Thursday, May 04, 2017

Song #51: "Illegal Alien"--Genesis (1983)

Our final song before the Top 50 will likely elicit thoughts and feelings not thought of when this song made its debut 34 years ago.

I've tested it, and trying to sing this song with a revised title of "Undocumented Worker" doesn't quite work.

Here, I guess, is the most politically incorrect song title in our musical journey. I'm not going to use this forum as a chance to offer my opinion on the subject. Phil, Mike and company were obviously using the song to try to humanize the plight of those looking to flee their current situation for a better life, they hoped, on the other side of the border.

In 1983, naive Robbie heard a cool sounding song and eventually caught a cool video on MTV.

Eight Genesis songs down and two to come before we're done, and, spoiler alert, one of them is definitely in the Top 10. And you can write that in ink.

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