Saturday, October 18, 2014

Just a few random thoughts....

Wow. I'm on Blogger all the time, but never seem to have time to blog. Well, here.

So, I'm making myself rest after a trip today, first to cover Randolph-Macon volleyball in Ashland, then up to Spotsylvania to perform a wedding ceremony for a fantastic couple.

1) Gotta Walk: It's prime walking season, and I've got to take advantage. Humidity's gone, heat to follow, and before we get to 5pm sunsets, I've got to go find out which houses are for sale in the neighborhood. The Richmond Heart Walk 5K last Saturday was a little easier than last year's. I never walk 5K in my neighborhood, so it's the "annual ultimate test". I'm still a work in progress, 18 months after the heart attack, and 12 years after the sleep apnea diagnosis kicked off this era of "chronic illness".

2) Surprised? For some people who know me, and see me at football, field hockey, volleyball, and other events.....the last part of Item #1 may come as a shock. What you don't see is the scheduled down times where I make myself rest up, the many hours I'm sleeping, or when doing things online, doing them while in bed resting. Otherwise, the still undiagnosed nausea likes to kick in, sometimes in debilitating fashion. Rarely I can fight through it, 98 percent of the time I cannot.

3) A Thousand Kids: Covering high school and college sports helps me stay mentally young, it really does. It makes me have my finger on the pulse of pop culture, as much as I can, helps me understand my two adult kids better, too. Poor Rachel, sometimes she gets jealous of how much some student-athletes appreciate what I do. But I remind her, I feel like I have a thousand kids around the area, and it's an honor to cover every one of them, as well as get to meet their families. BUT....I only have two CHILDREN. They know who they are. :)

4) TV Analyst??: I went to Comcast at the request of the American Heart Association to do a TV interview for their public access channel to promote the Heart Walk. If you know me, you know I chose radio for a reason: I'm NOT television material. Imagine my surprise when I get a Facebook message from Cheryle Rodriguez asking me to come back to tape a segment talking about the NFL and players from the area!

So, Friday morning, we had a wonderful time talking about Russell Wilson, Jake Wells, Antone Exum, etc, etc. I wish I hadn't mentioned Percy Harvin, who was traded to the Jets within hours of taping! (GRRR...)

If you want to see me enjoy a conversation while looking uncomfortable on TV, it's Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8:30 on Comcast 95, and FiOS 36.  :)  I'd be honored to return sometime.

5) Change: Our cottage industry, HCS Media Network, is undergoing some changes to, hopefully, help it further reach its fullest potential. That'll be my focus Sunday afternoon while watching/listening to Red Zone.

That's my story. For now. What's yours?  :)