Monday, May 29, 2017

Song #26: "It Was A Very Good Year"--Frank Sinatra (1965)

The Chairman Of The Board returns to our musical journey after a long absence (click here for his other contribution) with what I consider to be the definitive song on aging.

The orchestration sets the mood and scene from the opening note, and Sinatra's ability to sing life into these lyrics, at a time in his life where maybe he was beginning to see a little of the writing on the wall, especially after seeing his career explode, wane, then come back huge, much in part to his acting work.

I had heard the song before, but really locked into it when, as we were cleaning out WRVA up on Church Hill in 2000-2001, I discovered a CD single re-release of the song for a television movie. I still have it along with other artifacts from the greatest radio station in Richmond history that I simply wouldn't allow to be tossed into the trash, literally, by

I guarantee you, you will relive every stage of your life listening to this song.

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