Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Song #235: "(You Can Still) Rock In America"--Night Ranger (1983)

It's the second and final contribution from an underrated rock band of the early 1980's, the first single from their "Midnight Madness" LP, and their third single that received great airplay on AOR radio stations like XL102 and 3WV, but were generally ignored by the Q94 types.

That is, until early 1984, when the second single from this new album, a little diddy called "Sister Christian" came along. That's when, commercially, Night Ranger exploded. Before the year was out, a new album, and their other top ten hit, "Sentimental Street" was released.

But for me, Night Ranger meant hard-driving, head-banging, loud '80's rock 'n roll. Their, to me, best ballad, which didn't quite make our countdown, was "Sing Me Away" from earlier in 1983 from the "Dawn Patrol" release which brought us the other song to make the countdown back at #388.

Night Ranger's contributions to 1980's music, especially during the height of the decade in the mid 1980's, should never be forgotten. And, let's hope that, ten, twenty, fifty years from now, we can still rock in America.  :)

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