Monday, February 27, 2017

Song #117: "Lies"--Thompson Twins (1983)

My first taste of the group Thompson Twins came during the crazy first few months of 1983 when today's song first hit American radio.

What would follow was a string of hits from another Top 500 entry in "Love On Your Side" to "Lay Your Hands On Me" and "Hold Me Now".

For my money, my first taste was the best taste, as "Lies" is my favorite song from the band, and a quirky song with a sound that reminds me of the frenetic pace of my life back in early 1983, finally finding a footing after two awkward years of junior high school, finding a passion in theatre, getting an incredible role as my first in a musical while surprising myself and everyone else in forensics competitions, all while watching my beloved N.C. State Wolfpack make the miracle run to the National Championship.

Happily, none of those events were lies.  :)

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Song #118: "Kyrie"--Mr. Mister (1986)

It's the second of two Top 500 entries for the mid-1980's group Mr. Mister, the first, also from 1986, appearing here.

This song made a lot of people investigate (as oppose to Google) the meaning of the term "Kyrie Eleison", a term that appeared in a song we sang in Vocal Ensemble back at Patrick Henry. The answer, essentially, is "Lord, have mercy".

Lord, have mercy down the road that I must travel,
Lord, have mercy through the darkness of the night.....

I suspect many have worshipped over the decades via this pop song from 31 years ago this spring....

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Song #119: "Hollyanna"--Toto (1984)

It's a shame. The 1984 Toto album, "Isolation", has ended up, in part, as a partial footnote on their discography.

Two of my four favorite songs from the group are from this album, including today's, a great story of a guy simply infatuated with a girl named Hollyanna, who disagreed with her mother, wasn't acting like a proper girl, and, I hope, the singer had her best interests at heart. He should have.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Song #120: "The Look"--Roxette (1989)

It's early 1989, and I'm really digging into material at my job at WDYL Radio, about to dive head first into an additional job, that of Music Director. I had already shifted my focus to Contemporary Christian Music with the job, meaning listening to the Q94's and B103.7's, well, my "Time Spent Listening" to them literally disappeared.

But, one Sunday afternoon, heading to Colonial Heights for a baseball card show as that hobby began its late 1980s explosion (Remember Tuff Stuff?), I heard today's song at the end of American Top 40 with Casey Kasem, and immediately got hooked.

Roxette's contribution to our countdown has "late 1980's" written all over it. Super beat, mesmerizing vocals, overall, just a super jam.

Flip the clock back to 28 years ago in March, as Roxette topped the charts....

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Song #121: "Point Of Know Return"--Kansas (1977)

It's the title track from the 1977 release from Kansas, who haven't appeared in our countdown since very early on, here, also from this album.

Today's tune only peaked on Casey Kasem's chart (Billboard Hot 100) at #28, the follow-up single from Kansas, a tune called "Dust In The Wind" would be more chart successful.

But I totally love this musical work, with a strong but simple opening, an easy to sing chorus, great harmony, and a perfect fade-out.

Kansas will return one final time.....down the road. Maybe way down the road.  :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Song #122: "Faster"--George Harrison (1979)

Side two of George Harrison's self-titled 1979 album began with the fade-up soundtrack of classic Formula 1 racing heading into a tribute to the men behind the wheel, and those who create the machines.

A look into the cockpit, the heart of a driver's wife, the fans, the sounds, all captured perfectly with the lyrics, and absolutely genius production work for this song, my favorite George Harrison solo effort of all-time.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Song #123: "Your Wildest Dreams"--The Moody Blues (1986)

Settling in to my part-time role at my first FM Radio job in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in late spring of 1986, I was so happy to see a new cart enter rotation as summertime approached, the one containing today's song, the eighth of twenty Moody Blues contributions to our journey.

It was the most successful single from the album whose name shares a title with today's song, which is just as fun to sing along to today, whether at a concert, or in the privacy of your car. And on another unusually pretty February day, it looks like I will open the sun roof and listen along, since I still don't have a voice to sing along with.  :(