Sunday, May 21, 2017

Song #34: "Getting Closer"--Paul McCartney and Wings (1979)

Once again, we find another great song from the unforgettable musical year of 1979, and this song greeted us now rising seventh graders as we finished the sixth grade at Beaverdam Elementary School, and became, for me, an important part of the soundtrack to that iconic summer.

I took my longest road trip ever, to visit "new" family, my stepmom's gang, out in Kansas City, celebrated my 12th birthday there, went to summer camp for the first time, not by choice, and spent a homesick week there, then jammed to tunes at home the rest of the summer before getting ready for my final year at good ol' BES.

You have to remember the way schools were split up then. I had been at Beaverdam since first grade (they didn't open kindergarten there until I was in second grade), and seventh grade had been the holy grail for years. To actually BE in seventh grade soon was a remarkable achievement, especially when your world essentially revolves around the happenings in a hamlet such as Beaverdam.

So, I guess you could say in a sense I was Getting Closer.  :)

Seriously, this song jams, and, to me, is some of Wings' best work. So simple yet so ridiculously good, especially when they break out into a sweet jam to close things out.

Paul and Wings return once more before we are through, and, spoiler alert, it could be when we are just about through......

The version below also includes the intro "song" to it on "Back To The Egg", called "Reception".


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