Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Song #52: "King Of Pain"--The Police (1983)

From their incredible album "Synchronicity", the third of four songs by The Police to make our musical journey. Having already heard it on AOR radio before it was made the final radio single early in 1984, I was thrilled when I started hearing today's song on a regular basis across the dial.

It's the story of someone stuck in the rut of believing nothing but bad luck would happen to him. And, in 1983/1984, there was enough negative going on in my world of teenage angst for me to identify with the song quite powerfully.

Mind you, I wasn't depressed at the time or anything, but we all went through those teenage feelings of am I good enough, will anyone like me, will I ever get a date, why are they snickering and looking in my direction....again......

I suspect a lot of people my age identified with this song like I did. But more than that, musically, it's an absolute wonder, and part of one of the best albums the decade produced.

In fact, one more song from "Synchronicity" appears later....much later on this spring....which one do you think it will be?  :)

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