Saturday, May 20, 2017

Song #35: "Watching The Clothes"--The Pretenders (1984)

Today, my all-time favorite song from The Pretenders, a hidden gem on their fantastic "Learning To Crawl" release about one of mankind's favorite endeavors.

Spending one's Saturday night at the laundromat.

On an album filled with great songs, this one, which never got airplay on the radio, leaps out at you. A sudden start, and, without warning, you're immediately transported to the rinse cycle down the street, lamenting about the fact that you seem to be going nowhere currently in life as you, well, think the following....

"There goes another Saturday night....I go without a fight.....watching the clothes go round....."

Add to it a simple yet frenetic jam and a perfect ending, and it's Pretenders perfection.


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