Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Song #38: "Head Over Heels"--The Go-Go's (1984)

It's Spring Break, 1984. My life was about to change in a huge way, but I had no idea.

All I had in my mind was a trip down to North Carolina to hang out with my brother for a few days. That meant seeing him, seeing my Grandparents, and.....WATCHING CABLE TV!!!

We never, I do repeat, never, had cable in Beaverdam growing up. Heck, we didn't get our first microwave oven until 1985, a few months before I moved to college and reverted back to a bunsen burner.....I mean hot plate to warm up those late night Ramen Noodles I bought at Price Chopper.

What's a Price Chopper, you ask?  Click here to find out.

Anyway, back to Spring Break 1984. The number one destination for me when I got to my brother's place on cable, of course, was MTV.

For those of you under 38 years old, I'll explain something. For its first several years, MTV was a 24-hour music video channel. That's right. radio on television.

But for those of us who only got to see "Friday Night Videos on NBC", and didn't have access to 24-hour video marathon madness (and were denied the chance to swoon over Martha Quinn every day), a chance to spend a few hours with MTV, the real MTV, was musical heaven.

Hot on MTV at the time was Duran Duran, and, at some point in 1984, they reminded you that your TV speakers sucked and you needed a hook-up so MTV could be heard in stereo.

Also in hot rotation that April was the return of The Go-Go's, as they were racing up the charts again with today's song. It's hard not to sing along with Belinda, Jane and the gang. The video, today, seems real cheesy and simplistic, but in 1984, believe me, it was cool.

Let's go back 33 years ago and forget about those upcoming final exams in tenth grade.  :)

The Go-Go's return to our countdown soon one final time.

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