Friday, May 05, 2017

Song #50: "Gone Hollywood"--Supertramp (1979)

We begin the Top 50, the final ten percent of this musical journey today with my all-time favorite song from a group that really never received the credit it deserved either during its time on the charts and in the public eye, and certainly not years later.

The legacy of Supertramp should be much larger when a discussion of rock music is held, especially when discussing the 1970's. I'm not sure one second of CNN's "The Seventies" documentary episode on music in that decade featured anything of the group.

It's always a discussion of disco, punk rock, top stars like Eagles, the fads of the decade (of which there were many....remember "Convoy" by C.W. McCall??), but to me, one of the seminal albums of the 1970's was "Breakfast In America".

And, from it, the song that opens the album, "Gone Hollywood", is my favorite Supertramp song. Love the beginning and the ending, and the story of one down on his or her luck in their quest to find their Hollywood story, make their Hollywood dream come true, only to find themselves stuck near a Taco Bell.

But then, after the bridge, we cut to the latest fad in town reminding the new tenants near that Taco Bell that "there's no use in quitting when the world is waiting for you."

And that's a reminder all of us, even someone like me pushing fifty with all the limitations I currently face in my journey, could definitely use.

Ponder that as you enjoy your upcoming weekend.  :) :)

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