Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Song #45: "Oh, Atlanta"--Little Feat (1974)

It's 1974, the year of Hank Aaron surpassing Babe Ruth as the home run king, the year of Watergate crashing in on one Richard Nixon, and the year the torched passed from the Miami Dolphins to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Oh, and for my brother, it was the year the Broad Street Bullies, also known as the Philadelphia Flyers, first hoisted the Stanley Cup.  :)

Now, in Atlanta, there wasn't a lot to cheer for on the fields and courts after Aaron's accomplishments. The Braves, still, weren't good. Neither were the Falcons, or the Hawks. And the Atlanta Flames of the NHL were still several years of mediocrity away from moving to Calgary.

But, in other areas of life, there was plenty to love about Atlanta, all encompassed in this classic tune by the southern rock band Little Feat. Again, here's a case of a band that, commercially on the charts, didn't have what would be called an "impressive" career, but something tells me that wasn't something that bothered them.

They made great music, had a good following, and I bet the concert and residual checks kept them very happy.  :)

Their best known tune is, like yesterday's entry, a classic Southern Rock jam, in every sense of the word. So, let's go watch some planes land, and dream of being with that redhead dream down in what is known today as "The ATL".


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