Saturday, May 13, 2017

Song #42: "The Salt In My Tears"--Martin Briley (1983)

Today, a confession to my kids.

I didn't always pay full attention in class while in school.


I can remember being in class one day, I can't remember which one for sure, but I would bet it was either Algebra II or Biology, in tenth grade at Patrick Henry in 1983 after today's song had first appeared on radio. It was played mostly on AOR stations, as this song was not a chart topper, so thank you XL102 (the real one, not the pretender of today), 3WV, and others for giving Martin Briley a platform so I could hear this song and fall in love with it.

The actual song? Another post break-up "I will be just fine without you" tunes like "Don't Shed A Tear" just two days ago. But this one also gave me some other inspiration.

I loved writing novelty tunes back in high school, along the lines of the great Weird Al Yankovic. I did it for fun, and for the challenge of being able to match lyrics (they didn't have to be necessarily good) that would rhyme with the original song, yet tell a funny (I hope) story.

So, one period of my sophomore year of high school was not spent taking as many notes as I should (or maybe I zoned out during a "filmstrip"), and instead was invested in creating the parody song "The Fashions At Sears" to go with the tune of "The Salt In My Tears".

Today, of course, the parody would be that you can actually find any fashion at Sears, but that's another story.....

Here is Martin Briley's contribution to the 80's rock scene, and my countdown with a song that made one realize, they weren't worth it any way.......

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