's hand is healing; one piece of glass came out by itself today, and we hope to say goodbye to her stitches Sunday afternoon.

Got our PTO membership money back from school. Gee, should we invest it in the PTA coming in? Let's check the leadership first. :)

Robbie goes to see his friend for awhile tomorrow, so Rachel and I are going to have "daddy/daughter" time. Sounds like it'll be a lunch date at Ponderosa. She wants to talk about baptism. Pretty cool!!!

Me? Gotta go BACK into work to catch up on those things I fell behind on today, and prep the next Revelation series sermon, and get ready for the annual business meeting Sunday night, which should be fun.

Ah, the must stay with me. At least for now.


Monday, February 07, 2005

Catching Up....Looking Ahead....

I know, I know, I heard it from a co-worker today....

...."I looked for you on the blog last night...."

The ol' best laid plans of mice, men, and mannequins....

I end up in two meetings after church, get home late, and tired, take a nap, run Rachel to Awanas, then go to work and catch up on stuff during the first half, pick up Rachel from Awanas, get home during halftime and watch the second half from the couch, with no desire to get real analytical....

So, in review, are my favorite spots from last night:

Honorable Mention:

--Diet Pepsi: P Diddy's ride causes a new vehicle sensation. Who doesn't love the combination of monkeys and a whoopee cushion?
--Fed Ex: I didn't see this until this morning when a co-worker played it for me. Pretty good.
--Bud Light: USA Today's winner gets an HM, took early ad lead in pre-game show.
--Visa Check Card: ANYONE that gets UNDERDOG in a commercial gets props from me!!

Now the top 3:

3) Ameriquest: Mix a guy, dinner plans, a cat who won't listen, and spaghetti sauce, and what do you get? The missus lookin' at a Hitchock movie in her apartment!

2) Anheuser-Busch: How could you not be stirred by the troops coming through the airport? I heard a report on NBC News tonight where some are accusing them of "selling beer by using the troops". So, let me get this straight; no business in America can ever, ever say "Thank You" to the troops that keep us free so that they can freely run their business in the great land?? As Jack Bauer would say, "Shut up."

1) Ameriquest: "You're being robbed." When the clerk bashed the guy in the shoulder, I about died laughing. Easily the best hit in the Super Bowl since Terry Tate, Office Linebacker, clotheslined co-workers two years ago.

Congrats to the crew who created the Ameriquest spots----they ruled!


Oh, wait!

Give the Eagles credit for making it a game (I expected a blowout). It certainly really wasn't a "3 point game", though. And do the Eagles offense understand the meaning of the word urgency?? Four minutes left, down ten, take your time gettin' in the huddle guys.......

Well, Chuck Bednarik must be happy.....

We're now at 3pm on "24"....

A) Thank God for Edgar!!! Now, let's see Sarah sue CTU for all its worth, and a bag of chips. She's got a right to slap Erin right across the face.....but I suspect she's better than that, but we'll see.

B) When will Jack and Audrey lay eyes on each other again?

C) How long 'til Tony's "woman" is killed?

D) Still no answer to last week's trivia question, as all three Arazs are still alive and kicking (or bleeding if you're the wife...)

E) Ah, don't completely trust the Secretary of Defense's assistant, either. He couldn't figure out an AC Power line? Something's up......

F) Thank God again for Edgar!!!

Next week should be interesting. If Tony's hangin' out w/Jack (can't wait to hear Jack explain his appearance to Erin Driscoll), then Michelle can't be too far behind.


Quote of the week:

Jen: And what if he (her boss at work) doesn't believe me?
Audrey: I can have him killed.
Jen: Knock yourself out!

Friday, February 04, 2005

So, How Many Trips Does It Take To Screw A Light Bulb In.....Your Hand......

So, I'm still at work Thursday evening, and multi-tasking by helping Robbie with homework over the phone.

Suddenly, there's an eruption of confusion on the other end of the line. Someone is hurt. Rachel? Couldn't be Mom......or could it?

Oh, she's hanging over the sink with blood coming out of her hand....okay. I hear her say to call Aunt Sharon across the street. I hang up, call Sharon from work, she comes over to aid Bonnie, then I tell them I'll meet them at Patient First.

What did she do? She took a blown light bulb out of, of all things, a lamp (who'd of thunk it?), and, when she turned around, she tripped and fell down...with the bulb in her left hand...and now, literally in her left hand.

So, eight stitches and a co-pay later, Bonnie returns home later. I had left Patient First with Bonnie in Sharon's care so I could get the kids dinner and put 'em to bed and relieve Sara, Sharon's daughter, and our emergency babysitter.

So, she did not work today, the pain meds are "fun"!, and she hopes to gut it through work tomorrow. Oh, and, conveniently, this knocks her out of helping her mom and grandma move to their new digs in Ashland this weekend.

No, don't think it. No way someone would be this disgusting to plan something with a light bulb to get out of a little lifting......

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

--I've thought lots about Mama the past few days....and cried a lot, too. It just comes and goes, as any of you who have grieved can understand.

--I'm getting used to the new refrigerator....oh, I didn't tell you? We had to buy one; the first "side-by-side" with ice maker I've ever owned. Still getting used to the door positions.....

--High kudos to Dave Letterman for the classy way he honored Johnny Monday night; I just wished I could have stayed up to see Doc and Tommy play again. Best Johnny clip on the show: on the phone w/Dave November, 1993.

Dave: "How's the weather out there, Johnny?"

Johnny: "It's great! The mudslides are putting out the wildfires!"

--In a stunning development (ooh, I hate it when my tongue sticks to my cheek), the Greenwood "community" (term loosely used) has voted to try a PTA instead of a PTO. I have stayed above the fray in all this, and God has said to me it's no time to yak now. God's so cool. Sometimes, he's like the big brother who comes in and scares the crap out of the bully, who was a scaredy-cat to begin with.....

--I personally congratulate the NHL and its players for rendering themselves irrelevant.

That is all. OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SUNDAY: I'M BLOGGING THE SUPER BOWL.....but not really for the game (I could care less for either team); my focus will be on the commercials! Join me for my reaction, then share your comments.

Oh, and for what it's worth: New England 34, Philadelphia 13