Thursday, May 18, 2017

Song #37: "They Don't Know"--Tracey Ullman (1984)

You probably best know her from her comedy work on television on the early, early days of the then fledging Fox Broadcast Network, and later on cable.

But did you know Tracey Ullman was a one-hit wonder of the 1980's?  And, of course, her comedic talents were squarely on display in the music video, which, if you've never seen, I won't spoil it here.

When the song debuted, I didn't know her comedic side, but I loved, loved the song. It had a throwback feel to it, and, upon learning she hailed from Britain, you almost felt like you were walking through London or Birmingham, or maybe even the small town of Witham, with the one you loved, even though it was a secret.

I really should dance around a supermarket one day.

But, for as much as I loved this song in 1984, it took on much deeper meaning to me early, early on the morning of December 29, 2002. Upon finally leaving Henrico Doctors Hospital, a few hours after the death of my Mama at 11:28pm the previous evening (Saturday, December 28, 2002), I got in my car, turned the ignition, and the first song to hit my CD player was this one.

And so, now going on 15 years later, I can't think but to think of her when this song begins. I wept as I drove, contemplating the loss, how to tell my kids, especially my son, who became her everything in their ten years together, and also rested in how thankful I was for my time with her, though it was seriously cut short due to divorce early in my life.

Mom and I were together 24/7 for seven and a half years, and then, one day, she wasn't there. I smile when I remember her telling me that, when she spent time with my Robbie in her later years, that time reminded her of being with a little me.

And it's true. There's a special, special love between mother and son. And if it's rekindled for a season, all the better.  :)

(Pictured: Bonnie and Robbie, Easter 1998, Nana (my Mama) and Robbie, 1996, Rachel circa 1998 with her "B")

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