Monday, May 22, 2017

Song #33: "Sole Survivor"--Asia (1982)

I had clearly no idea, when I first heard the news that several successful members of several bands were coming together to form what was then called a "supergroup" called "Asia", how much influence they would have over me musically when they dropped (as we say today) their debut album.

Self-titled, and released in Spring, 1982, "Asia" became of those five must-have albums, for me, of the 1980's. Which ones were they? In no particular order:

Long Distance Voyager--Moody Blues
No Jacket Required--Phil Collins
Synchronicity--The Police

By the way, what's your five?

Today's song, my favorite from Asia, builds on other songs from the album, leaving the ashes strewn during "Time Again", healing the fresh heart wound in "Here Comes The Feeling".

This song leaves all that behind and creates a new person really to challenge the future, refusing to be shackled by the past, even if everyone else chooses to do so.

I'm so glad "Asia" was a thing. They left behind one of the seminal albums of the decade.

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