Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh, well........

.....welcome Darren McFadden to the already crowded backfield in Oakland.

BTW, who gave Justin Fargas a new contract anyway?? WHAT?????

Quick last-second draft thoughts......

1) To the Oakland Raiders----PLEASE do NOT take Darren McFadden. That's all we need; most of our $$$ tied up on two "rookies" as catalysts of the offense. We need to replace Warren Sapp. We need a defensive stud. And since it looks like Howie's boy can't make it two generations in Oakland, we'll welcome Ghoulston, but DEFINITELY would welcome Glenn Dorsey!!!!

2) To the New York Giants----get a linebacker and a DB. And, in round 7, grab a kicker to scare Lawrence Tynes!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Muslims, Christians, Apostasy, Death Threats, and the British MSM.....

....the church I pastored supports a missionary family whose work has been/is to evangelize to Muslims in and around London, England.

Doesn't sound too tough when you think of the stereotypical "missionary" picture that comes to your mind. You know, jungles, dirty bare feet, strange people with piercings speaking a language no one knows, and you, the missionary, enjoy life in a hut.

Think again.

It's not the clothes or the shelter that often determine a degree of "difficulty", to the human eye at least, when it comes to the life of a missionary family.

I know that for my friends in England, 9/11 changed their entire lives, ministry focus, purpose, reactions.....everything.

So, when you read THIS article, note how the tide of "theocracy thought" amongst younger British Muslims is rising. Many believe, don't throw the book (secular laws) at them, throw the Quran. And they DON'T live in a country run by a "religious" faction, et al.

But note even moreso, how HORRIBLE the persecution is on those who choose to believe Christ, leaving their Muslim faith behind.

I know if one of my kids ever came to me and announced they were converting away from Christianity, I would be wounded to the core, but I would LOVE them, and BE with them, and, least of all....I wouldn't try to KILL them!!

And I add my thanks to the British media for finally showing their countrymen how some of their own wish to discard the government and begin to rule Britain in a totally different light.

My TV loss is Dallas' gain......

Jennifer Lopez has exited the Weather Channel. She is going to the NBC affiliate in Dallas, Texas.

For me, she ranks with Jeanetta Jones and Jill Brown as my all-time favorite Weather Channel ladies. Good luck to the REAL J-Lo! :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mourning the loss of another lifelong friend.....

I lost my first best friend in 2003, eight months after my mama died. He was only 36.

Saturday I shockingly discover that the first friend I made in first grade, another lifelong friend, had died suddenly at age 40. Arrangements are pending.

If I'm not around for awhile, I just wanted to let the world know why.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Yep. He's tried to tell us for years he was a heavy sleeper. And we knew that, as he sleeps nightly in his bedroom while his TV blares away for all the animals to be annoyed by (and yes, his sister's TV is the same way....).....

Now we have concrete proof. The 5.2 earthquake that hit Southern Illinois at 4:36AM CT was centered about 230 miles south of the Windy City, but it swayed the skyscrapers there. Didn't sway Robbie.

Neatly wrapped in his sleeping bag somewhere in his hotel room with who knows how many guys and chaperones.....he never felt a thing.

When he called this morning, his focus was on the fact he'd lost his good sunglasses.

Sure is good to write about my son and a surprise earthquake, and be able to humor about it.



This afternoon after a half day of substituting a marvelous group of third graders, I sat my keyster in front of the TV to watch a Cubs/Pirates baseball game.

Why in the world would I do that?

Because a Witham would be there. :)

Robbie made it to Wrigley Field today, and we talked twice by phone. After our call just after the game ended, I realized the following.

1) I remember my Dad talking about going to Fenway Park in Boston when he was young and he saw the great Ted Williams hit a home run during a game.

2) So, in 1985, when I made it to Fenway Park, I couldn't help but use the pay phone, call back home to Virginia, just to tell my Dad, "Guess where I am? I'm at Fenway!"

3) In 2008, my son, no sports fan, calls me at home twice from one of the three baseball stadiums I want to visit before dying, Wrigley Field. He got there before I did. And that's fine with me. :)

Had I pondered it another 20 seconds, I would have blubbered. :)


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ric Flair Makes Congress!!! WHOO!

Thank you Representative Sue Myrick of the 9th District of North Carolina, for her speech of earlier today! WHOO!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Can you help this congregation??

This church is part of the denomination of the church I pastored for nine years. They have made a great decision in the face of this battle to keep the historical building, but need to finish the inside work in order to finish the project.

They are doing lots of fundraisers and more (read article), but they can still use our help.

Click HERE to go to the website of New Ipswich Congregational Church, in New Ipswich, New Hampshire to read the stories and learn how you can help!


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Big Brother 9's Big Baby!!!!

Good Lord. I thought my kids could throw a fit.

James, before winning POV AGAIN, throws the biggest hissy fit in the world, after catching Sheila in a fib. Now, it's fine for James to come out from his room (where he overheard Sheila) and call her on it in front of the other guys.

To then come back with two MORE fits, including an explosion directly at Sheila (heard by everyone west of Denver) was hissy city. He cries and complains no one is with him, no one wants him to stay.

It's a GAME, here to beat the REST of them. You're supposed to be an island, ultimately. DUH!

Sorry. Can't handle six year-olds in the house.

March's Winning Numbers.....

.....9, 10, and 20.

Not a stellar first quarter. But it's not a recession!

I hope!

BREAKING: Keith Olbermann has never listened to Rush Limbaugh!

My comedic evening fodder, Keith Olbermann (you know, the guy who has the same five people on as "guests" every night), thought he was REALLY funny and witty tonight!

He couldn't believe that Rush Limbaugh had, during his "Operation Chaos" on his radio program, possibly caused a "Democrat" to win a future Congressional election!

Here's the deal: Rush tells Mississippi listeners, hey, go vote for Hillary in the Democratic Primary. Keith thinks that Rush didn't know that, in Mississippi's 1st Congressional District, if you crossover, you then couldn't vote in the Republican Primary two weeks later.

This, he says, means up to 3,000 voters who may have voted for the more "conservative" Republican won't (how does he know a number??), thus the more "moderate" Republican would get the victory.

THEN, he adds, what's more, the Democratic Congressional nominee is actually "more conservative" than 85 percent of the Republicans in the District. (Based on what? The Huffington Post Index?)

Therefore, Keith's conclusion, to his glee, is that Rush may actually help vote a DEMOCRAT into the House!!! Watch Keith's eyes gleam! See him foam in victory! Too bad it's not in HD!!

NOTE TO OLBERMANN: If you ever listened to Rush, you would know that Rush doesn't push for getting "Republicans" into Congress. He's all about "CONSERVATISM".

If the Democrat is conservative, all the better!!

I am not so juvenile as to call Keith a "worst person" like he does.

I'm just calling him out on some facts.