Friday, May 12, 2017

Song #43: "Get It Right Next Time"--Gerry Rafferty (1979)

The second single from his 1979 "Night Owl" album is number one in my heart when it comes to the music of the late, great Gerry Rafferty.

Rafferty's work included his time with Stealers Wheel before he made it big for several years as a solo artist beginning with his monster single, "Baker Street" in 1978. And, while he's best remembered for that song, that song did not make my Top 500, another victim of overplaying through the years by classic rock and classic hits radio.

Today's song? It's one they've long forgotten, but not me. Again, the full version gives you the best experience, as the important opening of the song is slashed to almost a bare minimum on the 45 RPM single.

Another artist to leave us way too soon, the fourth and final contribution from Gerry Rafferty in our musical journey of my first fifty years. In full form.  :)

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