Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Song #39: "Cinema/Leave It"--Yes (1983)

The eighth and final contribution from the progressive masters, Yes, is the sixth song from their not-really-progressive 1983 LP, "90125".

Now, yes, there are still progressive elements in that music, but it's not "All Good People", and the suites created a decade or so earlier. But Yes did a fantastic job melding their past with the musical present, which is why "90125" is easily one of my all-time favorite albums.

Picking my favorite song from it wasn't easy. There were several, obviously, worthy candidates. But, in the end, when paired with the opening "track" of side two of the LP, "Cinema", it creates a bit of an old-school Yes feel, followed by a fantastic anthem. It "wins" the competition by a hair.

Did you know there were 18 different "versions" of the music video for this song? The one deemed the "official" version was the 11th. MTV certainly helped "90125" along the road to success.

Thank you Yes, for all the great music! One down, one to go, another town and one more show..... :)

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