Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Song #53: "Destination Unknown"--Missing Persons (1982)

Today, the second of three songs from the only musical act in our Top 500 to have three or more songs, and have all of them in the Top 100.

That's how much I loved, and respected, the work of Missing Persons. Yes, their sound is, some would say today, "stuck in the 1980's", but for its time, it was magnificent, and cutting edge.

From the electronic foundation to the very unique vocals of lead singer Dale Bozzio, it's hard for me to digest the fact that Missing Persons never had a song hit the Billboard Top 40. Never once did Casey Kasem play them on American Top 40. That's a doggone shame, as we say down South.  :)

Maybe I'll rattle the back of your musical brain with today's song, or maybe you'll be hearing this for the first time, but take three minutes and change and walk back 35 years with me to one of the best periods for music ever, and one of the most unique sounds to come from it.

Dale and the gang returns once more not too far down the road on our musical journey.  :)

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