Sunday, May 14, 2017

Song #41: "Invisible Touch"--Genesis (1986)

When Genesis went into the studio to record "Invisible Touch", the album, I don't have a clue what their thought process was. But if someone said, "we need to write the definitive pop song for Genesis' catalog", and that was one goal, then mission accomplished.

Today's song will never be mistaken for Genesis' early years, where radio airplay wasn't even a thought in their mind. But that changed when Peter Gabriel left, Phil Collins took over at vocals (while playing drums) and the metamorphosis of Genesis began, becoming one of the top pop bands of the 1980's, and launching a massive solo career for Collins himself.

And when this song hit radio 31 years ago, it took it by storm, and became a Genesis, and a pop, anthem for all time.

We have one more Genesis song coming, and, spoiler alert, it also comes from the "Invisible Touch" release. And, another spoiler alert, you won't see it until June......

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