Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Song #227: "Talk Talk"--Talk Talk (1982)

Safely said, this is the one song in the Rob Witham 500 where the title and artist completely match. :)

I guess that spoils the fact at (In A) Big Country by Big Country did not make the countdown.  :(

This British band, that formed just a year before we were introduced to today's song, had its biggest success a couple of years later with the song, "It's My Life", later covered by that Stefani lady.  :)

Though they would later have another excellent song that should have been more accepted in "Life's What You Make It", their one contribution to our musical tapestry is their first successful single, which didn't hit the Top 40 in the U.S., but all the "cool" radio stations back in 1982 spun this one.

We recorded it, inevitably on our stereo with the 8-track record option. That's right, 8-track record. I'd buy old 8-track tapes, not to listen to, but to tape over and grab my favorite tunes on the radio that way, rather than with cassette. What I would give to have those tapes still, and, of course, a way to play them. :)

Don't remember today's song? A great addition to the soundtrack of what would be, for me, a very trying Summer of 1982.

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