Sunday, May 28, 2017

Song #27: "I Can't Let Go"--Linda Ronstadt (1980)

She occupies eight of our 500 slots in this musical journey, and today, Linda Ronstadt returns for the seventh time. Three of those eight songs came from her 1980 "Mad Love" release, including this powerful oxymoron of a song that has a driving beat, and can be sung to easily. But the subject matter is heart wrenching, more apt to appear in a tear jerker than in a song like this.

And, this song could also be also named my personal theme song from 2003 to 2005, as I erased the "lost my love" theme of the song and replaced it, frankly, with "lost my mother". I can't tell you how many times after my Mama passed on December 28, 2002 that I would play this song on CD in my van, mostly driving to and from work, singing along, and crying on, well, much more than one occasion.

I loved the song before this happened, but then, it took a new, deeper, and more special meaning. And I cannot hear it to this day without thinking about those dark days, and how thankful I am that I am in a better place, a better stage of my life here in 2017. The song, mind you, also brings back wonderful memories of Mama, so, today, it elicits many more smiles than tears.  :)

We have one final masterpiece from Ronstadt coming later in June, and it could be much later. Any guesses?  :)

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