Saturday, May 06, 2017

Song #49: "Danger Man"--Four Out Of Five Doctors (1980)

`Today's song goes out to, probably, the only friend I have on Facebook (and otherwise) who actually remembers this song with me!

I have shared earlier in our journey my deep love for my all-time favorite radio station, Q107 in Washington, DC. Their jock lineup in 1980, when I discovered it early that year, was nothing short of remarkable. Their imaging was on point, and, they weren't afraid to veer away from what Billboard decreed to be acceptable to play on a Top 40 station.

Their evening jock, in particular, one Uncle Johnny, really got behind a song from a D.C. based group called "Four Out of Five Doctors", giving "Danger Man" regular airplay. And by "regular", I mean, every night. It was cool to hear a big radio station in a major market really push and promote what was a really good local band.

Though they weren't really a "new wave" band, the song pushed certainly had new wave overtones. So, if you've never heard the story of a CIA agent, the "danger man in a foreign land", you need to give yourself close to a four-minute break, and travel back in time to where the U.S. Olympic hockey team shocked the Soviets, and the world, the Incredible Hulk ruled Fridays on television when the Olympics weren't on, and "Nightline" debuted on ABC out of the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

And yes, my friend, you're 55 days to "the rest of your life".  :)


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